Capital Waimanalo Beach
Formation 5/22/2006
Alliance Affiliation Purge
Nation Team white
Official Languages English
Government Monarchy
Head of State strungout
Religion Jainism
Currency Euro
Statistics as of 9/25/2007
Infrastructure 7,119.99
Literacy Rate 100.00%
Tax Rate 30%
Tot. Area 3,938.638 miles diameter
National Strength 7,173.129
Nation Rank #60 of 30,584 nations
Tot. Population 123,082
Gross Income $427.45
Natl. Resources water, wine

nationalvania A remarkably productive nation for its location in Hawaii. Home to the world-famous sub sandwiches and vinyards, nationalvania is a favorite place for tourists and refugees alike.

nationalvania has sustained itself for 491 days as of 9/25/2007 and is showing no signs of slowing progress. A veteran fighter of four major wars on Planet Bob, including Great Wars I and II, the War of Retribution and the most recent Unjust War.

nationalvania has been a cornerstone of several alliances. beginning with its rise in Exion during the formative stages and becoming a power player in the Global Organization for Liberty and Defense during the merger. After leaving due to differences in ideals, nationalvania ably founded the Purge alliance, which soon merged with Golden Sabres because of the close bond each shared. after a brief stint there, the nation went on to be a strong member of the \m/ (pronounced >_< or awesome) alliance where the people were welcomed and made numerous friend which remain to this day.

however, with the unfortunate circumstances that surrounded \m/ nearing the end of the Unjust War, nationalvania re-founded the Purge alliance and plans to remain there until death.

a nation built on leadership, character and pride, nationalvania remains one of the strongest and most revered nations on planet bob.

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