The Modernization of the United States of North America Army is a new military research and development project to create the most high tech weapons and equipment for the military. The current research going on is funded by the USNA Army. This project was contracted to United Defense Industries and American Defense & Technology Corporation.


The USNA Army is re-equipping it's infantry with the latest equipment and weapons. Orders were put out for new small arms, anti-tank weapons, mortars, anti-aircraft weapons, body armor, and communication systems.

Small ArmsEdit

The USNA Army was attempting to find several new small arms with standardized parts and ammunition to keep logistics simple. Weapons being developed are the:

MAR-1B (Assault Rifle)

P-1A (Pistol)

MP-1B (Sub-machine Gun)

LRSS-1A (Sniper Rifle)

MG-1C (Light Machine-gun)

Heavy WeaponsEdit

The USNA Army is developing several new and improved heavy weapons such as:

ATML-1A (Anti-Tank Missile Launcher)

General EquipmentEdit


The vehicular needs of the USNA Army have emphasis on firepower, speed, survivability, and transportability. The USNA's current stock of vehicles is in no way obsolete but plans are going ahead to develop a new generation of vehicles to lead the USNA Army into the next century. The current vehicles needed to be replaced are the M1 Abrams (MBT), M2/M3 Bradley (IFV), M113 (APC), M109A6 (Mobile Artillery), M270 MLRS (Mobile Rocket Artillery).

The current Replacements are the:




MGA-1 (Mobile Artillery)

MMLS-1 (Mobile Missile Lancher]]

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