New Niagara

National Flag
Seal of the MAD alliance
"Haud progressio vacuus turbo"
Capital City Rahana
Official Language(s) English
Established 12/06/2006
(4,119 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Ruler mtrpls
Alliance Mad-flag
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Blue team Blue
Religion Judaism Judaism
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar

New Niagara is a developing and peaceful nation that strives to offer the best quality of life to its citizens while providing inumerous economic opportunities to them. A proud member of Mutually Assured Defense, the citizens of New Niagara work diligently to produce sugar and spices as the nation's primary trading resources. New Niagara is also a major classification point for freight trains, playing a prominent role in the global freight railroad network.

Rahana Edit

The city of Rahana is the capital and financial center of New Niagara, where 85% of the nation's population is concentrated. It is inside Rahana's tall, postmodern skyscrapers that the nation's thriving sugar and spice corporations are headquartered.


With such a great proportion of New Niagara's population centered in Rahana, the city is seeing phenomenal growth as the nation's infrastructure is further developed. Construction cranes can be seen topping the skyline at all times, a broad and comprehensive mass transit system is being developed, new highways are being built, and both government and commercial office buildings are always in the works.


Fort Compton Edit

New Niagara's bustling port city, Fort Compton, is a major industrial center of the nation. Fort Compton's skyline of dockside cranes, stacks of shipping containers and factory buildings is a stark contrast to the refined corporate cityscape of Rahana. International vessels the world over call on the "Port at the Fort" to trade valuable resources on behalf of New Niagara's trading nations.

Fortcompton2 Fortcompton1

Government Position Edit

New Niagara values peace above all, and public policy prohibits the inciting of wartime activities unless the nation is attacked first. In that case, however, the war will have become an alliance-wide matter through Mutually Assured Defense.