This alliance has disbanded as of June 28, 2010. More information is available here.
National Liberation Front

Flag of the National Liberation Front

War Flag of NLF
War Flag of the National Liberation Front
NLF Motto: TBD
Team Color Red team Red
Founder(s) deSouza, Fadeev, subcomandante Marcoz, Bones, Chairman Vasily, Alziz, Merlo
Founded March 8, 2010


  • Chairman:
  • Comandante:
  • Advocate:
International relations

AllianceStats Statistics as of 9 March 2010

Total Nations 7
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 45,998
Nukes 110
Score 1.16
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The National Liberation Front is an alliance and a movement, built on the principles of national self determination, anti-imperialism and righteous warfare. All its members have a discipline based on political consciousness; they have come together and they fight not for the private interests of a few individuals or a narrow clique, but for the interests of the broad masses and of the whole world. The sole purpose of this alliance is to stand firmly with the people of digiterra and to serve them whole-heartedly.


Constitution of the National Liberation Front

The Constitution of the National Liberation Front is the system of fundamental laws and principles that prescribes the nature, functions, and limits of the alliance.


Recently founded, based on leftist members of different alliances getting together and creating their own.

Political StructureEdit

The Political Structure of the National Liberation Front is outlined in the Constitution. It is divided into three distinct Councils and four distinct ranks, which have different functions, rights and duties (the councils normally check on each other), culminating at the Central Committee; the supreme authority on NLF governance. Interaction and relationships with other alliances is maintained by the Secretariat (or the Central Committee in a state of exception), and the Advocate in particular.

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