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NVK Kaapstad Hornets (Seasons 1-6)
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Hornets new logo
Kaapstad Hornets (since Season 7)
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Club kit colours: Seasons 1-2 (top), Seasons 3-present (bottom)
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Soundic Radio, club sponser
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Greenpoint Stadium, Cape Town
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Kaapstad Hornets (Cape Town Hornets) association football (soccer) club in Nordreich Liga was formed on September 21, 2009. The squad was originally "owned" by the Staatsregeringministrie vir Sport en Atletiese van Transvaal and managed by Bartnel Botha, the then-Minister for Sport & Athletics in Transvaal. On February 11, 2011, after the collapse of Transvaal [in CNRP], Bartnel Botha acquired the club and it has since then been under private ownership.

During the club's first six seasons from Season I until Season VI, the official club name was Noordrykse Voetbalklub Kaapstad Hornets (Cape Town Hornets Nordreich Football Club) - or NVK Kaapstad Hornets for short. On June 26, 2011, management dropped the NVK prefix and the team name became simply Kaapstad Hornets heading into Season VII.

The Hornets play all their home matches at Greenpoint Stadium (capacity 56,000) in Cape Town.

During Season I and Season II, their kit colours were yellow and black with white trim - with sweaters which were yellow with a black diagonal stripe and white trim. On March 23, 2010, new long-sleeve sweaters with horizontal yellow and black stripes were adopted for Season III. Shorts are black with yellow trim.

The club sponsor - like all Transvaler teams at the time - was Soundic Radio of Sweden. In June 2012 at the conclusion of Season X, Soundic Radio was dropped as the official sponser.

The Hornets' expansion roster included former Transvaal Springboks forward great Ricardo van Deinsen along with midfielder Dakarai Baako and goalkeeper Tafadzwa Masamba from Transvaal's UCFA Champions League squads. While Masamba struggled to secure a spot on the roster and departed after less than two months, both Van Deinsen and Baako saw their careers as leading players rejuvinated in the new Nordreich Liga. In later seasons, the Hornets would see former Transvaal Springboks prospect players Dingiswayo Ngwane and Hendrik van Schou sign contracts and reach stardom with the Hornets.

NVK Kaapstad Hornets played its first match, a 5-1 win, at Greenpoint Stadium in a friendly against The Scimitars on September 30, 2009; midfielder Regillio Sewnath scored the club's first-ever goal 15 minutes into the first-half.

The club's first league match was on October 7, 2009 when they were shutout 2-0 at home by Nordenstorm United. Three days later the club defeated The Scimitars by the score of 3-0 in the opening round of the Nordreich Cup with midfielder Izmir Jejaz scoring the first official competitive goal in the 26th minute of the match. Four days later the two clubs squared off again in league play and forward Bernie Forbes scored the Hornets' first league goal in the 8th minute on a header cross from fullback Eugene Tchami.

The squad's roster witnessed numerous changes made during the debut campaign and only 7 original players would last with the club throughout the entire season: goalkeeper Oskar Dietze, fullbacks Pius Tsheuma Songo’o, Anthony Davids, and Nbeko Sokoto, midfielders Dakarai Baako and Dean Hankers, and forward Ricardo van Deinsen.

The club played its first three seasons in Liga 1 but were demoted to Liga 2 for Season IV. They returned to Liga 1 the following season when the two divisions were combined.

By the start of Season V, only three players remained from the original expansion roster: goalkeeper Oskar Dietze, fullback Anthony Davids, and midfielder Dakarai Baako. Ricardo van Deinsen retired at the conclusion of Season IV while captain Dean Hankers was released prior to the start of Season V. Baako and Davids would depart the club due to retirement during the course of Season V - both playing in their final match on January 5, 2011 - leaving Dietze as the lone player from the original roster, continuing to be a part of the team as it headed into Season XVI.

Dingiswayo Ngwane became the first Hornet to gain legendary status when late in Season VII on August 31, 2011 he played in his 100th match. Early the following season, Eugene Tchami became the second Hornet to earn legendary status when he played 100th match on September 21, 2011. Midfielder Ernest Ebede played 100th match during Season VIII in a 6-0 rout of Valley Hillbillies on November 9, 2011. Ralf Handke played his 100th legendary match on January 11, 2012 at Langston F.C. while Stanley Miesiedjan played in his 100th legendary match exactly a week later in the re-match at home versus Langston F.C. Bernie Forbes became the first forward to earn legendary status with the Hornets when he played in his 100th match on May 2, 2012 during Season X.

On June 19, 2011 prior to the start of Season VII, a new logo was introduced by club management - replacing the original C-Bee emblem useed since Season I.

During Season VIII, the Kaapstad Hornets became the first-ever Transvaler club to win a cup championship when they defeated Zemo City Avengers by an aggregate result of 5-2 on October 22, 2011.

Hendrik van Schou and Noukeu Keita earnt legendary status during the course of Season XI while Desmond Nghaamwa and Oskar Dietze would chalk up their 100th matches during the following season. With Dietze's induction to the Nordreich Liga Hall of Fame on October 17, 2012 as a legendary player, the Hornets became the first Nordreich Liga team to boast an all-legends starting line-up. Heinrich Heinz played in his 100th legendary match on December 1, 2012 when the Hornets defeated Zemo City Avengers 2-1 in the first leg of the Cup of Good Hope open tournament finals in Season XII.

Kaapstad Hornets clinched their second Nordreich Liga title in Season XII on the heels of a 4-0 victory at FC Limburg on December 5, 2012. Three days later they capped off their campaign by winning the Cup of Good Hope open tournament hosted by the club at Greenpoint Stadium.

Starting after a 4-2 loss to Zemo City Avengers on August 1, 2012, the Hornets launched into a golden age for the club - not losing a regular season game from that date until dropping a 3-1 decision against Moenchengladbach on January 23, 2013 which saw the club only losing 3 games (all cup meetings) and 2 draws (one during regular season and one cup). In Season XII they did not lose a single match during the regular season - their only losses coming during play for the Nordreich Cup.

During Season XIII, on January 16, 2013, in 6-0 regular season romp over Keville Athletic, midfielder Noukeu Keita scored a goal off a cornerkick set-play in the 83rd minute to become the first Hornet to reach 100 career points scored. The club picked up its second Nordreich Cup championship in Season XIII. Also during this season, Dingiswayo Ngwane played in his 200th bicentennial match on February 20, 2013.

Mid-way through Season XIV, Eugene Tchami played his 200th career match on April 27, 2013 in a 6-0 rout of Hells Cargo during the quarter-finals of the Nordreich Cup. The Hornets won their fourth cup later that season when they defeated Dorpat Lions 1-0 and 3-3 in the Kaiser Thor Open Cup.

Within one week of each other, during Season XV, Benin Ndiako and Ernest Ebede both played in their 200th career matches - on August 21 and August 28, 2013 respectively. Baas Jansens played in his 100th career match on September 11, 2013. The club won its third Nordreich Cup championship that same season.

Noukeu Keita played in his 200th career match during Season XVI on January 15, 2014, a 1-1 draw at Zellar Athletic.

League Record by SeasonEdit

NVK Kaapstad Hornets
Nordreich Liga IOct-Jan 2010NL11481531229254th/8Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga IIJan-Mar 2010NL11052320137173rd/6Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga IIIMar-Aug 2010NL12073103340-7247th/11Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga IVSep-Nov 2010NL210802321121242nd/6Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga VDec-Apr 2011NL118110742357335th/10Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga VIApr-Jun 2011NL11060426215183rd/6Bartnel Botha
Kaapstad Hornets
Nordreich Liga VIIJun-Sep 2011NL11050528262153rd/6Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga VIIISep-Nov 2011NL11060422193183rd/6Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga IXNov-Mar 2012NL112714362313223rd/6Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga XMar-Jun 2012NL114112512229342nd/8Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga XIJun-Aug 2012NL110802361422241st/6Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga XIISep-Dec 2012NL110802361422241st/6Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga XIIIDec-Apr 2013NL1141004471928303rd/8Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga XIVApr-Jul 2013NL112912451530282nd/7Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga XVJul-Nov 2013NL1161402631944422nd/9Bartnel Botha
Nordreich Liga XVIDec-Mar 2014NL114833352213273rd/8Bartnel Botha

Cup Record by SeasonEdit

NVK Kaapstad Hornets
Nordreich Liga INordreich Cup I4103550defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga IBaron Zemo Open Cup3201835defeated in finals
Nordreich Liga IINordreich Cup II4112660defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga IIINordreich Cup III42201091defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga IIIBaron Zemo Open Cup211034-1defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga IIIKaiser Nemhauser Open Cup211023-1defeated in quarter-finals
Nordreich Liga IVNordreich Cup IV2101440defeated in first round
Nordreich Liga VNordreich Cup V4202963defeated in quarter-finals
Nordreich Liga VBaron Zemo Open Cup100102-2defeated in quarter-finals
Nordreich Liga VKaiser Nemhauser Open Cup100104-4defeated in quarter-finals
Nordreich Liga VINordreich Cup VI4103511-6defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga VIBaron Zemo Open Cup100123-1defeated in quarter-finals
Kaapstad Hornets
Nordreich Liga VIINordreich Cup VII63121596defeated in finals
Nordreich Liga VIIINordreich Cup VIII430114311won cup
Nordreich Liga VIIITartu Open Cup2110431defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga IXNordreich Cup IX6222911-2defeated in quarter-finals
Nordreich Liga IXHallvardr Open Cup210168-2defeated in finals
Nordreich Liga XNordreich Cup X43011284defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga XKeville Open Cup42021082defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga XINordreich Cup XI4202711-4defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga XIINordreich Cup XII630318612defeated in finals
Nordreich Liga XIICup of Good Hope65101697won cup
Nordreich Liga XIIINordreich Cup XIII651019316won cup
Nordreich Liga XIIIBorussia Open Cup42111385defeated in semi-finals
Nordreich Liga XIVNordreich Cup XIV640224717defeated in finals
Nordreich Liga XIVKaiser Thor Open Cup651016511won cup
Nordreich Liga XVINordreich Cup XVI200236-3defeated in quarter-finals
Nordreich Liga XVIGolden Valley Gold Cup62131416-2defeated in finals

Career StatisticsEdit

Includes regular season and cup matches; * indicates player retired with club

Noukeu KeitaMF1111-Sep-10current1717855133322052
Stanley MiesiedjanMF1224-Mar-10current2054655101261053
Benin NdiakoD1324-Feb-10current197662898212074
Hendrik van SchouMF1225-May-10current166365591211012
Ernest EbedeMF1422-Nov-09current194395190222024
Desmond NghaamwaF1408-Nov-09current149701888151022
Ralf HandkeMF1327-Jan-10current193444488221044
Dingiswayo NgwaneD1419-Nov-09current2274929783511158
Bernie ForbesF1408-Oct-0905-Jun-13155481967221015
Heinrich HeinzMF1018-Nov-10current13725386318009
Sipho GriekwaF1023-Oct-0928-Mar-128641849214015
Baas JansensF822-Jun-11current923694511109
Dakarai BaakoMF521-Sep-0919-Jan-1170182442153033
*Ricardo van DeinsenF421-Sep-0917-Nov-10442583352010
Eugene TchamiD1428-Sep-09current216921303830137
Baxter MayeF417-Nov-1026-Oct-1135175223000
Niklaas McCarthyF508-Mar-12current49157228103
Lorenzo WieboltMF530-Nov-1006-Mar-127610122213001
Cliff WinfieldMF504-Mar-12current477152210000
Dean HankersMF421-Sep-0918-Nov-1055312156207
Willi StrijdomD1019-Jan-11current101213157001
Eric NgassamMF506-Mar-12current5759148100
Izmir JejazMF201-Oct-0924-Mar-10246397001
Pius Tsheuma Songo’oD321-Sep-0908-Aug-10342689004
Einar SmarasonF201-May-1021-Nov-10175277000
Otto GetzlafMF204-Oct-0927-Mar-10152572000
Ian SmithF327-Oct-0901-May-10214268100
Anthony DavidsD521-Sep-0905-Jan-1156246120240
Jaouad NasserMF118-Oct-0913-Jan-10103252001
Gbeke TshwongaMF325-Oct-0914-May-10152354100
Jimmy McIntyreD328-Sep-12current272244000
Harald HeidrichF130-Sep-0910-Jan-1063030000
Didier N’gok Songo’oD408-Aug-1021-Jun-11251236001
Bay CarterD505-Jan-1116-Jan-12330220010
Waldemar da CostaF110-Dec-1103-Mar-1251011000
Nigel NiapatF106-Jun-13current71011000
Regillio SewnathMF121-Sep-0915-Oct-0920111000
Chifarat WoutersMF121-Sep-0911-Nov-0960112000
Mngomesotho QwaqwaD416-Jan-1227-Sep-12240111000
Oskar DietzeGK1421-Sep-09current13100020025
Tusker DoumbéGK810-Jan-1006-Mar-12450000004
Walter RasmussenGK815-Jul-11current410000000
Wollo SchampaGK429-Mar-1012-Jul-11350000006
Djambek Tchuem MshongaGK509-Apr-12current270000000
Nbeko SokotoD221-Sep-0924-Feb-10180002001
Mosely Nlend WomeGK102-Oct-0917-Jan-1080001000
René-Solomon KachaMF116-Jul-1011-Sep-1050004000
Benny JuliaansD121-Sep-0918-Nov-0940000001
Kurt ThompsonD123-Jun-13current30000000
Benni MaasieD123-Jun-13current30000000
Tafadzwa MasambaGK121-Sep-0908-Nov-0930000000
Mike ShieldsMF112-Jun-1016-Jul-1020001000
Omar PoerwonjotoMF118-Apr-1002-Jun-1020000000
John ReynoldsGK114-Jan-1018-Apr-1020000000
Etienne HindenbergD121-Sep-0924-Oct-0920000000
Dahomey IdrissouD128-Mar-1209-Apr-1210000000
Sturton Le SteepleMF117-Jan-1026-Jan-1010000000
Dawson SilvinF121-Sep-0924-Oct-0910000000
Glen AutarF121-Sep-0907-Oct-0910000000

Great Hornet playersEdit

Active playersEdit

Oskar Dietze
  • Oskar Dietze – goalkeeper; wears #1 jersey and has played with the team since Season I. He was the very first player to sign with the club, and the first player to sign with the Nordreich Liga. After the departure of Dakarai Baako on January 19, 2011 during Season V, Dietze become the sole remaining player from the club's original expansion roster. He was the starting goalkeeper for the first two seasons until Wollo Schampa signed with the club prior to the start of Season III, relegating him to back-up duties. Starting in Season VII, Dietze returned to duties as the starting keeper. He was inducted as an honourary member of the Nordreich Liga Hall of Fame on June 15, 2012. He gained legendary status when he played in his 100th match on October 17, 2012. When Sven-Östein Haraldsson, midfielder with Zemo City Avengers, was released early on in Season XII on September 24, 2012, Oskar Dietze became the last player in the entire league from the original expansion rosters.
Ernest Ebede
  • Ernest Ebede - midfielder, wears #9 jersey and has played with the team since Season I when he was promoted from the junior team. Despite some set-backs due to injuries in Season VIII, he became the leading career points and career assist leader with the club after he matched Dakarai Baako's totals on October 8, 2011. Ebede also played his legendary 100th match during Season VIII as the Hornets routed the Valley Hillbillies 6-0 on November 9, 2011 - unfortunately leaving the match due to a minor injury in the final ten minutes. He dealt with further major injuries during Season XI and then Season XII which saw him miss the the last month of the season. Ernest Ebede played his 200th career match during Season XV on August 28, 2013.
Baas jansens
Baas Jansens
  • Baas Jansens - forward, wears #23 jersey. He signed with the team during Season VII. Jansens became the club's leading forward at the start of Season XV and played in his 100th legendary match during that same season, in a 3-1 loss at Dorpat Lions on September 11, 2013.
Ralf Handke
  • Ralf Handke - midfielder, wears #26 jersey. An Austrian import, he signed with the team midway through Season II. Handke played his 100th legendary match on January 11, 2012. He played in his 200th match during Season XV on September 25, 2013 - in a 2-1 win over Zemo City Avengers at Greenpoint Stadium, in which he picked up one assist.
Heinrich Heinz
  • Heinrich Heinz - midfielder, wear #22 jersey and has played with the team since Season V when he was promoted from the junior team as a 16-year-old graduate. Although primarally trained as a freekicker, Heinz was used occasionally during Season X as an alternate playmaker and saw impressive success when playing in that role. He struggled with two major injuries during the course of Season XI but nevertheless managed to put up impressive stats numbers. Heinz played in his 100th legendary match on December 1, 2012 when the Hornets defeated Zemo City Avengers 2-1 in the first leg of the Cup of Good Hope open tournament finals.
Noukeu Keita
  • Noukeu Keita - midfielder, wears #16 jersey and has played with the team since Season IV when he was promoted from the junior team. He has been one of the best, up-and-coming midfielders seen in the league since Season VII. On January 16, 2013 during a 6-0 regular season romp over Keville Athletic, Keita scored a goal off a cornerkick set-play in the 83rd minute - becoming the first Hornet to reach 100 career points scored. Evolving into the team's greatest and dominant offensive player, Keita was leading the team in point scoring by just his third season when he topped the scoring charts for the Hornets in Season VII. He would again lead the team in scoring in Season XI, Season XI and from Season XIII for the next three seasons. Keita played in his 200th bicentennial match during Season XVI on January 15, 2014, a 1-1 draw at Zellar Athletic. Two major injuries occurring in February and March 2014 seriously hampered his performance on the field as his points production dropped from 21 scored the season before in Season XV down to just 4 points in the wake of his rehabilitation and recovery. Keita was named the Hornets' captain prior to the start of Season XVII.
Stanley Miesiedjan
  • Stanley Miesiedjan - midfielder, wears #8 jersey and has played with the team since Season III. On January 18, 2012, Miesiedjan played in his 100th legendary match. He scored his 100th career point near the end of Season XIV. That same season, on June 19, 2013, he played his 200th bicentennial match. Until the rise of Noukeu Keita, Stanley Miesiedjan had been the Hornets' strongest player on the midfield although he rarely gets the recognition or attention. His talent with the headers and his quick speed has made him a consistent threat and a solid playmaker.
Benin Ndiako
  • Benin Ndiako - fullback, wears #6 jersey and has played with the team since promotion from the junior team duirng Season II. Easily the most versitile player to pull on a Hornets sweater, Ndiako plays a multi-purpose role as the primary freekicker for the team as well as an alternate midfield playmaker on occasion. In Season IV he co-shared the Golden Boot Award for most goals scored during the regular season. Despite battling ijuries during the season, Benin Ndiako played in his 200th career match during Season XV on August 21, 2013.
Desmond Nghaamwa
  • Desmond Nghaamwa - forward, wears #11 jersey and has played with the team since the mid-point of Season I when he was promoted from the junior team. During Season XI, Desmond Nghaamwa finished third in Liga goal-scoring and was named to the all-star team. He was inducted as honourary member of the Nordreich Liga Hall of Fame on June 15, 2012. Nghaamwa played in his 100th legendary match on September 29, 2012. He had a break-out campaign in Season XII in which he scored 13 goals and earnt his second season named to the all-star team. During Season XIV, Nghaamwa found himself sidelined from a major injury. Nghaamwa scored his 100th career point, an assist, during Season XVI on February 1, 2014 in a 5-4 win over Zharr Nagrund Ziggurats.
Dingiswayo Ngwane
  • Dingiswayo Ngwane - fullback, wears #5 jersey and has played with the team since Season I. Previous to joining the Hornets, he played 9 games with the Transvaal Springboks during Liga Mundo Season 5 and Liga Mundo Season 6. He was released to the Hornets on November 19, 2009 and signed for $2,581,000. In Season VII, Ngwane played in his 100th match on August 31, 2011 - becoming the first Hornet to gain legendary status. He was named team captain at the start of Season IX and held that role until the end of Season XVI when he relinquished it to Noukeu Keita. Ngwane played in his 200th bicentennial match on February 20, 2013. He reaked his peak ability during Season XVI but serious injuries in December 2013 that kepot him on the sidelines for almost four weeks would cause his performance to slide for the rest of the season as he recovered.
Walter rasmussen
Walter Rasmussen
  • Walter Rasmussen - goalkeeper, wears #30 jersey. Rasmussen signed with the club as a free agent during Season VII as a replacement for aging-veteran Wollo Schampa. Blessed with a hardworking ethic and able to maintain his cool under pressure, Rasmussen is an ace with picking off the air balls and crosses. He was named the starting goalkeeper, at age 29, heading into Season XVII
Willi strijdom
Willi Strijdom
  • Willi ‘Subbie’ Strijdom - fullback, wears #6 jersey and has played with the team since Season V when he was promoted from the junior team. On any other team he would be a starting, star defender - but he acquired the nickname Substitute Legend or Subbie as he had to content himself with playing in the long shadows of the Big Three (Tchami, Ngwane, and Ndiako) fullback legends. Strijdom played in his 100th legendary match on July 3, 2013 during a 3-0 win over Zharr Nagrund Ziggurats. When Eugene Tchami was moved to the reserves prior to the start of Season XVII, Strijdom finally saw himself, at age 31 and after a dozen seasons watching from the wings, finally promoted to the starting line on the Hornets' defense.
Eugene Tchami
  • Eugene Tchami - fullback, wears #3 jersey and has played with the team since Season I when he was promoted from the junior team. Tchami picked up the Hornets' first assist in league play when he set-up Bernie Forbes from a headed, cross pass to scored the Hornets' first league goal on October 14, 2009. He was the team captain from the middle of Season V until the end of Season VIII. Tchami became the second Hornet to earn legendary status when he played 100th match on September 21, 2011. He played his 200th bicentennial match during Season XIV on April 27, 2013. He announced that Season XVII would be his final season and took on a substitute role on the defensive line.
Hendrik van schou
Hendrik van Schou
  • Hendrik van Schou - midfielder, wears #20 jersey. Joining the club during Season III, Van Schou has been one of the most overlooked and low-key players on the team, yet a consistent and steadying factor on the Hornets midfield. Prior to joining the Nordreich Liga, he played one season in Liga Mundo with the Transvaal Springboks, appearing 5 games during Liga Mundo Season 7 in which he scored 1 goal and 1 assist. After being cut by the Springboks, he briefly returned to junior football until being promoted to the Hornets a month and a half later. He was inducted to the Nordreich Liga Hall of Fame as honourary member on June 15, 2012. Van Schou played his 100th legendary match on June 27, 2012 during Season XI. He scored his 100th career point, an assist, during Season XVI on February 8, 2014 in a 4-3 loss to Dorpat Lions. He played in his 200th career match during Season XVII as a substitute entering the game in the 92nd minute in the Hornets' 4-1 win over Vinland Berserkers on April 2, 2014.

Former playersEdit

Dakarai baako2
Dakarai Baako
  • Dakarai Baako – midfielder; wore #7 jersey and played with the team from Season I until Season V. One of the first bonafide stars of Transvaler soccer, Baako began his playing career for Transvaal in the UCFA Champions League 1 in October 2007. After 24 matches played in the UCFA Champions League system, in January 2008 he left Transvaal and signed with domestic side Dempo Futebol Club of Glanj in PDSAR where he played a handful of matches. Involved through blackmail in a smuggling ring operating between PDSAR, Angola, and Transvaal, he claimed asylum in PDSAR until deported to Transvaal in February 2008. Baako was formally accused by the government of smuggling but charges later dropped. He then retired from soccer and went into national politics to redeem his name. Baako was elected to the post of African paramount chief from May to November 2008. Baako came out of retirement and resumed his playing career with Windhoek Welwitschia of the Vedder League in January 2009 but was released after just 1 match. He then signed with Transvaal Springboks of Liga Mundo but only lasted 3 games with the team, scoring one goal before he was let go in May 2009. He finally returned to his previous form when he signed with the Hornets in September of 2009. While older Transvaler fans still have fond memories of him starring in the UCFA Champions League, to the younger generation of fans Baako is only known for his playing exploits and leadership with the Hornets. To date, Baako is the only player to suit up for all three professional clubs in Transvaal as well as play in the four CNRP tournaments (UCFA Champions League, FIFOB Alliance Cup, Cup of Nations, and Transvaal World Cup) – a feat that can never be repeated. Baako retired during the middle of Season V; he played his final match on January 5, 2011 and was released by the club two weeks later. Even three seasons along after his retirement and heading into Season VIII, Baako's career totals for points (42) and assists (24) were still topping the club records - not matched until October 8, 2011 when Ernest Ebede picked up an assist to equal Baako for both points and assists.
Ricardo van deinsen
Ricardo van Deinsen
  • Ricardo van Deinsen - forward; wore jersey #10 and played from Season I until Season IV when he retired at the age of 35. Prior to coming out of retirement to sign with Kaapstad, he played in Liga Mundo for Transvaal Springboks from Season 1 through Season 5 and lead the club to the championship in his final season. He played a career total of 128 matches over 8 seasons in Liga Mundo and Nordreich Liga. At the time of his departure from the Hornets, he lead the club in career goals scored with 25 and was second in career points with 33. He played his final match on October 17, 2010 and officially retired exactly one month later.
  • Anthony Davids - fullback; wore #2 jersey and played with the team from Season I until Season V. His best campaigns were in Season III and Season IV. He announced his retirement heading into Season V and saw his playing time diminish as he spent most of the season in the role of substitute - however he also took on the role of co-captain in his final season. He was released by the club on January 5, 2011 after playing in his final match earlier that day against Dorpat Lions. At the time of his departure, he was tied for fourth-place in career games played (56) and in second-place for X11 Team selections with 40.
  • Siphogriekwa
    Sipho Griekwa
    Sipho Griekwa - forward, wore #12 jersey and played with the team for 10 seasons from Season I, when he was promoted from the junior team, until Season X. Noted for his speed and toughness - as well as his ability on freekicks - during the latter part of his career, Griekwa was chronically plagued by major injuries. He endured at least one major injury in each of his last four seasons and he was released by the club on March 28, 2012 after suffering yet another injury against Keville Athletic. At the time of his retirement with the Hornets, he was the club's third-highest points scorer (49) and leading goal scorer (41). His best seasons were Season VII and Season VIII when he reached career-highs for points (9) and goals (7) in a season.
  • Dean Hankers - midfielder; wore jersey #23 and played from Season I until Season IV when he was released during the off-season. He was the team captain during his four seasons with the club. At the time of his departure, he was fourth in career games played (55), second in career assists (12), and tied for fourth in career points (15). His final match was played on November 7, 2010 against Nacional CF.
Bernie Forbes
  • Bernie Forbes - forward, wore #14 – He played 14 seasons with the club from Season I until midway through Season XIV. Forbes scored the Hornets’ first league goal on October 14, 2009. He became the team's first legendary forward, achieving that distinction during Season X when he played his 100th match on May 2, 2012. Equipped with a hard shot and adept with the headers, Bernie Forbes led all Kaapstad forwards in career games played (155) while ranked in at 4th overall in goals scored (48), 10th in career assists (19), and 9th in points scoring (67) while making the X11 Team 15 times. A somewhat streaky player in terms of production, he led all Kaapstad forwards for points during Season VI - although his best seasons with the Hornets came during Season X and Season XII when he scored 10 points and 9 and 8 goals respectively. He was released by the club on June 5, 2013 after seeing a reduction of playing time during Season XIV.


Goalkeepers Edit

Nordreich Liga IOskar DietzeMosely Nlend Wome
Nordreich Liga IIOskar DietzeTusker Doumbé
Nordreich Liga IIIWollo SchampaOskar Dietze
Nordreich Liga IVWollo SchampaOskar Dietze
Nordreich Liga VTusker DoumbéOskar Dietze
Nordreich Liga VIOskar DietzeWollo Schampa
Nordreich Liga VIIOskar DietzeTusker Doumbé
Nordreich Liga VIIIOskar DietzeTusker Doumbé
Nordreich Liga IXOskar DietzeTusker Doumbé
Nordreich Liga XOskar DietzeWalter Rasmussen
Nordreich Liga XIOskar DietzeWalter Rasmussen
Nordreich Liga XIIOskar DietzeWalter Rasmussen
Nordreich Liga XIIIOskar DietzeWalter Rasmussen
Nordreich Liga XIVOskar DietzeDjambek Tchuem Mshonga
Nordreich Liga XVOskar DietzeWalter Rasmussen
Nordreich Liga XVIOskar DietzeDjambek Tchuem Mshonga

Club record bookEdit

Single SeasonEdit

  • Most goals in one season: 16 goals - Noukeu Keita (Season XIV)
  • Most assists in one season: 10 assists - Dakarai Baako (Season I); Hendrik van Schou (Season XII); Ralf Handke (Season XV)
  • Most points in one season: 23 points - Noukeu Keita (Season XIV)
  • Most X11 selections in one season: 19 X11 - Dingiswayo Ngwane (Season XII)


  • Most career matches: 265 games - Dingiswayo Ngwane (end of Season XVI; on-going record)
  • Most career goals: 94 goals - Noukeu Keita (end of Season XVI; on-going record)
  • Most career assists: 64 assists - Noukeu Keita (end of Season XVI; on-going record)
  • Most career points: 158 points - Noukeu Keita (end of Season XVI; on-going record)
  • Most career X11 selections: 182 X11 - Dingiswayo Ngwane (end of Season XVI; on-going record)

Championship teamsEdit

Nordreich Cup (League Cup)
Nordreich Liga cup
  • Nordreich Cup VIII: Bay Carter, Oskar Dietze, Tusker Doumbé, Ernest Ebede, Bernie Forbes, Sipho Griekwa, Ralf Handke, Heinrich Heinz, Baas Jansens, Noukeu Keita, Baxter Maye, Stanley Miesiedjan, Benin Ndiako, Desmond Nghaamwa, Dingiswayo Ngwane, Walter Rasmussen, Hendrik van Schou, Willi Strijdom, Eugene Tchami, Lorenzo Wiebolt
  • Season XI Championship: Oskar Dietze, Ernest Ebede, Bernie Forbes, Ralf Handke, Heinrich Heinz, Baas Jansens, Noukeu Keita, Niklaas McCarthy, Stanley Miesiedjan, Djambek Tchuem Mshonga, Benin Ndiako, Eric Ngassam, Desmond Nghaamwa, Dingiswayo Ngwane, Mngomesotho Qwaqwa, Walter Rasmussen, Willi Strijdom, Eugene Tchami, Hendrik van Schou, Cliff Winfield
  • Season XII Championship: Oskar Dietze, Ernest Ebede, Bernie Forbes, Ralf Handke, Heinrich Heinz, Baas Jansens, Noukeu Keita, Niklaas McCarthy, Jimmy McIntyre, Stanley Miesiedjan, Djambek Tchuem Mshonga, Benin Ndiako, Eric Ngassam, Desmond Nghaamwa, Dingiswayo Ngwane, Walter Rasmussen, Willi Strijdom, Eugene Tchami, Hendrik van Schou, Cliff Winfield
  • Season XII: Cup of Good Hope: Oskar Dietze, Ernest Ebede, Bernie Forbes, Ralf Handke, Heinrich Heinz, Baas Jansens, Noukeu Keita, Niklaas McCarthy, Jimmy McIntyre, Stanley Miesiedjan, Djambek Tchuem Mshonga, Benin Ndiako, Eric Ngassam, Desmond Nghaamwa, Dingiswayo Ngwane, Walter Rasmussen, Willi Strijdom, Eugene Tchami, Hendrik van Schou, Cliff Winfield
  • Nordreich Cup XIII: Oskar Dietze, Ernest Ebede, Bernie Forbes, Ralf Handke, Heinrich Heinz, Baas Jansens, Noukeu Keita, Niklaas McCarthy, Jimmy McIntyre, Stanley Miesiedjan, Djambek Tchuem Mshonga, Benin Ndiako, Eric Ngassam, Desmond Nghaamwa, Dingiswayo Ngwane, Walter Rasmussen, Willi Strijdom, Eugene Tchami, Hendrik van Schou, Cliff Winfield
  • Season XIV: Kaiser Thor Open Cup: Oskar Dietze, Ernest Ebede, Ralf Handke, Heinrich Heinz, Baas Jansens, Noukeu Keita, Benni Maasie, Niklaas McCarthy, Jimmy McIntyre, Stanley Miesiedjan, Djambek Tchuem Mshonga, Benin Ndiako, Eric Ngassam, Desmond Nghaamwa, Dingiswayo Ngwane, Nigel Niapat, Walter Rasmussen, Willi Strijdom, Eugene Tchami, Kurt Thompson, Hendrik van Schou, Cliff Winfield
  • Nordreich Cup XV: Oskar Dietze, Ernest Ebede, Ralf Handke, Heinrich Heinz, Baas Jansens, Noukeu Keita, Benni Maasie, Niklaas McCarthy, Jimmy McIntyre, Stanley Miesiedjan, Djambek Tchuem Mshonga, Benin Ndiako, Eric Ngassam, Desmond Nghaamwa, Dingiswayo Ngwane, Nigel Niapat, Walter Rasmussen, Willi Strijdom, Eugene Tchami, Kurt Thompson, Hendrik van Schou, Cliff Winfield


Nordreich Liga Season IEdit

  • EXPANSION ROSTER (September 21, 2008): Glen Autar, Dakarai Baako, Charly Braaf, Anthony Davids, Oskar Dietze, Dean Hankers, Etienne Hindenberg, Jimmy Horb, Benny Juliaans, Tafadzwa Masamba, Winston Plato, Kiran Reiziger, Regillio Sewnath, Dawson Silvin, Nbeko Sokoto, Pius Tsheuma Songo’o, Ricardo van Deinsen, and Chifarat Wouters.
  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Eugene Tchami (junior prospect) signed on September 28, 2009; Harald Heidrich signed ($146,100) as free agent on September 30, 2009; Charly Braaf released September 30, 2009; Izmir Jejaz signed ($263,100) as free agent on October 1, 2009; Jimmy Horb and Kiran Reiziger released October 1, 2009; Mosely Nlend Wome (junior prospect) signed on October 2, 2009; Otto Getzlaf signed ($300,000) as free agent on October 4, 2009; Glen Autar released on October 7, 2009; Bernie Forbes signed ($238,100) as free agent on October 8, 2009; Winston Plato and Regillio Sewnath released October 15, 2009; Jaouad Nasser signed ($595,300) as free agent on October 18, 2009; Sipho Griekwa (junior prospect) signed on October 23, 2009; Etienne Hindenberg and Dawson Silvin released October 24, 2009; Gbeke Tshwonga signed ($299,100) as free agent on October 25, 2009; Ian Smith signed ($595,300) as free agent on October 27, 2009; Tafadzwa Masamba released November 8, 2009; Desmond Nghaamwa (junior prospect) signed on November 8, 2009; Chifarat Wouters sold for $770,371 on November 11, 2009; Benny Juliaans sold for $924,000 on November 19, 2009; Dingiswayo Ngwane signed ($2,581,000) as free agent on November 19, 2009; Ernest Ebede (junior prospect) signed on November 22, 2009
30-Sep-09The Scimitars5-1 Wfriendly
03-Oct-09at Nordenstrom United4-4 Dfriendly
07-Oct-09Nordenstrom United0-2 L8th
10-Oct-09The Scimitars3-0 Wcup match
14-Oct-09at The Scimitars2-1 W4th
17-Oct-09at The Scimitars0-1 Lcup match
21-Oct-09Northern Reich1-1 D5th
24-Oct-09at Northern Reich1-2 Lcup match
28-Oct-09Italia4-1 W4th
31-Oct-09Northern Reich1-2 Lcup match
04-Nov-09Nordland2-0 W4th
11-Nov-09at FC Noordrijk4-3 W4th
18-Nov-09at Scottoria FC1-4 L4th
21-Nov-09vs Italia4-1 Wcup match
25-Nov-09Scottoria FC3-1 W4th
28-Nov-09vs FC Noordrijk3-0 Wcup match
02-Dec-09FC Noordrijk1-2 L4th
05-Dec-09vs Nordenstrom United1-2 Lcup match
09-Dec-09at Nordland3-0 W4th
16-Dec-09at Italia5-1 W4th
23-Dec-09at Northern Reich1-2 L4th
30-Dec-09The Scimitars4-2 W4th
06-Jan-10at Nordenstrom United0-2 L4th
Dakarai BaakoMF205101513
Ricardo van DeinsenF16103136
Izmir JejazMF184371
Jaouad NasserMF103251
Otto GetzlafMF112350
Desmond NghaamwaF74040
Sipho GriekwaF84040
Gbeke TshwongaMF72240
Harald HeidrichF63030
Dingiswayo NgwaneD92130
Bernie ForbesF92130
Ernest EbedeMF61230
Eugene TchamiD171236
Dean HankersMF150331
Ian SmithF101120
Pius Tsheuma Songo’oD110223
Anthony DavidsD1302211
Regillio SewnathMF20110
Chifarat WoutersMF60110
Oskar DietzeGK110000
Nbeko SokotoD110001
Mosely Nlend WomeGK80000
Benny JuliaansD40001
Tafadzwa MasambaGK30000
Etienne HindenbergD20000
Glen AutarF10000
Dawson SilvinF10000

Nordreich Liga Season IIEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Harald Heidrich released January 10, 2010; Tusker Doumbé (junior prospect) signed on January 10, 2010; Jaouad Nasser sold for $747,348 on January 13, 2010; John Reynolds signed ($149,600) as free agent on January 14, 2010; Mosely Nlend Wome sold for $154,476 on January 17, 2010; Sturton Le Steeple (junior prospect) signed on January 17, 2010; Sturton Le Steeple released January 26, 2010; Ralf Handke signed ($595,300) as free agent on January 27, 2010; Nbeko Sokoto released February 24, 2010; Benin Ndiako (junior prospect) signed on February 24, 2010
09-Jan-10C.S. Napoli4-2 Wfriendly
15-Jan-10at Zemo City Avengers1-3 L5th
22-Jan-10at Dorpat Lions1-2 L5th
26-Jan-10at Valkyries2-4 Lcup match
29-Jan-10Scottoria FC2-0 W5th
02-Feb-10Valkyries4-0 Wcup match
05-Feb-10The Scimitars5-0 W4th
09-Feb-10at FC Oder-Festung 19200-0 Dcup match
12-Feb-10Neon City2-0 W3rd
16-Feb-10FC Oder-Festung 19200-2 Lcup match
19-Feb-10at Neon City2-0 W3rd
26-Feb-10at The Scimitars4-1 W3rd
05-Mar-10at Scottoria FC1-1 D3rd
09-Mar-10FC Craiova Sud1-4 Lfriendly
12-Mar-10Dorpat Lions0-3 L3rd
16-Mar-10Vlaamsche Boerkens1-0 Wfriendly
19-Mar-10Zemo City Avengers2-2 D3rd
Dakarai BaakoMF126286
Ernest EbedeMF123360
Dean HankersMF121561
Ricardo van DeinsenF93253
Sipho GriekwaF64040
Desmond NghaamwaF52130
Dingiswayo NgwaneD111235
Izmir JejazMF62020
Ian SmithF71120
Otto GetzlafMF40220
Pius Tsheuma Songo’oD80220
Bernie ForbesF51010
Ralf HandkeMF91010
Benin NdiakoD40110
Gbeke TshwongaMF50110
Anthony DavidsD90119
Eugene TchamiD1300010
Oskar DietzeGK90001
Nbeko SokotoD70000
Tusker DoumbéGK40000
John ReynoldsGK20000
Sturton Le SteepleMF10000

Nordreich Liga Season IIIEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Izmir Jejaz released March 24, 2010; Stanley Miesiedjan (junior prospect) signed on March 24, 2010; Otto Getzlaf sold for $2,016,000 on March 27, 2010; Wollo Schampa signed ($4,000,000) as free agent on March 29, 2010; John Reynolds sold for $100,380 on April 18, 2010; Omar Poerwonjoto (junior prospect) signed on April 18, 2010; Ian Smith released May 1, 2010; Einar Smarason acquired from Zemo City Avengers for $1,400,000 on May 1, 2010; Gbeke Tshwonga sold for $225,120 on May 14, 2010; Hendrik van Schou (junior prospect) signed on May 25, 2010; Omar Poerwonjoto sold for $420,000 on June 1, 2010; Mike Shields signed ($164,900) as free agent on June 12, 2010; Mike Shields sold for $322,100 on July 16, 2010; René-Solomon Kacha (junior prospect) signed on July 16, 2010; Pius Tsheuma Songo’o released August 8, 2010; Didier N’gok Songo’o (junior prospect) signed on August 8, 2010
23-Mar-10Nacional CF1-0 Wfriendly
01-Apr-10North Pacific United2-0 W3rd
08-Apr-10at C.S. Napoli1-3 L7th
11-Apr-10at North Pacific United0-1 Lcup match
15-Apr-10FC Oder-Festung 19202-1 W5th
18-Apr-10North Pacific United5-1 Wcup match
22-Apr-10at Neon City0-1 L5th
25-Apr-10Scottoria FC4-2 Wcup match
29-Apr-10FC Craiova Sud2-2 D7th
02-May-10at Scottoria FC1-5 Lcup match
06-May-10at Vlaamsche Boerkens1-3 L7th
13-May-10Scottoria FC4-2 W5th
27-May-10Zemo City Avengers4-4 D6th
03-Jun-10at Dorpat Lions1-3 L7th
10-Jun-10at Nacional CF4-0 W5th
13-Jun-10at North Pacific United3-2 Wcup match
17-Jun-10Nacional CF3-1 W5th
20-Jun-10Zemo City Avengers0-2 Lcup match
24-Jun-10Dorpat Lions1-5 L5th
01-Jul-10at Zemo City Avengers0-3 L6th
15-Jul-10at Scottoria FC1-2 L7th
18-Jul-10at Vlaamsche Boerkens0-3 Lcup match
22-Jul-10Vlaamsche Boerkens1-2 L8th
25-Jul-10Vlaamsche Boerkens2-0 Wcup match
29-Jul-10at FC Craiova Sud0-3 L8th
05-Aug-10Neon City3-0 W8th
12-Aug-10at FC Oder-Festung 19200-3 L8th
19-Aug-10C.S. Napoli2-1 W7th
22-Aug-10Keville Athletic2-0 Wfriendly
26-Aug-10at North Pacific United1-1 D7th
Ricardo van DeinsenF1483111
Dakarai BaakoMF2437107
Ralf HandkeMF153690
Bernie ForbesF166280
Ernest EbedeMF223361
Hendrik van SchouMF132350
Benin NdiakoD174041
Dingiswayo NgwaneD234048
Pius Tsheuma Songo’oD152240
Desmond NghaamwaF93030
Einar SmarasonF132130
Anthony DavidsD2221312
Dean HankersMF200330
Ian SmithF42020
Sipho GriekwaF121120
Stanley MiesiedjanMF201010
Didier N’gok Songo’oD30110
Eugene TchamiD2201114
Wollo SchampaGK140001
Oskar DietzeGK90000
Tusker DoumbéGK70001
René-Solomon KachaMF50000
Gbeke TshwongaMF30000
Omar PoerwonjotoMF20000
Mike ShieldsMF20000

Nordreich Liga Season IVEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: René-Solomon Kacha released September 11, 2010; Noukeu Keita (junior prospect) signed on September 11, 2010; Ricardo van Deinsen retired on November 17, 2010
09-Sep-10at North Pacific United2-1 Wcup match
12-Sep-10at Keville Athletic2-3 L5th
16-Sep-10North Pacific United2-3 Lcup match
19-Sep-10Nacional CF5-1 W3rd
26-Sep-10at Neon City4-0 W2nd
03-Oct-10FC Oder-Festung 19204-1 W2nd
10-Oct-10at C.S. Napoli4-0 W2nd
17-Oct-10C.S. Napoli5-1 W2nd
24-Oct-10at FC Oder-Festung 19202-0 W2nd
31-Oct-10Neon City4-3 W2nd
07-Nov-10at Nacional CF2-1 W2nd
14-Nov-10Keville Athletic0-1 L2nd
Benin NdiakoD98198
Dakarai BaakoMF104487
Dingiswayo NgwaneD93257
Ernest EbedeMF93257
Stanley MiesiedjanMF111456
Ricardo van DeinsenF54040
Einar SmarasonF43140
Sipho GriekwaF63141
Noukeu KeitaMF83140
Ralf HandkeMF80446
Dean HankersMF82135
Hendrik van SchouMF80220
Desmond NghaamwaF61010
Eugene TchamiD101019
Bernie ForbesF60110
Anthony DavidsD90008
Wollo SchampaGK50002
Oskar DietzeGK40003
Didier N’gok Songo’oD40000
Tusker DoumbéGK30000

Nordreich Liga Season VEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Baxter Maye signed ($2,495,300) as free agent on November 17, 2010; Dean Hankers released November 18, 2010; Heinrich Heinz (junior prospect) signed on November 18, 2010; Einar Smarason sold for $322,100 on November 21, 2010; Lorenzo Wiebolt signed ($2,058,100) as free agent on November 30, 2010; Anthony Davids released January 5, 2011; Bay Carter (junior prospect) signed on January 5, 2011; Dakarai Baako released January 19, 2011; Willi Strijdom (junior prospect) signed on January 19, 2011
21-Nov-10Preussen Deutschland5-0 Wfriendly
25-Nov-10at Zemo City Avengers4-1 Wfriendly
27-Nov-10Vlaamsche Boerkens5-1 Wfriendly
01-Dec-10at Scottoria FC4-0 W1st
04-Dec-10at Scottoria FC2-0 Wcup match
08-Dec-10at Preussen Deutschland2-3 L5th
11-Dec-10Scottoria FC5-0 Wcup match
15-Dec-10at Keville Athletic2-1 W5th
18-Dec-10Zemo City Avengers1-3 Lcup match
22-Dec-10Vlaamsche Boerkens1-5 L6th
25-Dec-10at Zemo City Avengers1-3 Lcup match
29-Dec-10Zemo City Avengers4-2 W5th
05-Jan-11at Dorpat Lions1-4 L5th
12-Jan-11Nacional CF2-1 W4th
19-Jan-11at FC Festung-Oder 19202-1 W4th
26-Jan-11Neon City3-1 W4th
02-Feb-11at Neon City3-0 W4th
05-Feb-11Vlaamsche Boerkens0-2 Lcup match
09-Feb-11FC Festung-Oder 19201-0 W4th
16-Feb-11at Nacional CF0-2 L4th
23-Feb-11Dorpat Lions0-3 L5th
02-Mar-11at Zemo City Avengers1-3 L5th
09-Mar-11at Vlaamsche Boerkens2-6 L5th
12-Mar-11vs Dorpat Lions0-4 Lcup match
16-Mar-11Keville Athletic4-2 W5th
23-Mar-11Preussen Deutschland5-1 W5th
30-Mar-11Scottoria FC5-0 W5th
Ernest EbedeMF1665114
Dingiswayo NgwaneD2080814
Hendrik van SchouMF141781
Sipho GriekwaF146170
Desmond NghaamwaF125160
Baxter MayeF135160
Lorenzo WieboltMF215160
Noukeu KeitaMF133360
Stanley MiesiedjanMF172463
Ralf HandkeMF174152
Bernie ForbesF142351
Benin NdiakoD192354
Willi StrijdomD110220
Eugene TchamiD1502211
Didier N’gok Songo’oD101011
Dakarai BaakoMF40110
Bay CarterD90110
Heinrich HeinzMF130110
Tusker DoumbéGK100000
Oskar DietzeGK90000
Wollo SchampaGK80003
Anthony DavidsD30000

Nordreich Liga Season VIEdit

13-Apr-11Dorpat Lions3-5 L5th
16-Apr-11Keville Athletic3-0 Wcup match
20-Apr-11at Zemo City Avengers0-3 L6th
23-Apr-11at Keville Athletic1-3 Lcup match
27-Apr-11at Nacional CF3-1 W4th
30-Apr-11Dorpat Lions1-4 Lcup match
04-May-11at Keville Athletic3-2 W3rd
08-May-11at Dorpat Lions0-4 Lcup match
11-May-11Vlaamsche Boerkens4-1 W3rd
18-May-11at Vlaamsche Boerkens1-3 L3rd
25-May-11Keville Athletic5-1 W3rd
01-Jun-11Nacional CF2-1 W3rd
04-Jun-11vs Dorpat Lions2-3 Lcup match
08-Jun-11Zemo City Avengers5-1 W2nd
15-Jun-11at Dorpat Lions0-3 L3rd
Stanley MiesiedjanMF1337102
Ralf HandkeMF114592
Bernie ForbesF85381
Baxter MayeF74260
Dingiswayo NgwaneD134158
Benin NdiakoD102242
Sipho GriekwaF82133
Hendrik van SchouMF102131
Ernest EbedeMF101231
Noukeu KeitaMF101230
Desmond NghaamwaF82020
Lorenzo WieboltMF122020
Heinrich HeinzMF81010
Willi StrijdomD60110
Didier N’gok Songo’oD80110
Eugene TchamiD100113
Oskar DietzeGK70001
Bay CarterD60000
Wollo SchampaGK50000
Tusker DoumbéGK40001

Nordreich Liga Season VIIEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Didier N’gok Songo’o released June 21, 2011; Baas Jansens signed ($695,300) as free agent on June 22, 2011; Wollo Schampa released July 13, 2011; Walter Rasmussen signed ($278,600) as free agent on July 15, 2011
18-Jun-11Inverness Alba Rovers4-0 Wfriendly
22-Jun-11Dorpat Lions5-0 Wfriendly
25-Jun-11Zemo City Avengers6-1 Wfriendly
29-Jun-11Vlaamsche Boerkens6-0 W1st
02-Jul-11at Vlaamsche Boerkens3-0 Wcup match
06-Jul-11at Inverness Alba Rovers1-4 L3rd
09-Jul-11Vlaamsche Boerkens5-0 Wcup match
13-Jul-11Zemo City Avengers4-1 W2nd
16-Jul-11Inverness Alba Rovers3-0 Wcup match
20-Jul-11at Dorpat Lions0-3 L3rd
23-Jul-11at Inverness Alba Rovers2-3 Lcup match
27-Jul-11at Keville Athletic1-6 L5th
30-Aug-11Dorpat Lions1-1 Dcup match
03-Aug-11Keville Athletic4-2 W4th
06-Aug-11at Dorpat Lions1-5 Lcup match
10-Aug-11Dorpat Lions1-4 L5th
17-Aug-11at Zemo City Avengers2-3 L5th
24-Aug-11Inverness Alba Rovers4-2 W5th
31-Aug-11at Vlaamsche Boerkens5-1 W3rd
Noukeu KeitaMF1255100
Stanley MiesiedjanMF144592
Sipho GriekwaF107185
Hendrik van SchouMF114370
Dingiswayo NgwaneD1543710
Ernest EbedeMF121673
Baxter MayeF95160
Lorenzo WieboltMF150661
Eugene TchamiD1132511
Ralf HandkeMF143253
Baas JansensF72020
Bernie ForbesF102021
Heinrich HeinzMF101120
Benin NdiakoD141123
Willi StrijdomD80000
Oskar DietzeGK70001
Desmond NghaamwaF70000
Bay CarterD60000
Tusker DoumbéGK50000
Walter RasmussenGK40000
Wollo SchampaGK30000

Nordreich Liga Season VIIIEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Baxter Maye released October 26, 2011
03-Sep-11Valley Hillbillies4-1 Wfriendly
07-Sep-11at Zemo City Avengers1-3 Lfriendly
14-Sep-11Inverness Alba Rovers2-0 W3rd
21-Sep-11at Valley Hillbillies2-4 L3rd
28-Sep-11Zemo City Avengers4-2 W3rd
01-Oct-11at Valley Hillbillies3-0 Wcup match
05-Oct-11at Dorpat Lions0-4 L3rd
08-Oct-11Valley Hillbillies6-1 Wcup match
12-Oct-11at Keville Athletic0-2 L3rd
15-Oct-11Zemo City Avengers5-1 Wcup match
19-Oct-11Keville Athletic3-1 W3rd
22-Oct-11at Zemo City Avengers0-1 Lcup match
26-Oct-11Dorpat Lions3-1 W3rd
29-Oct-11vs Keville Athletic2-0 Wcup match
02-Nov-11at Zemo City Avengers0-5 L3rd
05-Nov-11vs Dorpat Lions2-3 Lcup match
09-Nov-11Valley Hillbillies6-0 W3rd
16-Nov-11at Inverness Alba Rovers2-0 W3rd
Sipho GriekwaF96394
Noukeu KeitaMF125490
Ralf HandkeMF143583
Desmond NghaamwaF65162
Stanley MiesiedjanMF142463
Heinrich HeinzMF103250
Benin NdiakoD142357
Ernest EbedeMF142351
Hendrik van SchouMF121451
Baxter MayeF63140
Lorenzo WieboltMF132240
Baas JansensF52020
Bernie ForbesF112022
Dingiswayo NgwaneD1611211
Bay CarterD80110
Eugene TchamiD130119
Oskar DietzeGK80003
Willi StrijdomD80000
Tusker DoumbéGK60001
Walter RasmussenGK40000

Nordreich Liga Season IXEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Waldemar da Costa (junior prospect) signed on December 10, 2011; Bay Carter released January 16, 2012; Mngomesotho Qwaqwa (junior prospect) signed on January 16, 2012
19-Nov-11at Zemo City Avengers3-7 Lfriendly
30-Nov-11Valley Hillbillies6-0 W1st
03-Dec-11at Keville Athletic2-0 Wcup match
07-Dec-11at Inverness Alba Rovers2-1 W2nd
10-Dec-11Keville Athletic1-1 Dcup match
14-Dec-11Keville Athletic3-0 W2nd
17-Dec-11Zemo City Avengers3-0 Wcup match
24-Dec-11at Zemo City Avengers2-4 Lcup match
28-Dec-11Dorpat Lions1-4 L3rd
31-Dec-11Dorpat Lions1-1 Dcup match
04-Jan-12at Zemo City Avengers1-3 L3rd
07-Jan-12at Dorpat Lions0-5 Lcup match
11-Jan-12at Langston F.C.2-5 L3rd
18-Jan-12Langston F.C.6-1 W3rd
21-Jan-12Dorpat Lions5-3 Wcup match
25-Jan-12Zemo City Avengers5-2 W3rd
28-Jan-12at Dorpat Lions1-5 Lcup match
01-Feb-12at Dorpat Lions0-5 L3rd
15-Feb-12at Keville Athletic1-1 D3rd
22-Feb-12Inverness Alba Rovers6-0 W3rd
29-Feb-12at Valley Hillbillies3-1 W3rd
Benin NdiakoD19110158
Ernest EbedeMF1655103
Noukeu KeitaMF1646105
Hendrik van SchouMF133471
Sipho GriekwaF116062
Stanley MiesiedjanMF172465
Baas JansensF95050
Desmond NghaamwaF124150
Heinrich HeinzMF140550
Bernie ForbesF123144
Dingiswayo NgwaneD1831416
Lorenzo WieboltMF151340
Ralf HandkeMF160224
Waldemar da CostaF51010
Willi StrijdomD91011
Eugene TchamiD1710111
Oskar DietzeGK100001
Mngomesotho QwaqwaD70000
Tusker DoumbéGK60001
Walter RasmussenGK50000
Bay CarterD40000

Nordreich Liga Season XEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Waldemar da Costa sold to The Frogs for $255,000 on March 3, 2012; Cliff Winfield signed ($290,000) as free agent on March 4, 2012; Tusker Doumbé sold for $1,871,016 on March 6, 2012; Eric Ngassam (junior prospect) signed on March 6, 2012; Lorenzo Wiebolt released March 6, 2012; Niklaas McCarthy signed ($1,638,400) as free agent on March 8, 2012; Sipho Griekwa released March 28, 2012; Dahomey Idrissou (junior prospect) signed on March 28, 2012; Dahomey Idrissou released April 9, 2012; Djambek Tchuem Mshonga (junior prospect) signed on April 9, 2012
10-Mar-12at Zemo City Avengers1-3 Lfriendly
14-Mar-12Moenchengladbach5-2 W2nd
17-Mar-12Keville Athletic4-0 Wcup match
21-Mar-12at Langston F.C.3-2 W3rd
24-Mar-12at Keville Athletic4-3 Wcup match
28-Mar-12Keville Athletic5-1 W3rd
31-Mar-12Dorpat Lions2-1 Wcup match
04-Apr-12Nederland6-3 W3rd
07-Apr-12at Dorpat Lions2-4 Lcup match
11-Apr-12Zemo City Avengers2-1 W2nd
18-Apr-12at Dorpat Lions1-1 D2nd
25-Apr-12at The Frogs3-1 W1st
28-Apr-12Nederland5-0 Wcup match
02-May-12The Frogs6-0 W1st
05-May-12at Nederland3-0 Wcup match
09-May-12Dorpat Lions3-1 W1st
12-May-12Dorpat Lions1-3 Lcup match
16-May-12at Zemo City Avengers1-4 L2nd
19-May-12at Dorpat Lions1-5 Lcup match
23-May-12at Nederland4-3 W1st
30-May-12at Keville Athletic1-2 L2nd
06-Jun-12Langston F.C.7-0 W2nd
13-Jun-12at Moenchengladbach4-1 W2nd
Noukeu KeitaMF19138213
Ernest EbedeMF1548122
Desmond NghaamwaF1583112
Bernie ForbesF1482100
Ralf HandkeMF1882103
Stanley MiesiedjanMF1955105
Heinrich HeinzMF1846100
Hendrik van SchouMF185380
Benin NdiakoD184488
Dingiswayo NgwaneD1835813
Willi StrijdomD160550
Baas JansensF144040
Eric NgassamMF121340
Niklaas McCarthyF92130
Cliff WinfieldMF91230
Sipho GriekwaF22020
Eugene TchamiD1702212
Oskar DietzeGK130004
Mngomesotho QwaqwaD80000
Walter RasmussenGK50000
Djambek Tchuem MshongaGK40000
Dahomey IdrissouD10000

Nordreich Liga Season XIEdit

20-Jun-12at Zemo City Avengers3-5 LFriendly
23-Jun-12at Keville Athletic2-1 WFriendly
27-Jun-12at Keville Athletic3-1 W2nd
30-Jun-12at Moenchengladbach3-2 Wcup match
04-Jul-12Moenchengladbach3-1 W2nd
07-Jul-12Moenchengladbach2-1 Wcup match
11-Jul-12at Dorpat Lions1-3 L3rd
14-Jul-12Zemo City Avengers2-3 Lcup match
18-Jul-12Langston F.C.7-0 W2nd
21-Jul-12at Zemo City Avengers0-5 Lcup match
25-Jul-12Zemo City Avengers4-2 W1st
01-Aug-12at Zemo City Avengers2-4 L3rd
08-Aug-12at Langston F.C.5-0 W1st
15-Aug-12Dorpat Lions3-2 W1st
22-Aug-12at Moenchengladbach3-1 W1st
29-Aug-12Keville Athletic5-0 W1st
Noukeu KeitaMF1384127
Hendrik van SchouMF1347112
Desmond NghaamwaF108193
Dingiswayo NgwaneD1243712
Stanley MiesiedjanMF144372
Heinrich HeinzMF111560
Benin NdiakoD135056
Niklaas McCarthyF82240
Cliff WinfieldMF51120
Ernest EbedeMF91121
Eric NgassamMF91120
Eugene TchamiD101127
Ralf HandkeMF111122
Willi StrijdomD80220
Baas JansensF80110
Bernie ForbesF100000
Oskar DietzeGK70000
Mngomesotho QwaqwaD60000
Walter RasmussenGK50000
Djambek Tchuem MshongaGK30000

Nordreich Liga Season XIIEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Mngomesotho Qwaqwa sold for $1,752,072 on September 27, 2012; Jimmy McIntyre signed ($496,200) as free agent on September 28, 2012
01-Sep-12Zemo City Avengers4-2 Wfriendly
08-Sep-12Wolfpacks Wanderers5-1 Wfriendly
12-Sep-12Wolfpacks Wanderers2-0 W3rd
15-Sep-12at Langston F.C.6-0 Wcup match
19-Sep-12FC Limburg4-0 W2nd
22-Sep-12Langston F.C.7-0 Wcup match
26-Sep-12at Langston F.C.6-1 W2nd
29-Sep-12Zemo City Avengers2-0 Wcup match
03-Oct-12Moenchengladbach3-1 W2nd
06-Oct-12at Zemo City Avengers1-2 Lcup match
10-Oct-12at Keville Athletic2-1 W2nd
13-Oct-12at Dorpat Lions1-2 Lcup match
17-Oct-12Dorpat Lions5-1 W2nd
20-Oct-12Dorpat Lions1-2 Lcup match
24-Oct-12at Zemo City Avengers3-1 W1st
31-Oct-12Zemo City Avengers3-2 W1st
03-Nov-12at Moenchengladbach3-2 Wcup match
07-Nov-12at Dorpat Lions3-3 D1st
10-Nov-12Moenchengladbach4-3 Wcup match
14-Nov-12Keville Athletic2-0 W1st
17-Nov-12at Keville Athletic2-0 Wcup match
21-Nov-12at Moenchengladbach4-0 W1st
24-Nov-12Keville Athletic2-0 Wcup match
28-Nov-12Langston F.C.6-0 W1st
01-Dec-12Zemo City Avengers2-1 Wcup match
05-Dec-12at FC Limburg4-0 W1st
08-Dec-12at Zemo City Avengers3-3 Dcup match
12-Dec-12at Wolfpacks Wanderers3-1 W1st
Desmond NghaamwaF20133168
Benin NdiakoD23114158
Noukeu KeitaMF22871511
Stanley MiesiedjanMF2486149
Hendrik van SchouMF18410143
Ralf HandkeMF2376139
Baas JansensF1784120
Bernie ForbesF1891105
Ernest EbedeMF173471
Heinrich HeinzMF193361
Dingiswayo NgwaneD2033619
Eugene TchamiD2123516
Cliff WinfieldMF111340
Willi StrijdomD130330
Niklaas McCarthyF102020
Eric NgassamMF141120
Mngomesotho QwaqwaD30110
Jimmy McIntyreD90110
Oskar DietzeGK140005
Walter RasmussenGK60000
Djambek Tchuem MshongaGK60000

Nordreich Liga Season XIIIEdit

22-Dec-12at Moenchengladbach2-2 Dfriendly
26-Dec-12Golden Valley FC2-0 W4th
29-Dec-12at Golden Valley FC2-0 Wcup match
02-Jan-13Langston F.C.6-1 W2nd
05-Jan-13Golden Valley FC2-1 Wcup match
09-Jan-13at Wolfpacks Wanderers4-1 W2nd
12-Jan-13at Wolfpacks Wanderers2-0 Wcup match
16-Jan-13Keville Athletic6-0 W1st
19-Jan-13Wolfpacks Wanderers6-0 Wcup match
23-Jan-13at Moenchengladbach1-3 L2nd
26-Jan-13at Zemo City Avengers 2-2 Dcup match
30-Jan-13Dorpat Lions0-3 L3rd
02-Feb-13Zemo City Avengers5-0 Wcup match
06-Feb-13at Zemo City Avengers1-3 L4th
09-Feb-13at Hells Cargo6-3 Wcup match
13-Feb-13Zemo City Avengers4-2 W4th
16-Feb-13Hells Cargo5-2 Wcup match
20-Feb-13at Dorpat Lions3-5 L4th
23-Feb-13at Zemo City Avengers1-2 Lcup match
27-Feb-13Moenchengladbach6-1 W3rd
02-Mar-13Zemo City Avengers1-1 Dcup match
06-Mar-13at Keville Athletic2-0 W3rd
14-Mar-13Wolfpacks Wanderers6-0 W3rd
27-Mar-13at Hells Cargo4-0 W3rd
03-Apr-13at Golden Valley FC2-0 W3rd
Noukeu KeitaMF231282011
Benin NdiakoD20105159
Desmond NghaamwaF1695144
Ralf HandkeMF2195145
Stanley MiesiedjanMF2194137
Heinrich HeinzMF1646103
Hendrik van SchouMF1846100
Bernie ForbesF155381
Niklaas McCarthyF135271
Dingiswayo NgwaneD2243718
Ernest EbedeMF183360
Eric NgassamMF101450
Baas JansensF173033
Cliff WinfieldMF121120
Eugene TchamiD2002210
Oskar DietzeGK110001
Willi StrijdomD110000
Jimmy McIntyreD100000
Walter RasmussenGK70000
Djambek Tchuem MshongaGK70000

Nordreich Liga Season XIVEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Bernie Forbes released June 5, 2013; Nigel Niapat signed ($81,800) as free agent on June 6, 2013; Kurt Thompson signed ($97,700) as free agent on June 23, 2013; Benni Maasie (junior prospect) signed on June 23, 2013
17-Apr-13Hells Cargo5-0 W2nd
20-Apr-13at Hells Cargo6-1 Wcup match
24-Apr-13at Keville Athletic4-0 W1st
27-Apr-13Hells Cargo6-0 Wcup match
01-May-13Zharr Nagrund Ziggurats5-1 W1st
04-May-13Zemo City Avengers7-0 Wcup match
11-May-13at Zemo City Avengers3-0 Wcup match
15-May-13Dorpat Lions2-1 W2nd
18-May-13at Dorpat Lions0-3 Lcup match
22-May-13at Zemo City Avengers1-5 L2nd
25-May-13Dorpat Lions2-3 Lcup match
29-May-13at Golden Valley FC1-0 W2nd
05-Jun-13Golden Valley FC7-0 W2nd
08-Jun-13Zemo City Avengers5-0 Wcup match
12-Jun-13Zemo City Avengers2-3 L2nd
15-Jun-13at Zemo City Avengers3-2 Wcup match
19-Jun-13at Dorpat Lions3-3 D2nd
22-Jun-13Golden Valley FC2-0 Wcup match
29-Jun-13at Golden Valley FC2-0 Wcup match
03-Jul-13at Zharr Nagrund Ziggurats3-0 W2nd
06-Jul-13Dorpat Lions1-0 Wcup match
10-Jul-13Keville Athletic6-0 W2nd
13-Jul-13at Dorpat Lions3-3 Dcup match
17-Jul-13at Hells Cargo6-2 W2nd
Noukeu KeitaMF231672315
Heinrich HeinzMF1889175
Baas JansensF15124166
Stanley MiesiedjanMF2159149
Hendrik van SchouMF1865113
Cliff WinfieldMF1038110
Benin NdiakoD17641010
Dingiswayo NgwaneD2154917
Desmond NghaamwaF166283
Ernest EbedeMF183470
Niklaas McCarthyF94262
Ralf HandkeMF161565
Bernie ForbesF73250
Eugene TchamiD200448
Jimmy McIntyreD82130
Nigel NiapatF71010
Willi StrijdomD111010
Eric NgassamMF121010
Oskar DietzeGK120005
Djambek Tchuem MshongaGK70000
Walter RasmussenGK50000
Benni MaasieD30000
Kurt ThompsonD30000

Nordreich Liga Season XVEdit

24-Jul-13at Vinland Berserkers5-0 Wfriendly
27-Jul-13at Zemo City Avengers2-6 Lfriendly
31-Jul-13at Vinland Berserkers4-1 W4th
07-Aug-13FC Craiova Sud6-0 W1st
14-Aug-13at Keville Athletic6-0 W1st
17-Aug-13at Vinland Berserkers4-1 Wcup match
21-Aug-13Hells Cargo5-0 W1st
24-Aug-13Vinland Berserkers5-0 Wcup match
28-Aug-13at Golden Valley FC2-0 W1st
31-Aug-13at Zharr Nagrund Ziggurats1-0 Wcup match
04-Sep-13Zharr Nagrund Ziggurats4-1 W1st
07-Sep-13Zharr Nagrund Ziggurats5-1 Wcup match
11-Sep-13at Dorpat Lions1-3 L2nd
14-Sep-13at Dorpat Lions3-2 Wcup match
21-Sep-13Dorpat Lions3-3 Dcup match
25-Sep-13Zemo City Avengers2-1 W2nd
02-Oct-13at Zemo City Avengers0-5 L2nd
16-Oct-13Dorpat Lions3-1 W3rd
19-Oct-13at Dorpat Lions2-3 Lcup match
23-Oct-13at Zharr Nagrund Ziggurats4-1 W2nd
26-Oct-13Dorpat Lions0-0 Dcup match
30-Oct-13Golden Valley FC4-1 W2nd
06-Nov-13at Hells Cargo6-3 W2nd
13-Nov-13Keville Athletic6-0 W2nd
20-Nov-13at FC Craiova Sud6-1 W2nd
27-Nov-13Vinland Berserkers4-1 W2nd
Noukeu KeitaMF231382111
Cliff WinfieldMF1187150
Heinrich HeinzMF1768144
Stanley MiesiedjanMF2076139
Benin NdiakoD1893125
Ralf HandkeMF16210123
Baas JansensF1855107
Ernest EbedeMF2155100
Desmond NghaamwaF179094
Eric NgassamMF116060
Niklaas McCarthyF154262
Hendrik van SchouMF192463
Nigel NiapatF93250
Dingiswayo NgwaneD2231416
Eugene TchamiD201345
Willi StrijdomD141010
Jimmy McIntyreD90110
Oskar DietzeGK110000
Walter RasmussenGK90001
Djambek Tchuem MshongaGK60000
Kurt ThompsonD50000
Benni MaasieD40000

Nordreich Liga Season XVIEdit

  • ROSTER TRANSACTIONS: Ron Florence signed ($654,800) as free agent on December 3, 2013; Benni Maasie released December 3, 2013; Stone Oluwa Yabeme signed ($357,200) as free agent on February 3, 2014

Nordreich Liga Season XVIIEdit


Press ReleasesEdit

Nordreich Liga Season IEdit

SEPTEMBER 26, 2009 - Transvaal gets third X11 club

Cape Town is home to Transvaal’s newest X11 club as NVK Kaapstad Hornets joins the newly-formed Nordreich Liga. The new club is managed by Bartnel Botha, who also handles operations for the Transvaal Springboks in Liga Mundo and Windhoek Welwitschia of the Vedder League.

On the pitch, the Kaapstad Noordryksevoetbalklub (NVK) will be lead by a trio of familiar faces famous in Transvaler football:

Ricardo van Deisen previously played five seasons in Liga Mundo. One of the greatest forwards to play for Transvaal, Van Deisen retired after the Transvaal Springboks won the Liga Mundo championship in Liga Mundo Season 5 and as the club’s all-time leading scorer. However, when he heard about Mr. Botha’s newest venture to establish the Nordreich Liga, Van Deisen allowed himself to be coaxed out of retirement to help out his old boss.

Dakarai Baako led Transvaal in the UCFA Champions League tournaments but failed to catch on with either Transvaal Springboks or Windhoek Welwitschia. He is now attempting a comeback with Kaapstad and this time around it looks like he will stick as the speedster is currently top of the depth chart on the Hornet's midfield line.

Also from the old UCFA Champions League Springboks squads is goalie legend Tafadzwa Masamba in net. It has been some time since “Taffy” has suited up but is expected to regain his old prowess between posts. One of his duties will be to help train future keepers for the Hornets such as newcomer Oskar Dietze.

The Hornets have two pre-season friendlies scheduled before the season commences. On Wednesday they host The Scimitars and then travel to Nordenstrom United the following Saturday.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 - Exhibition matches this week

On Wednesday, Nordreich Liga action kicks off when The Scimitars travel to Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town to take on the NVK Kaapstad Hornets in an exhibition match.

While the Hornets have been unsuccessful in acquiring a much needed freekicker off the transfer marker, Manager Homer has had The Scimitars hard at work with player training to prepare for the upcoming match.

Both squads feature fairly decent defensive lines but the Hornets hold an edge in goalkeeping while The Scimitars have a slight edge in the attack. Neither squad looks particularly strong for midfield depth although speedster Dakarai Baako will be key for the Hornets while Alladin Abdul-Sami is the offensive go-to man for The Scimitars.

On Saturday, the Hornets travel to Johann Schmidt Stadium to meet Nordenstorm United in another exhibition tilt. The regular league and Nordreich Cup schedules will be announced on Saturday, October 2nd with play expected to get underway the following Wednesday.

OCTOBER 18, 2009 - Recent signings

During the past three weeks of October, NVK Kaapstad has continued to re-tool their roster with player cuts and signings.

“We were dealt a pretty awful squad during the league expansion draft in September” commented Manager Bartnel Botha, “so it is going to take some time to get this club to anywhere we need to be to become competitive. We could have taken the road which Nordenstrom and Northern Reich have gone with picking up talented veterans in the twilight of their careers, however I’ve always been more focused on building for the future as I wouldn’t want to go through all this again in a few seasons as players started to retire.”

“We acquired two quality juniors from our youth programme, Eugene Tchami and Mosely Nlend Wome. While Wome is more of a project player that will require around three seasons to get into starter shape, Tchami automatically walked on as third or fourth in our defensive depth. To find a junior player that good is a lucky break.”

Recent acquisitions include Jaouad Nasser, Bernie Forbes, and Otto Getzlaf. Nasser is a likely a stopgap player for our weak midfield while the two others are most probably long-term keepers on the roster. Manager Botha did not rule out further changes. “We need to do something to address our impotent offense. Apart from Van Deinsen, we have no one who can provide regular points although Forbes has been performing far above expectations.”

OCTOBER 31, 2009 - Hornets bow out of Nordreich Cup

Despite outplaying Northern Reich for ball possession and bombarding keeper Hillo Maalepp with 9 shots on net, NVK Kaapstad Hornets dropped a 2-1 decision at Greenpoint Stadium and were knocked out of the Nordreich Cup. The match was a repeat result of Northern Reich’s first win in the semi-final round.

Anton Kruuv and Arved Lokko scored for the visitors while Ricardo van Deinsen potted home the lone goal for the Hornets. Goalkeeper Tafadzwa Masamba was lost early to a major injury and a cold Oskar Dietze was unable to deal with Northern Reich’s few offensive chances, allowing in 2 of their 3 attempts. At the other end of the pitch, Reich’s keeper Hillo Maalepp was a wall against the Hornets’ attackers and accumulated an 89% average on saves.

Kaapstad dominated the X11 squad for the second round of cup ties with five player selections however Reich manger St6mm walked away with the manager honours for his impressive performance to advance to the finals despite the apparent odds in today’s match.

The Nordreich Cup finals will feature high-flying Nordenstrom United versus Northern Reich. The first match will take place next Saturday with the final leg on November 14.

NOVEMBER 8, 2009 - Hornets sign Namibian forward prospect

Kaapstad Hornets made a couple of unexpected roster changes this morning when injured veteran goalkeeper Tafadzwa Masamba was released so that Manager Bartnel Botha could sign promising junior prospect Desmond Nghaamwa.

“We lost Masamba to a nasty injury in our last cup match against Northern Reich and he would be out for our next four or five matches. While I would have kept him on, when Desmond Nghaamwa suddenly came on our scouting radar, he was just too good to pass up on despite us having a real glut of young forward prospects.”

“In the past month we have been most fortunate in acquiring two junior youngsters who will potentially evolve into quality players in two or three seasons. Last month we signed chippy speedster Sipho Griekwa, who we are grooming to take over freekicking duties when Izmir Jejaz is not available, and now comes Desmond, who hails from Namibia and very fast and adept at heading the ball. Combine these two with Harald Heidrich and Bernie Forbes acquired off the transfer wire and we now have the core future of attack for the next 10 or so seasons.”

NOVEMBER 19, 2009 - Hornets sign Ngwane from Springboks

Kaapstad Hornets boosted their defense today by acquiring 19-year-old Dingiswayo Ngwane from the Transvaal Springboks. While toiling as a prospect-in-training during two campaigns with the Springboks, Ngwane is expected to step in and make an immediate impact with the Hornets.

“I’m really looking forward to playing alongside Eugene Tchami, one of the hardest working young fullbacks in the whole Nordreich Liga” said an excited Ngwane.

The Zulu youth will bring a booming shot and calming, steady demeanor to the Hornets’ fullback corps. With Kaapstad generally weak up front, the league’s strongest defense will need to carry the rest of the squad most match days and, as he told the press today, Dingiswayo Ngwane “relishes the prospects of becoming a leading player both on this team and in the Nordreich Liga.”

NOVEMBER 29, 2009 - Hornets advance to Baron Zemo Cup final

Kaapstad Hornets handily defeated FC Noordrijk to advance to the Baron Zemo Open Cup finals. Nordreich Cup champions Nordenstrom United also advanced to the finals with a 4-0 drubbing of league leaders Scottoria FC. The Hornets now find themselves in the position of definite underdogs against a squad they have yet to walk away with a victory against Nordenstrom.

The match was much closer on the scoreboard than what it appeared on the pitch as NVK Kaapstad fielded a hodge-podge squad consisting of veterans and prospects. Sipho Griekwa gave the Hornets an early lead with his breakaway goal just two minutes into the match but it took the favourites another 74 minutes to bag their second tally when former Transvaal Springboks legend Ricardo van Deinsen headed the ball past a dazed Noordijk keeper Eric Hoekstra from a dangerous Eugene Tchami corner kick.

Kaapstad then scored their third goal when Hoekstra was beat yet again on a cornerkick set-play in the 82nd minute when Tchami connected the ball to Van Deinsen, who then deftly fed a waiting Izmir Jejaz to tap in. Otto Getzlaf assisted on the opening goal by Griekwa.

At the other end of the field, Hornets keeper Oskar Dietze faced just 3 shots while his opposite Hoekstra was 50% on saves from Kaapstad’s six attempts.

Nordenstrom United and NVK Kaapstad Hornets will faceoff on December 5 in what most observers are predicting to be a Nordenstrom walk-over with the Hornets outclassed for talent in all positions except defense – in which the Transvalers hold a distinct advantage despite their high goals-allowed during league play. The Hornets also dominate in player form across the board in the entire league and that will be critical if they are to have any chance breaking down the Nordreich Cup champions.

DECEMBER 2, 2009 - Overconfident Hornets choke to Noordrijk

An overconfident Kaapstad squad struggled today against FC Noordrijk, dropping a surprise 2-1 decision at Greenpoint Stadium. As Manager Botha explained after the final whistle, “two things went wrong for us today: First, we completely underestimated Noordrijk and overestimated our ability going into the match. We expected them to roll over and not put up a fight - so a squad utilising quite a few second-stringers and prospects was field. And secondly, unfortuanetly we saw very poor form throughout and crashed out in the second half. Our goalkeeping was abysmal. It was simply one of the worst outings by us all season long.”

DECEMBER 5, 2009 - Baron Zemo Cup remains in Nordenstrom

Despite almost an hour of play with an advantage in numbers, NVK Kaapstad Hornets were unable to pull off an upset comeback to defeat favourites Nordenstrom United for the Baron Zemo Open Cup.

“We played our hearts out with one of our best line-ups and efforts to date, but we simply could not get the ball past their keeper Hélio Ferraz” commented an exasperated Manager Bartnel Botha.

Nordenstrom took an early 2 goal lead after beating Hornets goalkeeper Oskar Dietze first on a penalty shot and then nine minutes later on a corner set-play. They then ran into some serious trouble when their lone forward in their 5-4-1 fromation, Herman Ólafsson, received a red card and was sent off in the 36th minute. Prospect forward Desmond Nghaamwa got the Hornets on the scorecard just minutes into the second half when Dakarai Baako set him up for a breakaway one-on-one to beat Ferraz. But Kaapstad were unable to find the equalizer despite outplaying Nordenstrom for the remainder of the match.

“I knew we would be in hard against them, going into the match, but when they saw their red card from Referee Laura Norder, we really needed to exploit opportunities like that and make the most of them – which we failed to capitalise on.”

With the two cup runs over for the season, the league and its teams can start to focus on the final five weeks and the horserace which has unfolded in the standings.

A single goal is all that separates Nordenstorm United and Scottoria from first place, with Northern Reich tied for points (19) with Nordenstrom and Scottoria despite not registering any league losses yet but stuck in third place on account of its greater number of draws. Kaapstad Hornets are close behind in fourth place with 16 points but a bungled loss at home this week versus FC Noordrijk has probably destroyed any hopes of stealing the championship.

Looking at ahead at the remaining schedule, two big money matches remain: the December 16 meeting between Nordenstrom United and Scottoria which will be critical in breaking the deadlock between the two leading sides, and the December 26 tilt between Northern Reich and the Hornets in which the visiting Hornets need the three points if they are to have any remote chance of moving up the table and finish better than fourth place.

Nordreich Liga Season IIEdit

JANUARY 10, 2010 - Hornets strengthen in goal

Manager Bartnel Botha released forward Harald Heidrich today to make room for goalkeeper prospect Tusker Doumbé, stating that “a quality keeper like Tusker is a rare find and we would be fools not to sign him.”

Heidrich was Kaapstad’s first-ever free-agent signing but club expectations of him deflated after his less than impressive progress report yesterday.

“We thought he would have increased noticeably in skill during the off-season but he failed to live up to my expectations. We already have a glut of young forwards all looking for playing time now in the shorter season, so he became expendable.”

When asked if the Hornets had any further roster changes in store, Manager Botha replied that “after last season’s merry-go-round with 31 players signed at some point and using 27 players, I am planning to consolidate more this season and pretty much stick with who we have now.”

“It’s possible the injury-prone Jaouad Nasser may be moved, as I currently have him listed on the transfer wires, but apart from him I like the squad we have. Nasser was simply brought in as a short-term stop-gap measure so the fact we are trying to move him now should be no surprise.”

JANUARY 15, 2010 - More changes in goal

After going on record that the Hornets roster was set for the season, Manager Bartnel Botha pulled off a sudden and unexpected acquision when he signed John Reynolds as Kaapstad’s fourth goalkeeper. The logjam in net won’t last for too long however as Mosely Nlend Wome is on his way out after the club recived an offer for him on the transfer wire. He is expected to depart on this Sunday.

Wome played 8 matches last season for Kaapstad Hornets, pulling off an impressive 77% save average albeit against weaker teams – however after the promotion of the talented Tusker Doumbé last week from the junior squad, it appeared that Wome’s playing time would see a reduction.

While most clubs carry two keepers, the Hornets have generally used a three-man rotation so that high form compensated for deficiencies in talent in the Hornets very young netminding corps. John Reynolds was an opportune signing which all but consigned Wome to demand a transfer out of the club.

“Despite his age, Reynolds will bring a coolness and sense of leadership that Wome – or any of our other keepers – don’t have. Our goalkeepers as a group are very young and granted we do suffer some matches because of that, but give them two seasons to develop and we will have build a solid the foundation for the following five to seven seasons.”

JANUARY 29, 2010 - Hornets blank champions

Kaapstad Hornets bagged their first win of the regular season in style, shutting out Liga champions Scottoria FC 2-0 at Greenpoint Stadium. The solid victory propelled 4 Hornets on to the X11 Team for Week 3 and garnered Bartnel Botha the manager of the week honours for Liga 1.

“For some reason, we dominate Scottoria when we play in Cape Town” commented Manager Botha as the post-game media scrum. “I think today we simply wanted the win more than they did, they looked somewhat flat out there”.

Ian Smith opened the scoring for the Hornets in the 13th minute with a header off the set-play; captain Dean Hankers picked up the assist after Ralf Handke, making his debut with the club since being acquired a few days ago, deftly fed him the ball from his corner kick. Then in the second half, penalty kick point-man Dingiswayo Ngwane boomed the ball home past a dazed Trevor McAlinden.

While ball possession was almost split evenly between the teams, Kaapstad had 9 opportunities on net compared to just 4 for the defending champions. Scottoria did not see a shot on net until the second half after the Hornets had already had fours tries. Goalkeeper Oskar Dietze played impressively after a slow start this season and had a career match while Anthony Davids picked up his third X11 selection of the season, leading all fullbacks in the Liga.

FEBRUARY 24, 2010 - Liga' best defense just got stronger

NVK Kaapstad Hornets, who have the strongest defense in the entire Nordreich Liga, got even stronger today with the promotion of impressive 19-year-old junior prospect Benin Ndiako.

“We are extremely pleased with the signing of Ndiako. Our junior scout had originally informed us he was a 5-bar talent – but once we signed him, and actually got to see him suit up and run some practice trials with the senior squad, turns out he is actually a 6-bar player,” said an overjoyed Manager Bartnel Botha at today’s post-training media conference.

The signing of Ndiako meant that unproductive fullback Nbeko Sokoto was released by the club. Sokoto was one of seven original Hornets from their initial roster but had very little to show for after 18 matches with the club. It also means that Kaapstad now has two impressive, young freekickers in Benin Ndiako and midfielder Ralf Handke once Izmir Jejaz hangs up the boots.

“The troika of Ndiako, Ngwane, and Tchami will provide a formidable backbone for our defense for many, many future seasons” said Botha.

Nordreich Liga Season IIIEdit

MARCH 22, 2010 - New sweaters for Hornets

Manager Bartnel Botha unveiled new sweaters for NVK Kaapstad Hornets this morning. Gone are the yellow short-sleeve jerseys with the black diagonal stripe, replaced with the new Killer Bees long-sleeve look.

“With most of the Nordreich Liga teams based in the colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere, our players wanted something a little warmer. We also wanted to accentuate our nickname and what better way than to look like a bunch of bumblebees out on the field?” joked Manager Botha during the press conference.

The new look will debut tomorrow at Greenpoint Stadium when the Hornets host expansion team Nacional CF in a friendly.

MARCH 29, 2010 - Roster changes at Greenpoint Park

Kaapstad Hornets have been busy recently in the transfer market, signing veteran goalkeeper Wollo Schampa for a $4,000,000 contract while releasing midfielder Izmir Jejaz. With four goalkeepers currently onboard, John Reynolds is expected to get the cut after showing signs of only minimal improvement. And with the release of Jejaz, promising midfielder Stanley Miesiedjan was promoted from the junior squad.

“Reynolds we will keep floating on the transfer lists until a quality junior prospect comes along, at which time we will release him if he hasn't sold by then.”

With a group of very young keepers, the Hornets have struggled the past two seasons keeping their goals-against down despite possessing the best defensive corps in the Liga.

“Oskar Dietze and Tusker Doumbé will really benefit from having Wollo Schampa around to lend his expertise – and by the time the veteran keeper is really to retire or move on, Dietze and Doumbé will be in a much stronger position to resume their starting duties. We plan to go with Wollo as our starter while taking a more nutured developmental attitude with Oskar and Tusker – who admittedly have been thrown to the wolves the past two seasons.”

While the defense is set in stone and there appears to be little movement planned for the attacking line, fortifying the midfield now becomes Manager Botha’s priority.

“With the style and system we play, our midfielders were suffering a lot last season from fatigue – so we will probably look to bring onboard someone in their mid- to late-20s to fill the gap which has been open since we sold Jaouad Nasser last season. Promoting Miesiedjan will definitely help in the fitness aspect, but we still need a more experienced presence apart from Hankers and Baako – as they cannot do everything. Most games Baako is finding himself being shadowed pretty closely so we need to create more distractions to free him up.”

APRIL 26, 2010 - “An ugly win but we’ll take it”

Despite being down a midfielder for an hour, a short-manned Kaapstad Hornets managed to battle back from a 2-1 deficit to steal victory from the jaws of defeat in an impressive 4-2 win against a largely lacklustre Scottoria FC.

“The win was quite a surprise as all matches against Scottoria FC are tough. We entered the game missing our two best midfielders (Baako and Hankers) and then lost Gbeke Tshwonga to a red card after just thirty minutes. So we were down to two midfielders. However, our defence held fast and combined nicely with our attack to scrape ourselves back into the game.

All four of Kaapstad’s goals came from up-and-coming prospect players. Two goals from Benin Ndiako and his dangerous set-play free-kicks to beat Scottoria keeper Rusty Meredith and two goals from speedy forward Desmond Nghaamwa, set up by veterans Darakai Baako and Ricardo van Deinsen.

Despite the tenacious effort, Manager Botha was his usual cautious self during the post-game media conference:

“Today was our best result this season, but truth is our midfield is looking atrocious right now from injuries, suspensions, and overall poor form and we are still struggling n net, none of our keepers have played anywhere close to their full potential this season” said Manager Botha, although his observation omitted an impressive, career outing by third keeper Tusker Doumbé in the season opener which garnered him his first-ever X11 spot – generally a rare occurrence for goalkeepers not named Hillo Maakepp.

“On the plus side, our vaunted defense is performing at 120% effort this season.”

MAY 1, 2010 - Avenger now a Hornet

Zemo City Avengers and NVK Kaapstad Hornets completed the Nordreich Liga’s first intra-league transfer today with 26-year-old forward Einar Smarason sold to the Hornets for $1,400,000.

Smarason played in 11 matches and scored 3 goals for the Nordenstrom club over the duration of two and a half seasons and is now expected to step in and make an immediate impact with the Hornets after Ian Smith was released earlier in the day.

“While we lose some of the toughness that Ian Smith brought, with Smarason we now get some youth combined with extra speed and a bolstering of our set-play squad” explained Manager Botha.

AUGUST 7, 2010 - After Songo’o… another Songo’o

Veteran fullback Pius Tsheuma Songo’o – who suffered a major injury in Kaapstad Hornet’s last match which will see him miss almost the remainder of this season – has agreed with club management to retire so that his nephew Didier N’gok Songo’o can be promoted from the junior team to take his place.

The elder Songo’o played 34 matchs over three seasons with Kaapstad. The dependable but unremarkable fullback played mostly in a substitute role the last two seasons and provided mentoring to the Hornets’ three up-and-coming star African defenders, Tchami, Ngwane, and Ndiako. He scored 2 goals and 6 assists during his career - with his 2 goals coming only this season.

His 17-year-old nephew Didier, like him, hails from the Republic of Congo-Brazzaville and is eager to step into his uncle’s shoes and have a long career in the Nordreich Liga with the Hornets.

“I am really looking forward to playing alongside Tchami, Ngwame, and Ndiako – those guys are idols to many of us young players in Africa.”

Nordreich Liga Season IVEdit

SEPTEMBER 12, 2010 - Dejected Hornets drop Liga 2 debut

After enduring the ignominy of being the first and so far only Liga 1 team to suffer relegation in the Nordreich Liga, NVK Kaapstad Hornets looked to make a big impression in their opening match in Liga 2 as Nordreich Liga Season IV commenced this morning. Unfortunately expansion side Keville Athletic had other plans and did not follow the script.

“Going into today’s match, Manager Botha had instructed us not to take them lightly – and ending up on the wrong side of a 3-2 game taught us all why our manager indeed respects the new kids on the block,” said a dejected midfield general Dakarai Baako. “In our pre-game preparations, we had been watching recent game-tape between Transvaal Springboks and Keville United in the hopes to anticipate how Athletic may play out.”

“I knew full well today that this would probably be our most important match of the season,” said Manager Bartnel Botha. “They have good off-field leadership and management and with the game played on the road, we had to come out strong. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish them off and I think we let up in injury time when some of our guys probably thought a draw would be a satisfactory result. This loss could well have ramifications for us at the end of the season.”

While the Hornet’s defense and midfield played outstanding (garnering 7 spots on the X11 Team) it was the same old story in net and up front: inconstant goalkeeping and uninspired play from the forwards glaringly reinforced by the fact that fullbacks set up the Hornet’s two goals – although Benin Ndiako was playing up on the midfield line.

OCTOBER 29, 2010 - Van Deinsen retires from pro soccer

Ricardo van Deinsen announced his retirement from professional soccer this past weekend. He played his final Nordreich Liga match for NVK Kaapstad Hornets on October 17, a 5-1 victory over C.S. Napoli in which Van Deinsen his 25th and final goal as a Hornet, a deft header just seconds before the half-time whistle.

Ricardo began his playing career with Transvaal Springboks of Liga Mundo in that league’s very first season as one of the club’s original signings. Wearing jersey #10, he played for five seasons and led the Springboks to their first Liga Mundo championship and became one of the club’s most prolific forwards and led the Springboks in scoring in Liga Mundo Season 3 and was routinely in the top five for team scoring most other seasons. He was named Forward of the Season by club management in Liga Mundo Season 5.

Soon after winning the Primera title, at the age of 30, he announced his retirement. At the time of his final match for Transvaal on June 8, 2009, he was second on the club in most matches played (84) and led the club in most career points (45) and most career goals (34).

Van Deinsen is also to date still the only Transvaal Springboks player to have played in all four positions on the field - including two victories in net as an emergency substitute goalkeeper in which he never conceded a goal.

Three months later, he would then come out of retirement when Bartnel Botha coaxed him to sign with the brand new NVK Kaapstad Hornets of the Nordreich Liga. During the course of four seasons with the Hornets, he increased his professional goal-scoring total to 59 and played a combined total of 128 matches in X11 soccer. His best seasons in Nordreich Liga were his first two campaigns as injuries began to take their toll on the veteran great by the time Nordreich Liga Season IV rolled around. Despite battling chronic injuries in Nordreich Liga Season III, he lead the club in scoring.


NOVEMBER 17, 2010 - Awards dinner at Heia Safari Social Club

Noordryksevoetbalklub Kaapstad Hornets held its post-season awards ceremony and club dinner last night at the Heia Safari Social Club. The following awards were handed out by club management in recognition of player achievement during Nordreich Liga Season IV:

  • Player of the season Benin Ndiako
  • Goalkeeper of the season Wollo Schampa
  • Fullback of the season Benin Ndiako
  • Midfielder of the season Dakarai Baako
  • Forward of the season Ricardo van Deinsen
  • Prospect/Rookie of the season Noukeu Keita
  • Most Improved Player Benin Ndiako
  • Golden Boot award Benin Ndiako (8)
  • Assists Leaders Ralf Handke, Stanley Miesiedjan, & Dakarai Baako (4)
  • Points Leader Benin Ndiako (9)

In Nordreich Liga 2 merit awards, three Hornets received recognition:

  • Stanley Miesiedjan 3rd most assists (4 assists) in Season IV (Liga 2)
  • Benin Ndiako 1st most goals (8 goals), 2nd MVP (8 Xpert Elevens), and 3rd most points (9 points) in Season IV (Liga 2)
  • Eugene Tchami 3rd MVP (7 Xpert Elevens) in Season IV (Liga 2)

Nordreich Liga Season VEdit

NOVEMBER 19, 2010 - Dakarai Baako to hang up his cleats

Manager Bartnel Botha confirmed today that midfielder and former UCFA Champions League great Dakarai Baako had given notice that he would retire at the conclusion of the upcoming Nordreich Liga Season V.

One of the first bonafide stars of Transvaler soccer, Baako began his playing career for Transvaal in the UCFA Champions League 1 in October 2007. After the UCFA competition folded in April 2008, he briefly signed with a domestic club in PDSAR and played a handful of matches there. He then retired from soccer and went into national politics and was elected to the post of African paramount chief from May to November 2008.

Baako came out of retirement and resumed his playing career with Windhoek Welwitschia of the Vedder League in January 2009 but was released after just 1 match. He then signed with Transvaal Springboks of Liga Mundo but only lasted 3 games with the team, scoring one goal before he was let go in May 2009.

He finally returned to his previous form when he signed with NVK Kaapstad Hornets in September of 2009. While older Transvaler fans still have fond memories of him starring in the UCFA, to the younger generation of fans Baako is only known for his playing exploits and leadership with the Hornets.

“Baako was fundamental in getting the Hornets off the ground” commented Manager Botha.

To date, Baako is the only player to suit up for all three professional clubs in Transvaal as well as play in the three CNRP tournaments (UCFA, FIFOB Alliance Cup, and Transvaal World Cup) – a feat that can never be repeated.

DECEMBER 2, 2010 - Hornets shake things up

Facing a return to Liga 1 in Nordreich Liga Season V, the retirement of Ricardo van Deinsen, and the subsequent announcements that key veterans Dakarai Baako and Anthony Davids would also be following Van Deinsen’s footsteps at the end of Season V, Manager Bartnel Botha did not wait long to begin the unenviable task of retooling the Kaapstad Hornets for the upcoming season.

The day following Van Deinsen’s official retirement, Dean Hankers – who had captained the Hornets since their debut – was released. Inside sources tell us that the aging Hankers had been edged out by strong performances and improvement during Season IV by Stanley Miesiedjan and phenom youngster Noukeu Keita. Along with Handke and Ebede thrown into the mix, and Hankers found himself too far down the depth chart for management to retain his services.

Another underperforming player who also soon got the boot was Einar Smarason – the former Zemo City signing who had been brought in a couple of seasons ago. With a bevy of freekickers and not enough playing time on the forward line, Smarason’s lacklustre production was deemed expendable. His transfer move earnt the club just over R1,000,000 from signing fees.

The Baako and Davids retirements then threw a wrench into the gears – as Nordreich Liga’s youngest team would be getting younger but needed to find some sort of veteran ability for their up-and-coming core. It was a new dilemma for Hornets, who had scorned pursuing veteran signings instead to build their future on prospects.

“Our problem was: who was going to lead all these kids?”

To solve that hurdle, Manager Botha then went looking for some players who could fill that role for the short term. “We needed a couple of vets in their late 20s who would be immediate starters and worthwhile retaining for a few seasons but could also contribute as well. That was why we did not keep Hankers, he had dropped below our starting midfield line – so he was not going to get any better.”

On the attack, Baxter Maye was brought on board to fill the spots opened up by Van Deinsen and Smarason while Lorenzo Wiebolt was signed on as Baako’s eventual replacement.

“Baxter Maye came to our attention from one of our scouts who recommended him while Wiebolt was someone we came across on the transfer wire. Even though we found out Wiebolt’s agent was overrating him, we put in a lowball offer just on the chance – and in a bit of good fortune for us, we ended up getting him. We have yet to see Maye play a full competitive game as a starter but he brings a lot of offensive play options to keep the opposing keeper guessing. Wiebolt has Baako’s speed and ability but adds a calming dimension to our midfield game with his coolness under pressure. He’d also make a good alternative for penalty spot kick duties when Dingiswayo Ngwane is out of the line up.”

DECEMBER 30, 2010 - Anthony Davids to retire against Dorpat

Kaapstad Hornets fullback Anthony Davids will play his final Nordreich Liga game next week against Dorpat Lions. Despite being named co-captain alongside Eugene Tchami, the 55-game veteran has only played in two matches this season and has been struggling to keep up his game shape to respectable form.

“My body has given up, it’s now time to hang up the cleats,” said the 35-year-old fullback. But before doing so, he will put them on for one more go against the Nordreich Liga champions.

“Manager Botha has asked me to start against Dorpat next week due to the suspension handed out yesterday to Dingiswayo Ngwame. After that, I’ll then make room for someone new.”

Nordreich Liga Season VIIEdit

Hornets new logo
new Hornets logo
BothaAdded by Botha

JUNE 19, 2011 - New Hornets logo

Club management of NVK Kaapstad Hornets introduced this morning the new team logo – replacing the original C-Bee emblem in use since Season I.

“We had been wanting to update our look for the past couple of seasons. We love our current Killer Bees kit design but felt the emblem could use some revamping. I have always been fond of the Wolverhampton Wanderers crest and so we looked towards that for some inspiration,” explained Manager Bartnel Botha during the press conference.

JUNE 22, 2011 - Boss signs with Hornets

Didier N’gok Songo’o was released yesterday after insufficient progress was made during the previous season.

When he came onboard in Season III as a replacement for his uncle Pius Tsheuma Songo’o, it appeared that the younger Songo’o had a lot of potential but in the subsequent four seasons he failed to improve within the expectations of the club despite a generous amount of playing time. His fate was sealed when Willi Strijdom – another player who had been fighting to secure a permanent roster spot on a defensive line thick with talent – was able to overtake Songo’o in development.

This morning, promising 18-year-old forward Baas (‘Boss’) Jansens was signed from amateur side Western Cape Rovers for R695,000 rand paid out in transfer fees with the Transvaal Voetbalsvereniging.

“While we have been struggling with the age issue on our roster, our coaching staff felt it was time to bring in a new youngster for our attack to get a head-start on moulding a future replacement for Baxter Maye when the veteran decides to hang up the cleats”, explained Manager Bartnel Botha.

In other news, Hornets shocked Dorpat Lions 5-0 in a friendly match this morning at Greenpoint Stadium. Club management was pleased with the result but said that 'things are always different in the regular season'.

Nordreich Liga Season VIIIEdit

OCTOBER 22, 2011 - Hornets win Nordreich Cup

Today the Kaapstad Hornets became the first-ever Transvaler football club to win a cup championship when they defeated Zemo City Avengers in the Nordreich Cup finals by an aggregate result of 5-2. The Hornets had taken the first leg 5-1 at Greenpoint Stadium and then managed to keep the Zemo City comeback to a lone goal in the rematch at Martyrs Field.

Nordreich Liga Season XEdit

MARCH 28, 2012 - Injuries take toll on Sipho

Sipho Griekwa, a veteran of 10 seasons with Kaapstad Hornets, has been released by the club after suffering yet another major injury, this time during the recent Keville Athletic match. The 29-year-old product of the Hornets junior programme has endured a chronic string of major injuries throughout his career, with at least one occurrence in the past four seasons.

“It was a tough decision to make, but Sipho has been plagued with injuries and his unreliability was starting to affect the rest of our forward line in terms of throwing off development and planning their playing time. With him now out 3 to 4 weeks, we simply cannot afford that kind of distraction,” commented Manager Bartnel Botha.

Griekwa is the third-highest scorer in the club and its leading goal-scorer – but his production ability has never truly been realised due to his frequent battle with the medical kit.

Nordreich Liga Season XIEdit

AUGUST 29, 2012 - Botha named Manager of the Season

CAPE TOWN DAILY MAIL NEWS: On the heels of Kaapstad Hornets' first-ever league championship, Manager Bartnel Botha picked up his his first-ever Manager of the Season award after earning 4 X11 Manager selections during the course of the season.

Baron Zemo (Zemo City Avengers) and TiffCab (Moenchengladbach) earnt up 2 Manager selections and St6mm (Dorpat Lions) and Kevinho00 (Keville Athletic) earnt 1 selection during the ten weeks of Season XI.

In a somewhat surprising move, considering the Hornets are known to play a particularly tough brand of football, Kaapstad also collected the Commissioner Botha Fairlplay Bowl for most sportsmanlike team (least bookings) during the season.

Check back with the Cape Town Daily Mail News tomorrow when the Nordreich Liga All-Star Team is announced along with the Liga MVP selection. Finalists for MVP are rumoured to be Golden Boot goalscorer Mathew “Big Game” Hunt and Hornet's captain Dingiswayo Ngwane.

Nordreich Liga Season XIIEdit

DECEMBER 5, 2012 - Hornets repeat as Liga champions

Kaapstad Hornets clinched their second Nordreich Liga title yesterday on the heels of a 4-0 victory at FC Limburg. Next up is the showdown against the Zemo City Avengers in the second leg of the Cup of Good Hope tournament finals.

In an unusual twist of fate, Zemo City go into the match classed as the ‘home’ team despite the tournament finals being hosted by Kaapstad at Greenpoint Stadium.

The Hornets took the first leg 2-1 in a clash between the onslaught of the Kaapstad offense and stingy Avengers defensive game. Despite the one-goal loss, Zemo City actually had a better conversion rate for goals.

The rematch should prove to be one of the classic matches of this season – as the Hornets will want to cap off their league title with the trophy that bears their name, while the never-say-die Zemo City Avengers will no doubt be gunning for a victory as a consolation prize for losing out on the regular season title.

Kaapstad will then close out the season against expansion side Wolfpacks Wanderers - a match that has little ramifications except pride. Pundits are expecting to see a reserve line-up out for that match.

Player MeritsEdit

  • Dakarai Baako 1st most assists (8 assists) in Season I (Liga 1); 2nd most points (13 points) in Season I (Liga 1)
  • Sipho Griekwa 2nd most bookings (4 yellow cards) in Season VI (Liga 1); 3rd most sending offs (1 red card) in Season IX (Liga 1)
  • Ralf Handke 3rd most sending offs (1 red card) in Season III (Liga 1)
  • Heinrich Heinz 3rd most assists (6 assists) in Season XIV (Liga 1)
  • Noukeu Keita 3rd most points (15 points) in Season X (Liga 1); 3rd most goals (10 goals) in Season X (Liga 1); 2nd most goals (8 goals) in Season XI (Liga 1); 3rd most points (10 points) in Season XI (Liga 1); 2nd most goals (10 goals) in Season XIV (Liga 1); 3rd most points (15 points) in Season XIV (Liga 1)
  • Stanley Miesiedjan 3rd most assists (4 assists) in Season IV (Liga 2); 1st most assists (6 assists) in Season VI (Liga 1); 3rd most bookings (4 yellow cards) in Season VI (Liga 1)
  • Benin Ndiako 1st most goals (8 goals) in Season IV (Liga 2); 2nd MVP (8 Xpert Elevens) in Season IV (Liga 2); 3rd most points (9 points) in Season IV (Liga 2)
  • Eric Ngassam 2nd most bookings (5 yellow cards) in Season XII (Liga 1)
  • Desmond Nghaamwa 3rd most goals (7 goals) in Season XI (Liga 1); 3rd most goals (10 goals in Season XII (Liga 1)
  • Dingiswayo Ngwane 1st MVP (10 Xpert Elevens) in Season IX (Liga 1); 2nd MVP (10 Xpert Elevens) in Season X (Liga 1); 1st MVP (9 Xpert Elevens in Season XI (Liga 1); 2nd MVP (11 Xpert Elevens in Season XII (Liga 1); 2nd MVP (11 Xpert Elevens in Season XIII (Liga 1)
  • Eugene Tchami 1st most sending offs (2 red cards) in Season I (Liga 1); 3rd MVP (8 Xpert Elevens) in Season II (Liga 1); 3rd MVP (7 Xpert Elevens) in Season IV (Liga 2); 1st MVP (7 Xpert Elevens) in Season VII (Liga 1)
  • Lorenzo Wiebolt 3rd most bookings (5 yellow cards) in Season IX (Liga 1)

Youngest and oldest playersEdit

  • Youngest: (16) Heinrich Heinz was promoted from the junior squad, aged 16, prior to the start of Season V. Noukeu Keita (midfielder) joined the team, aged 16, as a junior prospect during Season IV. Ron Florence was signed at age 16 by the club at the start of Season XVI. Currently the youngest player on the roster is midfielder Ron Florence, who is 17 years-old.
  • Oldest: (36) Eugene Tchami and Ernest Ebede.

"Zero Heroes" Edit

The following players were signed by the club as part of their expansion roster but never participated in a competitive match.

Charly Braaf M 21-Sep-09 30-Sep-09
Jimmy Horb D 21-Sep-09 01-Oct-09
Kiran Reiziger M 21-Sep-09 01-Oct-09
Winston Plato F 21-Sep-09 15-Oct-09

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