Greater Neapolitan Empire vs. Great Eight Nations Empire
Conflict: "Neapolitan-Global Conflict"
Date: January 31rst 1998-September 1rst 2008
Result: Short-lived Neapolitan Empire Victory. Neapolitan Empire collapses. Disbanment of G8 empire. World is colonized by Neapolitans. Occupation of Imperial Fire Nation motherland. World Treaty signed by Rebel leader Deas Caesar and Imperator Salvatore Caesar.




Great Eight Empire



  • Neapolitan Rebels

The Neapolitan-Global Conflictwas a international military conflict and split the majority of the world nations into two opposing military alliances.: The Greater Neapolitan Empire and the G8 powers. Spanning over the entire world this war has caused the death of over 330 million people.
---The war involved the mobleization of over 700 million military soldiers and forced all of those who participate into a total war. Which caused the nations to devote all available resources for the purpose of the war effort. The war also was one of the most expensive wars and introduced several new military advancements such as the: Hovering tank, Flting Battleship, Self controlled cruise missiles, etc. Due to the armed forces being spread thin the large global Neapolitan Empire collapse and was vulnerable to invasions. The G8 powers suffered great losses in soldier count and land and fell due to the collapse of its nations economics. As a result both powers were forced to cease fire and end the war.

Course of the WarEdit


Conflict in EuropeEdit

Events prior to WarEdit

The War expandsEdit

Islamic conflictEdit

Invasion of AsiaEdit

Neapolitan Empire and RussiaEdit

African ColonisationEdit

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