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Neo Russia
The Neo Russian Flag Representing Neo-Communism
Political Party:
Capitol Beleznikovograd
Official Languages Russian, English
  • Imperialistic
National Religion
The peoples of Neo Russia are very committed to a single religion
Team Black
Alliance SIN
Formation May 13, 2006
National Strength 1,418.472
World Ranking 3449
 • Total

170.237 mile diameter
 • Civilians
 • Military

1,838 Citizens
985 Soldiers
Currency Rouble
 • Connected
Lead & Rubber
Fish, Cattle, Gold, Sugar, Wine, Lumber

Neo RussiaEdit


Neo Russia was created on May 13, 2006 by a colonist of the Motherland, Deselekov Kodei. Eventually, the Colony started to succeed and thrive with power. Kodei then decided that the former colony of Russia, would now be assumed as the country of Neo Russia. That was when the nation began to get many Russian immigrants who now make up 91% of the population. Foreign relations started to begin, especially with Neo Deutschland.


The government of Neo Russia is an Imperialistic setting. It is a modern form of Imperialism that believes in The citizen also has many rights based off of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.


The Tsar of Neo Russia started the colony in former Green Bay, Wisconsin. The extremely small city was named Beleznikovograd, which eventually became its capitol city. Neo Russia has now expanded to a much greater land area.

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