My Official Response to Sanctioning, By the NPO and GOONS by New Reverie Dec 24 2006

Official Statement from the desk of New Reverie
Concerning: NPO and GOONS sanctions

To the nations of Planet Bob:
I come before you again to inform you of the actions taken against my nation by the NPO and GOONS alliances. My nation has officially been sanctioned for trades and foreign aid on the red and black teams. I ask for calm in these times and although thousands of nations are ready or preparing to come to my defense out of obligations or because they feel my cause is just, I ask them in the spirit of the holidays to stand down until after Christmas. I wish the cyberverse peace and good will during this season.
Despite the setbacks that the NPO and GOONS have levied against me, I will uphold the judgment that my alliance has charged me with. All obligations will be met and I will continue my existence on the red team and I will serve my duties, uphold my promises, and continue with my obligations as lead Senator of the Red Team. My platform will not change. I will continue to represent the small alliance and independent nations on my native team. To carry through with my sentence I will arrange a second party to help my nation with the transfer of funds to the nations of the red team that I will mentor. I will also not campaign for the January senate as ordered by the High Judge of LOSS. However, if my popularity is to carry over from this month and I am elected again I will not step down and I will continue with my plans to be the voice for the members of the red team that believe in sovereignty, freedom, and standing up for what is right.
New Reverie, Red Team Senator

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