Native America
The Imperial Seal of Native America
Nationalist Libertarian
Updated May 16, 2006
Capital Cherokee
Defacto Languages English, German
  • Nationalist Libertarian
The Council of Liberty
National Religion
Team Red
Formation February 12, 2006
National Strength 1,090.171
 • Total

137.658 mile diameter.
 • Civilians
 • Military

1,926 Citizens
477 Soldiers
33 ELves
Currency Dollar

History Edit

Formed after the fall of the United States of America, Native America is a collection of the few remaining ' pure' Native Americans. They sought to reclaim their land lost to them by the foriegn invaders of long ago. But, with a large population of Ethnic Germans running from the chaos in Europe, they were accepted as citizens and their ideals and customs put into the culture. Native America grew to be a major power in the south east of the former United States, and fields one of the most powerful militaries. On May 10, 2006, Native America was attacked by the ODN state of Captain_2. This blatent grabbing of land sent Native America into a state of chaos, but with the help of the NPO the invaders were pushed out and Native America secured its place as a formitable power.

Wehrmacht Edit

Number of Soldiers:644
Number of Panzers:00

Seats of Goverment Edit

Chancellor: Shane Rose

Minister of Wehrmacht: Romney Ozma

Minister of Public Relations: Katrina Wulf

Minister of Foriegn Relations: Adolf Himmler

Flag Custom36

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