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General Information Edit

Narbondy is the nation ruled by Lady Ariana. The Nation of Narbondy currently resides in the red sphere and under the rule of the New Pacific Order. The nation itself sits deep in the heart of Antarctica and its chief exports are Rubber and Water. The nation is made of Russian inhabitants and currently boasts more than twelve thousand working citizens and a nation strength just over six thousand. Founded on September twenty seventh the nation is now over one hundred days old.

International History Edit

Lady Ariana first participating in the alliance known as the Notorious Freedom League (NFL). This alliance however disbanded shortly after her arrival and Lady Ariana went to the Mighty Armed States of Honor (M*A*S*H). While in M*A*S*H, Lady Ariana quickly rose in the ranks and soon became their Foreign Affairs Officer. After successfully leading the alliance in foreign affairs for over a month, however, Lady Ariana stepped down and left the alliance for the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (GATO). GATO, however, was not in a style Lady Ariana favored and she quickly left to join her current alliance the New Pacific Order. After residing in the NPO for a short while, she left to join the Mushroom Kingdom which she proudly calls her home.

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