City of New Dreams

The City Edit

A glittering domed capital full of light and glory with thousands of immense, elaborate, modern condiminiums and The massive silver government bulidings which fill the downtown. On the edges are the manufacturing facilities which are the main economic drive for the city. The factories themselves are green, efficient and he workers enjoy full benefits including: Dental, a full coverage health plan, Life, Fire, House and Car Insurance. New Moscva is the very symbol of the Lycaeria and is the feather in the cap of the Nation.

The Nation Edit

Founded by First Citizen Alexei Korlev in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union. Looking for a new place to settle and grow a brand new Communist Republic for the betterment of mankind. The idea to settle in Antarctica was an unusual but adventurous one which allowed the young nation to grow and mature. The cities and towns in Lycaeria are all domed as a necessity to survive the harsh environment, so as a consequence the citizens rarely see the outside world. A system of underground subway and car tunnels connect the domed cities and provide the transportation system that such a nation would require. The Lycaeria uses only Tesla technology to power its industries, homes and vehicles so the environmental impact is incredibly low. Add to that a progressive use of only recyclable materials, massive underground farming programs, and strict environmental protection reforms, the Lycaeria is completely self-sufficient and needs very little from the outside world.

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