The National Enterprise of Red Federations (NERF) is a small, neutral alliance in CN Tournament Edition. It believes in the protection of its members over all.

Charter Edit

We, the nations of NERF, the National Enterprise of Red Federations, agree to follow the laws made by our founders and defend our brethren from all whom oppose them.

Article A- Leadership Edit

Section I- The Emperors Edit

The two Emperors are first and foremost the leaders of the Enterprise. When stepping down, they must choose a successor to take their place. They may nominate members for election in the Imperial Council.

Section II- The Imperial Council Edit

The Imperial Council will consist of ten members elected by the members of NERF. They will be in charge of diplomacy, war strategy, and deciding on major actions, if not vetoed by an Emperor.

Article B- Expulsion Edit

Any one nation or group of nations may submit the notion to expel a member. All members of NERF may vote as to the member’s fate. If 60 percent of votes agree to the expulsion of the member, the member will be expelled from the Enterprise unless pardoned by both Emperors.

Joining Edit

To join visit: and request membership after you have registered.

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