Within 24 hours of the conflict the International Coalition of Socialist Nations entered the war. Eurasian troops were the first to bomb the vile nations of North Korea and Alethia while their arrogant leaders were unknowingly out to vacation. Both missiles did tremendous damage to both civilian and military targets reducing North Korea's infrastructure to 12.78. Alethia and North Korea both fell into anarchy soon after invasion.

Tikimana goes mobileEdit


Continuous Tiki attacks destroy 56 infrastructure within two days of combat

The benevolent leader Comrade Tiki of Tikimana entered the conflict several days later than the rest. Tikimana air raids on "The Shaft" were successful, turning 17 miles of land uninhabitable killing 560 civilians when their homes were bombarded. Tiki troops proceded to invade killing 170 enemy militants driving The Shaft out of the control of it's leadership's iron grip.

Tiki citizens were not as pleased about this conflict as their leader when Comrade Tiki's approval rating fell to -15.60, an all time low. To counter these outrageous results the Tikimanan government carried out several purges, conscripting many traitors and slanderers to the front lines. These same citizens were some of the first casualties in the war.

Tikimana goes ballisticEdit


The nuking of Tikimana

On 7/21/06 Tikimana fired missiles into the DDR, home to RedCommunist, counslus of the Red Team, killing 160 civilians and destroying two tanks with crew. The Tikimanan military attacked the DDR's borders but was swiftly pushed back by a strong military resistance with great casualties on both sides forcing the Tiki troops to regroup. After the enemy was softened the Tikimanan military successfully destroyed an entire army of over 800 men. The Tiki administration's expectations of nuclear retaliation from the DDR were not without truth. On the same day, Tikimana was nuked...

Nuke attacked
Tikimana (Comrade Tiki) of the Red team, was attacked with a nuclear weapon on 7/21/2006 2:04:27 PM.

The report read as thus:

Your nation has been attacked with nuclear weapons by RedCommunist. You lost 1504 soldiers, 72 defending tanks, 2 cruise missiles, 50.000 miles of land and 50.000 infrasturcture. In addition to these losses your nation will experience many days of economic devestation.

"Maybe you should of thought of my nukes first."
RedCommunist, on Tikimana's confidence

After several days of bloodshed, the Tiki government was put back in place and has since helped send the DDR into anarchy. The final infrastructure differences from the entire conflict finished in about a 7::3 ratio, in Tikimana's advantage, allowing a much better recovery from the ordeal. The conflict has proved that nuclear weapons do not always provide the most effective weapon in a war.

Attacks against MatthijsEdit

The dispicable Matthijs of Hollandia attacked NKOS of Land&Liberty on 7/17/2006 when he joined the NPO. Luckily the United Socialist States of Finland intervened, completely leveling cities. Casualties over time were 790 civilians, 3912 soldiers not including 210 tanks and their operators. Trotsky, leader of Trotskyism, declared war on Hollandia soon after, engaging them in several skirmishes. The 270 citizens left alive within Hollandia have their leader Matthijs to thank.

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