New Athens is the largest city (by population and size) and capital of Templuria. It is the birthplace of many Templurian presidents. It is the national center of business, finance, fashion, medicine, entertainment, media and culture in Templuria and is recognized around the world for it's fantastic monuments, historical landmarks, and clean environment.

Founding of New AthensEdit

During a period of mass genocide and civil war in Greece, refugees from around the country swarmed to rural areas. A small town was founded by local farmers. This town would one day become New Athens.

newathenspreindependencsj4.png New Athens before it's independence in Templuria.

The Seat of GovernmentEdit

The government of Templuria is based in New Athens and many government buildings are located in the city. The government takes much pride in it's majestic structures.

The New Athens PartyEdit


The Tri-Building, home of the New Athens Party

The New Athens Party is the main political party in Templuria. It is named for it's headquarters in the city of New Athens. The party was the first in existance and created the base of Templurian Politics. It was founded by Magnum T. Gundraw of the Gundraw Dynasty.

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