The Grand Dictatorship of New Carolina is a benevolant dictatorship in the Cyberverse. A relatively new nation, New Carolina has lately been seen as a land of freedom, prosperity and security in the Orange Team.

History Edit

In the ancient of days New Carolina was actually the initial remnants of North Carolina, and State of the United States of America. However after World War III (Disputed) the Great American Empire fell apart due to nuclear holocaust. From the ashes rose many city-states must notably was the Principality of Raleigh, and the New Kingdom of Charlotte. During this time numerous minority groups rose and fell, one in particular, the Islamic population grew exponentially during the fallout.

Nash county 1177 550wm

In the unrecorded time after the fallout the two separate nations, the Kingdom of New Charlotte and the Principality of Raleigh grew larger and began to challenge each other’s dominance of the land. Initially the Principality of Raleigh, being the former capitol, held the advantage, however this was only because of the vast stockpiles of ancient weapons that lay about in abandoned military bases.

The war raged on for a recorded 24 years until the accidental detonation of the thermo-nuclear weapon at the epicenter of the conflict. Forced underground again, the citizens of the two nations began to rebel, preferring anarchy to the rule of an aggressive government.

For several long and unaccounted decades peoples began to return to the surface of the scared world. The land was torn asunder by the nuclear blast and caused all travel to be particularly dangerous. Not only was the land to blame but also that of the radiation fallout that had affect the wild animals. To protect themselves the people converged in the ancient cities and began to build walls to keep out the creatures.

Islam influence finally reached its pinnacle in roughly 182 A.E. (After Explosion), during this time numerous city-states adopted the Islamic way. New Nashville, founded upon the ruins of the Pre-WWIII Nashville (Disputed) began to become a center for great learning and production. Goods and Services were not exchanged in such an amount in hundreds of years.

Peace would not last, to control power and profit the oppressive Islamic government forced New Nashville’s citizens into concentration camps forcing them to obedience. In 271 A.E. a popular uprising occurred due to the martyr of a believer of Adminism. The Islamic government of New Carolina was overthrown and a leading General, Channler Hadrian, was placed in charge of the government.

Recently with the newly appointed Dictator admission into the Orange Team had been made and a alliance with the Orange Defense Network had been signed.

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