My Response to the NPO, about my bid for the red senate by New Reverie Nov 2 2006

Greetings to all the nations out there who have gotten involved in the debate about my candidacy in the red senate. I'd like to clear up some confusion and set the record straight. My nation was created on 2/27/2006 as a Red Team nation. My nation has been a red team nation ever since. It was not until late October when I received a message from a LOSS recruiter that I joined my first alliance, LOSS. The LOSS senate granted me permission to stay on the red team because of my nations long term presence there.

When the admins changed the rules of the senate to give them control over team trades and aid I became instantly interested in the politics of the red team.

My nation has grown to become one of the strongest on the red team without the help and protection of the NPO, and when I saw that I could actually have a seat on the red senate I hit the campaign trail.

I have only been involved in one war when attacked first and I have never been found guilty by any alliance as being a rogue (until now apparently).

I alone sent over 500 messages to nations on the red team. LOSS played no part in this. Only one member of LOSS knows of my senate bid (until now) and he cautioned me against it. I have not received any aid or support on my campaign from LOSS I am acting on my own as a red team member, NOT A MEMBER OF LOSS I am not running for the Red Senate to sanction NPO members. I am running for the Red Senate to give a voice to all of the red team members who are not NPO (of which i have been a part of since my nations creation).

If any red team members (including NPO) would like to contact me about helping them with their nation or would like to vote for me, just send me a message. Your support is always needed!

-New Reverie

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