'We are forming the greatest modern society in the world and you, the people are at the heart of it. We will spread this glorious light to the world. The light of justice, of social equality, of peace and tolerance, democracy, mutual respect and progression. These are Monkecian values and we, as socialists, act them out in our lives, in our communities and in our nationstate. Live long Monkecia! Live long socialism!' Consul Comrade Antonius Ffyllos.

Monkecia: OverviewEdit

Conventional Long Form: The First People's Democratik Socializt Republik of Great Karak Monkecia

Conventional Short Form: Monkecia, or 'The Republik'

Government Setup: A tiny fledgling state ruled by a nationally elected consititutional parliamentary republic, incorporating a senate, led by an 'elected' consul.

Head of Government / State: Consul (of The Republik) Comrade Antonius Ffyllos

Parliament Allignment: democratic / liberal / liberarian / moralistic / socialist

Brief Laws: liberal, free, open, democratic, safe, sensible

Principle Religions: Moon Ak-Karak (65%), Christianity (15%)

A very small, fledgling nation which has recently ended a bloody and nasty 7 year civil war. Now, the tiny state is trying to rebuild itself into a large and pwoerful nation, but with the effects of many war crimes, rampent unemployment, inflation, illiteracy, crime, social welfare, education, health and infrastructure, the task is indeed very difficult.

Monkecian NewsEdit

Monkecia has recently been accepted into The National Alliance of Artic Countries

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