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Nations United is a small alliance that is currently run by lebtiger. Nations United is a peaceful alliance that tries to avoid conflict where possible.

Charter Edit

Joining InstructionsEdit

Please Fill In the Blank Spaces Provided and Post Them on the Nations United Forum

I ___________ ruler of __________ hereby swear loyalty to Nations United. I will help the alliance grow using all the power and influence I have in Cyber Nations. In time of need I will not fail to ask for assistance or assist a Nations United member in need. I will not declare war on Nations United members or break the Cyber Nations Terms and Conditions. I will not join any other alliance while I am a member of Nations United.

Please Submit The Following: -Nation Name -Nation Ruler -Resources

Please Change: -Alliance Affiliation to ‘Nations United’ -Team Color to ‘Red’


The Following Is In Order Of Rank

  1. President
  2. War Minister
  3. Ministers
  4. Treasurer
  5. Senators

  1. The President is the head of the alliance; he/she cannot be over ruled. The President has the power to terminate alliance membership.
  2. The War Minister is head of alliance wars, he/she can declare on an alliance or nation with the President’s approval.
  3. Ministers help the President in making important decisions that affect all members of the alliance. Ministers also present arguments for and against policies.
  4. The Treasurer is in charge of all transactions involving the alliance. He/she make decisions on if the alliance will aid nations in time of need. All transactions need the approval of the President.
  5. Senators help the president make important decisions. Senators do not have as much authority as Ministers.

Terms of TerminationEdit

If a Nations United member posts offensive content on the Nations United forum they will get a warning. After three warning the offender will have their Nations United membership terminated immediately and the forum account will be permanently banned.

If a Nations United member breaks the CN Terms and Conditions they will be immediately have their membership terminated and their forum account will also be banned.


All Nations United member have rights, if you believe you have been wrongfully terminated you may appeal the ban by send the President an email explaining your actions.

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