The ruler of Italian Yankees, and the master of all awesome.


The name NewYY1 comes from shortening this sentence. "The New York Yankees are number 1. In the early days Anthony, "no last name will be given, thank you," used this name to sign up on message boards. Following learning about the option to change the screenname, Anthony changed all, or most, his message board names to Anthony. Today, NewYY1 uses the name only for online games.

Online GamesEdit

CyberNations with MaRPG2K2)


Nintendo Wi-FiEdit

Nintendo DSEdit

Animal Crossing Friend Code: 2921-3039-6767

Mario Kart DS: 1375-0117-6085

Metroid: 5197-6403-0068

Pokemon Diamond Friend Code: 4081-1971-9209

Tetris DS: 1270-7718-7033

Nintendo Wii: 3461-1707-1223-5969Edit

Guitar Hero 3 Friend Code: 0301-7942-3747

Madden 2008 Screen Name: MaRPG2K2

Pokemon Battle Revoultion: 2062-6201-3481

X-Box LiveEdit

A different name will be used upon start of the X-Box live subscription, but down the line NewYY1 will be used.

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