Origins Edit

NOADS was formed from several members of the Powerful Alliance of Green Nations as a refuge for members of PAGN since PAGN had disbanded.

Criticisms Edit

NOADS was critisized for having no Charter, Forums, or proclaimed leader. The defacto leader of NOADS said,

"NOADS has no government. It is a state of controlled anarchy. It appears that since everybody is leaving PAGN, the rest of us just want protection and want to rule our nations. The critisism from others is insane, we simply want to rule our nations and have fun".

NOADS has also been critisized for attacking nations who are unaligned and half their size. Their most destructive incident however, was the A-CLASS FIELDS (see below).

A-CLASS FIELDS incident Edit

A new nation buy the name of A-CLASS FIELDS recieved massive aid payouts and managed to reach 1700 Nation Strength within only a few days. He then attacked several the nations of Ethatopia and Untied Doucette, members of the NPO, and made vulgar statements about TrotskysRevenge, Emperor. The nation was soon pounded and lost over 300 infrastructure in one day. It deleted itself and created a new nation nation named SUPER FIELDS. This involves NOADS because he was once a member and recieved huge amounts of aid from NOADS, and NOADS was held accountable. According to rwormuth,

"NOADS never expected an incedent like this. We are sorry to have helped aid this nation, but note that this was PRIOR to the incident. It is sad to see that others take the law into their own hands and attack the innocent nations of NOADS. I am utterly disgusted by their conduct."

The End of NOADS Edit

While multiple complaints were made about nations holding NOADS accountable, peace was never declared with them and the nations in NOADS were utterly destroyed. rwormuth deleted his nation and recreated it. Several people still claim to be former NOADS.

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