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Neu Deutschland
ND Flag-1
The National Flag of Neu Deutschland
Political Party:
Capital Erlangen
Official Languages German, English
Government Totalitarian
National Religion Christianity
Team Maroon
Alliance Nordreich
Formation August 3, 2006
National Strength 7,000
World Ranking 833
 • Total

625.511 mile diameter
 • Civilians
 • Military

3,768 Soldiers
Currency Mark

Early DaysEdit


Neu Deutschland was intially formed by the overthrow of the previous democratic German government. The revolution was led by Kodei Meanore, soon to be known as Führer Kodei. As Führer Kodei took control of the state, he moved the Capitol to Erlangen, and renamed the nation Neu Deutschland symbolizing a new beginning for the German citizens.


The government of Neu Deutschland is much related to that of the Nazi empire. A totalitarian, national socialist nation that doesn't accept inferior races, and especially declines relations to the muslims and blacks.


The religion of Neu Deutschland is Christianity. No other religions are tolerated as the government believes Christianity is the only way of life. The government of Neu Deutschland is not hostile towards other religions, however does not allow anyone into the nation.

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