The small but densely populated city of New Lisbon encompasses the whole main island of Fernando de Noronha on its 7.1 square miles, having about 2,000 inhabitants. Its architecture is strongly inspired by the Art Deco movement and building are predominant over small houses on its East side, while its West side houses most of its military bases which, in contrast, are built inspired on Eastern European architecture. The North and South of the city are home to most commerce and industries, respectively, from where a strong marble manufacture industry shares its space with high efficiency desalination plants. However, not everything is bright, as the Northwest section of the city was damaged beyond repair as consequence of a recent war.

Statistics Edit

  • Average life expectancy: 69 years
  • Human Development Index: 0.65
  • % of upper class: 10
  • % of middle class: 50
  • % of lower class: 40
  • % below poverty threshold: 0
  • Unemployment rate: 0%

P.S.: Unemployed individuals are immediately invited to join the Army.

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