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Moozimoo is a nation of felines, led by Herr Soigacas

History Edit

Moozimoo came into existance in early 2006, and quickly joined the GATO alliance. However on the 25th March of the same year, shortly after acquiring Nuclear Weapons, Herr Soigacas attempted to hold the NPO emperor to ransom. (see Nuclear Crisis of 3/25)

After being considerably beaten down the rankings by the NPO, Herr Soigacas pleaded for peace. It was eventually granted.

There then followed a dark period in Moozimoo's history. Foreign trades died out, the economy crashed, and the country came dangerously close to collapsing.

On 26 April 2006, Moozimoo applied to join the NPO, and was accepted a few weeks later.

Recently, Moozimoo's economy has seen a huge resurgence, mainly thanks to NPO member Seattle.

Moozimoo's soldiers served with the NPO in the Second Arctic War. Over 700 soldiers were killed and 75 tanks lost.

Resources Edit

Moozimoo produces the resources of Cattle and Gold for export. The nation also offers £3000 compensation to trading partners whose trades are regrettably terminated.

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