NKOS is the elected representative of Land&Liberty.

The ideology of Land&Liberty is a mixture of anarchosyndicalism and trotskyism, though it has admittedly swayed more to the former in recent times. It might be described as Autonomist Marxist.

brief history Edit

Land&Liberty was one of the first members in the ICSN and its Militia fought bravely against the NPO onslaught. Following the NPO war and the subsequent collapse of the ICSN it joined the Libertarian Socialist Federation where its representative is currently the LSF ambassador to the recovering ICSN. NKOS's influence was of great importance in the case of promoting an NAP between the two alliances (which is about to be accepted by the ICSN -22 june 2006). Land&Liberty sees as the ultimate goal in ICSN-LSF relations to form an alliance.

[1] NKOS at the frontline during the NPO-ICSN war.

[2] Land&Libertarian Militia(wo)man.

[3] NPO soldiers abusing a captured militiaman.

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