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The Neo Fascist Aggression Movement is an alliance created by jakew, FTIII, and MikeLOhioPB. It will one day rise to power as the most prominent alliance in Cyber Nations.

Ambition Edit

The members of the Neo Fascist Aggression Movement are all about ambition. If you have ambition, you should join the Neo Fascist Aggression Movement. Seriously, who plays this game to be friendly? Be honest, we all know you want to conquer the world.

Laughing Edit

You may laugh at us now, but one day, we'll have nukes. We will achieve global recognition and honor.

Mike Lengen Edit

Quotes by our Minister of Peace: "World domination is the lesbian sister of ambition" "We own nubs" "I had a good comeback for that, but I left all my come back in YMV"

Jake Wearsch Edit

Jake is our Minister of Foreign Relations, also known as Führer, or Imperial Chancellor. He uses Cyber Nations as practice for what he will one day domination.

Freddie T Edit

Fred heads the Ministries of Truth, Plenty, and Love, also known as Minitrue, Miniplenty, and Miniluv. He organizes trade, aid, bribes, and extortion.

Join Edit

To join, send a message to user jakew, ruler of Democropolis.

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