New Prussian Reich
Reichskaiser Kaiser Jurgen IV of the New Prussian Reich
Reichschancellor Mikhail of the Union of Germany
I Kongreß Gunteraz, Stemha, Gen O Cahill, Kaiser Ketterman
I Ministry Council N/A
General-Fieldmarshal auf NPR Stmeha
Generaloberst auf NPR Gen O Cahill
Fieldmarshal Korps Kaiser Ketterman, Gunteraz
Nations In Alliance 41 (as of Jan. 17, 2007)

Government HistoryEdit

Kongreß (Congress)

I Kongreß, Jan. 13 - Jan. 19, 2007

II Kongreß, Jan. 19 -

Ministry Councils

I Ministry Council, Jan. 19 -


Kaiser Jurgen IV, Jan. 8 -


Mikhail, Jan. 8 -

General-Fieldmarshal auf NPR

Stmeha, Jan. 10(?) -

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