Unofficial Flag of MHA

Capital Springfield
Formation May 21, 2007
Alliance Affiliation MHA
Nation Team Aqua
Official Languages English
Government Monarchy
Head of State HomerSimpson
Religion Voodoo
Currency Shilling
Natl. Resources Marble Rubber

The History of NAPLROCEdit

The glorious North American People's Liberated Republic of Canada (hereafter known as NAPLROC) was officially founded on May 21, 2007. The liberater of NAPLROC was Homer Simpson, freeing the people from the tyranical rule of Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby. Freedom was earned on May 14, but the people of NAPLROC celebrated for 7 days and 7 nights. Unfortunately, after all this partying and drinking, the beaurocrat writing the charter of NAPLROC misspelled Homer Simpson, and the ruler was forced to legally change his name to homersimpson.

Upon formation, the new government was bombarded with invitations to various alliances on the aqua sphere. Having just come through a bloody coup, King homersimpson chose to join the Mostly Harmless Alliance, hoping the diplomatic nature of the MHA would mean NAPLROC could recover peacefully.

Today, NAPLROC is flourishing and is a proud banking nation for the MHA.

Another Pointless HeaderEdit

Just in case there is something to add here. Yay cautious layout planning!

"Better Know Our Nation Through Dates And Point Form: An introductary Guide" Edit

Date - Event

Date - Event

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