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NoV-tE War Edit

On November 10, 2007 The Enforcers (tE) entered hostilities against the varied nations of the Protectorate of Curland (PoC) for unknown reasons. Much of tE heeds the call to arms voiced by fellow members and launches attacks against PoC. Initial battles overwhelmingly favor tE, with a few lower PoC nations falling immediately into anarchy with the lions share on the brink.

Later that day, PoC allies Nueva Vida and Norden Verein enter the conflict. Many nations, such as kingsguardia, are immediately pushed to 6 conflicts. Guyvernia is put into anarchy, while Diamondgirl, who had as yet remained nuetral went into peace mode before she could be drawn into the conflict.

November 12. tE allows its member nations to decide their fate. Many, such as Guyvernia, Kingsguardia, and Camorr opted for peace and signed ceasefires. Much of the alliance vowed to continue the fight due for a variety of reasons ranging from disrespect for the enemy to pledges to inflict as much economic damage to their foes before being forced to ZI and restarting their nations. However, the overall damage to NV and NoV was minimal.

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