The New Mundian Empire Alliance is an alliance that currently contains four members of the maroon team: Left-Wing Mundia, The Flamingo Empire, Gelatinania, and Lycanthro. All members of this alliance are active members of the forums, unrelated to CyberNations, Exit Mundi Forums. Exit Mundi Forums was created about the website Exit Mundi which shows many articles written about apocalyptic scenarios and an Exit Mundi Bible section.

On Exit Mundi Forums, there is a very interesting group of members who have the will and the know-how to hold in-depth discussions and debates on various topics. Some of the sections include Apocalypse, Paranormal, Science, History, Nature, Conspiracy, Politics, and Religion. There is also a New Mundian Empire on the website NationStates, but we prefer CyberNations because of the activity and strategy required.

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