Capital City Honnigsvåg
Alliance Big Biz
Treaties Signed OMG! Dutch Norwegians unite
Nation Strength 7,600+
Founding 15 February 2007
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Population Happiness 32.96
 • Total

924.350 mile diameter.
 • Working Citizens
 • Soldiers
16,312+ Supporters
11,189 Working Citizens
5,123 Soldiers
Infrastructure 1243.30
Technology 298.71
Tax Rates 28%
  • Gross Individual
•  After Taxes
•  Government Collects

$119.82 (A Strong economy)
Literacy Rate 86.63%
Currency 1 NordLuit Kroner (NLK) = 100 JØre
Resources Coal and Rubber
Connected Resources Aluminum, Cattle, Coal, Gold, Iron, Lead, Marble, Pigs, Rubber, Uranium
Bonus Resources Steel

General InformationEdit

Founded with help of Luitania, is located In Northern Europe. The Capital City, Honnigsvåg, Is located at The most northern Tip of Europe's Mainland. The area around the cappital is Named Lapland, originally populated by Saami People. It Covers Parts of Former Norway, Sweden, Finland and The Soviet Union (Russia). The head of the state Is the king wich will always be Named after the Country as soon as he gets King. The King has no Political powers. The politial head of state is the Prime minister


Official Name : Kingdom of Nordkapp
Short Name : Nordkapp
Government Type : Constitutional Monarchy
Capital : Honnigsvåg
Indepenence : 15 February 2007
Constitution : Adopted February 2007
Excecutive Branch :
Head of State : King Nordkapp
Head of Government : Haakon Stoltenberg (Labour Party)
Cabinet : formed by a coalition of the Labour party, Centre Party and the Socialist party.
Elections : Elections are held every 4 years.
Last elections were regional elections,2 years back Outcome;

Political Parties
Labour party (42/150).
Conservative Party (30/150).
Socialist Party (29/150).
Christian Democratic Party (20/150).
Centre Party (19/150).
Liberal Party (10/150).

Exit Polls for the elections of 20th January 2008 Labour party (53/275).
Conservative Party (36/275).
Socialist Party (48/275).
Christian Democratic Party (35/275).
Centre Party (37/275).
Liberal Party (19/275).
Populist Party; (26/275).
Green Party; (21/275).

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