Monarch of New Arundel
Royal Standard of New Arundel
Sovereign of the Commonwealth
Current HM King William V
Royal Title His/Her Majesty, Sovereign of New Arundel
First Appearance January 17, 2007
Allegiance Commonwealth of New Arundel
Political Party Royalist
Aliases Duke/Duchess of Queensland, Prince/Princess of New Zealand

The Monarch (or Sovereign) of New Arundel is the Head of State in the Commonwealth of New Arundel. The King has only constitutional power in the Arundellan government.


Royal Palace of New Arundel

Yarralumla Royal Palace

The official residence of the Arundellan Monarch and the Royal Family is at Yarralumla Royal Palace in the capital city, Achillea. When the Sovereign is present at the Royal Palace, the Royal Standard, is raised high above the palace below the National Flag.

The Sovereign of New Arundel may only come from the Royal House of Barron-Windsor, a strong European bloodline from the United Kingdom of France and Araaden. If the Barron-Windsor line dies off for any reason, Parliament may choose a new Royal Family if they wish or declare a republic.

The current Sovereign of the Commonwealth of New Arundel is King William V.

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