New Banana Republic
The Flag of New Banana Republic
Make more babies, people.
Capital Port Monk Key
Official Languages Gibberish
  • Transitional
Party Day July 26, 2006
 • Total

189.071 mile diameter (25 Sep. 06)
 • Civilians
 • Military

3,263 Men, Woman, Children (25 Sep. 06)
659 Soldiers (25 Sep. 06)
National Animal The Intelligent Monkey
  • Gross Individual
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate: 97.61%
Currency 1 Dong (Dong) = 100 Dingles
 • Connected
Fish & Spices
Cattle, Pigs, Water, Wine, Gems, Rubber, Sugar, Iron

History Edit

Founded by monkeys in the year 802 BC, New Banana Republic soon became the largest, most vibrant society in the world. The society was the envy of the world. New Banana Republic scientists created the Perpetual Motion machine, clean free energy, and the Perfect Urinal.

However, soon, ugly primates called "Humans" invaded their nation searching for "Gold." Having not found any, they created a nation in the summer of 2006. Ironically, they gave it the same name as the monkeys had. However, the leader of the Monkey Resistance, Bubbles, was quoted as saying, "They may find the monkeys cute. But one day, we will rise, and take power of these pathetic hu-mans and their pathetic society."

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