National Liberation Party
of J Andres
FoundedJanuary 1985
DissolvedOctober 2090
Party FounderAalee Aragi
Official colors      Green

The National Liberation Army and the National Liberation Party of J Andres are a terrorist organization with the goal of liberating J Andres from its government and living in a "city-state" environment. The National Liberation Party is the legal side of the Army and tries to accomplish some of its means politically. The Party has a few seats in the Commune.

The National Liberation Army uses terrorist means to try to accomplish its goals. Most of the time this occurs through bombings of government buildings or kidnapping attempts on government officials. The National Liberation Army has also assassinated Former Minister of War and Defense, Woodrow Kissinger and Former President of the J Andres Federation of Atlantic States, Julio Duclos.

The National Liberation Army wants J Andres to be ruled by "Community Communism" with no national or regional oversight. They want the Anchor to be abolished, along with all forms of currency, so that communities operate strictly on a bartering system. They want everyone to work for the good of the community and in turn the community will provide for the workers.

The National Liberation Army fundraises for its criminal activites by dealing weapons to other terrorist organizations throughout the world. The National Liberation Army has been known to incite similar Armies in other nations.

In the 2052 elections, the National Liberation Army saw it's greatest support in the western regions of J Andres. Many citizens in that region were tired of the constant changing of the governments in the region and were especially tired of Endor Cuidad. The separatists were divided into two camps, those that wished to be annexed into Vinsalia who generally supported the Communist Party and those who wanted self government, who favored the National Liberation Army.

In 2084, the National Liberation Army saw a huge swell of support from those opposed to the Grand Mexican War. As such, the party earned 19 seats in the Commune, it's largest delegation in a generation. Party Chairman, David Bowen, sought to normalize the party to gain further acceptance with the electorate.

In 2090, the National Liberation Army disbanded its formal political operation.;

Successful AssassinationsEdit

  • Woodrow Kissinger, June 16, 1985, Minister of War and Defense
  • Julio Duclos, December 12, 2007, President of the J Andres Federation of Atlantic States