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On April 3, 2007 the Staatsregeringministrie vir Sport en Atletiese van Transvaal (Department for Sport and Athletics of Transvaal) and the Transvaal Voetbalsvereniging (Transvaal Association Football Union) announced the post-war reconstruction project to host the Nordreich Victory Cup of Soccer after the conclusion of the Third Great War.

Open only to members of Nordreich, the 32-team tournament was scheduled to be played in the Transvaal Republic over a two-week period at stadiums located in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Rustenburg, and Krugersdorp.

The Nordreich Victory Cup was suspended on April 30, 2007 after the abrupt disbandment and demise of Nordreich.

On May 10, 2007, the Department for Sport & Athletics of Transvaal announced the resumption of the tournament under the new name of Transvaal Victory Cup of Soccer; play continued from where it had left off mid-way through the quarter-final stage.

Announcement Edit

“Die oorlog is oor… so nou moet ons sokker speel! The war is over… so now we must play soccer!” - Botha

In celebration of the glorious victory of Nordreich in the Third Great War, the Government of the Transvaal Republic announces the hosting of the Nordreich Victory Cup of Soccer as a showcase to exhibit the soccer and athletic prowess of our great alliance and its member nations.

Open only to member nations of Nordreich, the Victory Cup will be played at four stadiums across Transvaal and feature 32 of the best Nordreich soccer squads competing for a prize purse of over R$6,500,000 rand for the best eight finishes. The Victory Cup champion will go home with over R$2,500,000 rand as well as the glory of being crowned the soccer champions of Nordreich.

When not watching the games, all squads and visiting rulers will be accommodated and entertained at the prestigious Sun City casino resort located near Rustenburg, two hours from Johannesburg.


Hans Breytenbach - Department for Sport & Athletics of Transvaal

Origins of the Nordreich Victory Cup Edit

After the tournament was announced by Botha within Nordreich on April 3, 2007, twenty-four national rulers quickly signed up their teams within a twenty-four hour time-span: Botha (host), Kaiser Martens, Rizla, statesman28 (Upolozza), Napalm Frog, Nemhauser, Baron Zemo, Humanophage, Reich Chancellor, Kalin, Hizzy, Natalie Kelly Sartin, ebriel, Dorsia, UnLimited, Lord Christoph, Wisen, Albert Speer, Ninja, Wraith, Alfredo, Der Fuhrer, CristianS, and Espusa.

Nazaroosky signed up on the following day, and on April 5, 2007, Hooligan_NS signed up. Also entered into the ever-growing tournament was a team assembled from captured SWF and NAAC prisoners in the custody of the Transvaal military. Acamas was assigned "manager" for the SWF-NAAC POW Squad after he insulted the beautiful game with his wanton comment of "Soccer is for commies, hippies, and terrorists."

Wolfsnarl signed up on April 7, 2007 and Nerhus signed up two days later to increase the total number of teams to 29.

Tarusek Char signed up as the 30th entrant on April 11, 2007 and HF Van Rensburg signed up two days later. With just one open spot remaining, Albert Speer was suddenly expelled due to his banning that same day - his spot was then taken by King Christian I. Vinzent Zeppelin secured the 32nd and final tournament entry on the morning of April 14, 2007.

Stadium Facilities Edit

Botha Stadium - Pretoria

Jake Felan Klingen Memorial Stadium - Johannesburg

Boertrekker Memorial Stadium - Rustenburg (preliminary-round matches only)

De La Rey Stadium - Krugerdorp (preliminary-round matches only)

Pre-Tournament Friendlies Edit

Baron Zemo over SWF-NAAC POWs 3-0

Humanophage over Borussia Dortmund 2-1

Baron Zemo over Botha 6-2

Pre-Tournament PredictionsEdit


Kaiser Martens, Reich Chancellor, and King Christian I are by far the most dominant teams in the tournament’s so-called Pool of Death.

Kaiser Martens plans to go with a medium attack 4-3-3 system, Reich Chancellor will be using a 3-5-2 system featuring 2 wingers on a W-midfield formation and a 3-man T-defense while King Christian I looks to use a 5-3-2 line-up coupling a defense-minded midfield with a 5-man defense utilizing wing sweepers.

The fourth-place spot will mostly likely be contested between Nerthus, Espusa, and a darkhorse Botha squad. Nerthus will be using a defensive minded 3-5-2 formation, with the attack and defense playing in a T-formation buttressed with 3 midfielders up and 2 back. Botha’s squad looks to use their 4-3-3 system in a medium passing attack while playing a containment defensive game. The center-midfielder will likely be sagging back on defense while two defenders are used for sweeper duty. The host team's fortunes hinge on keeping the ball out of their own end as the squad has had pre-tournament problems with their goaltending. Espusa is believed to be going with a standard neutral 4-4-2 formation.

statesman28 and Napalm Frog's hopes rest in securing a timely upset as well as needing low-scoring draws from the powerhouse squads in the Top-3. To achieve this, statesman28 looks to use a 4-3-3 system with some sagging back from one of the forwards and defenders while Napalm Frog's line-up is an attack-minded 4-3-3 system with one attacker sagging back towards midfield as well as using two defensive sweepers. Counter-attacking features in their game plan along with playing a pressured defense.

Sold-outs crowds are expected for all Botha games – the Kaiser Martens-Botha showdown being the most sought-after ticket of the entire preliminary round.


Lord Christoph and Wraith are the easy favorites in Pool 2 for taking the two top spots with Ninja a probable lock for third place. Both Lord Christoph and Wraith are evenly matched in all aspects while Ninja is a shade slower. Who ultimately takes first place in the pool could boil down to goal difference.

Nemhauser, Alfredo, and HF Van Rensburg will battle it out for the fourth-place spot, although upsets at the hands of Rizla or Wolfsnarl would sink those hopes fast.

Nemhauser’s formidable strengths at both end of the field, comparable to Ninja’s squad, are hampered by a chronic slowness comparable to that found on the weaker teams in the tournament – whether this becomes his squad’s achilles heel waits to be seen.

Alfredo is going with a medium attack 3-5-2 formation; augmenting a heavy accent towards midfield play with noticeably fast legs for an otherwise mediocre squad, a brazen tactic which might just be enough to propel him past Nemhauser in the standings.

HF Van Rensburg is reported to utilise a 3-4-3 system with one attacker sagging back and the midfield playing in a novel 2-up 2-back box formation, backed up by a 3-man defensive line. Wins at the expense Lord Christoph and Wraith would almost certainly be required if a playoff berth is to be challenged.

For the two weakest teams, a major nosedive from one or two middle-of-the-pack squads would be essential if there is any chance to grab a playoff berth. Acknowledging his squad’s apparent overall weakness in the pool, Rizla plans on going with an all-out attack 3-4-3 formation in the hopes that it bags him enough goals to compensate for goal-difference.

Wolfsnarl's squad has yet to arrive, so we are unsure at present if they'll be more creative than a regular 4-4-2 game plan.


Baron Zemo and Tarusek Char are clearly titans going into the tournament, their head-to-head match most likely determining first place in the pool.

Playing in two pre-tournament friendlies, Baron Zemo dispatched the SWF-NAAC POWs with 2 late-match goals to walk away with a 3-0 victory, followed by a 6-2 throttling of Botha in Pretoria – negating an early Botha lead by subsequently notching 4 goals before the half. Most embarrassing for Botha’s squad was a long bomb scored from out by the kick-off circle. The first team to arrive in the host nation of Transvaal, Baron Zemo’s Antarctic squad has since been relaxing the past two weeks in the luxury of Sun City.

Not much is known about the strategy of Tarusek Char, although there is no secret as to the sheer power and potency of this squad. With a reputation as one of the best soccer-playing nations in Nordreich, Tarusek Char will no doubt strike fear in their opponents as they enter the tournament already tipped to be potential finalists.

Kalin will face opposition from nazaroosky and UnLimited as those squads fight over third and fourth – although a strong run by ebriel and their 4-3-3 attack-system with 2-up 1-back forwards and midfields could dash some expectations. Both nazaroosky and UnLimited have some speed but it probably won’t be enough to challenge for first or second. Located in Africa - the same continent as the host nation - it’s expected that games involving Nazaroosky will attract a lot of local attention and curiosity.

Kalin’s 3-4-3 aggressive game plan appears to be clogging the centre of the field with one attacker back, pressure with two defenders forward and the midfield playing in a 1-2-1 diamond formation.

UnLimited plans on using a 5-3-2 system with two of their midfielders playing back and then augmenting with 2 defensive sweepers.

Hizzy and Der Fuhrer will be hard-pressed to challenge for a playoff spot, and would require poor form throughout the tournament from both nazaroosky and UnLimited if either of these squads is to make it past the preliminary round.

Looking to set up a containment wall of defenders and midfielders half-way into their defensive zone, Hizzy’s 4-3-3 system aims to play aggressively in their own end to launch counter-attacking forays for their open forwards. Low goals-against will be required if this team is to have a chance to sneak into fourth place.

Der Fuhrer's proudly all-white squad plays a 4-3-3 medium attacking system but the squad’s overall, relative talent weakness will make life tough for this team


Arguably the most wide-open pool, Natalie Kelly Sartin and Hooligan_NS are probable bets to make the playoffs. The third and fourth place spots will be contested between 5 of the remaining 6 sides.

Little is known at press-time regarding Hooligan_NS strategy but they are regarded by many to have the depth and player talent to make a long-run in the Final-16.

Natalie Kelly Sartin is opting for an all-out offense which should prove quite successful for this strong team; a 3-4-3 system featuring possession play from 2 forwards up high and 1 back combined with a 1-2-1 diamond midfield and backed up with a pressuring defensive T-formation.

As Her Eminence Natalie Kelly Sartin is confirmed to make the journey by ship via Walvis Bay to Transvaal, it is expected her youthful, all-female bodyguard will create quite a stir amongst the spectators.

Dorsia will be using a 5-3-2 system relying on scoring from 2 forwards and 2 offense-midfielders up front; the remaining midfielder combining with 3 defenders and 2 sweepers on the wings. A team with average talent depth, Dorsia will rely on their speed to separate themselves from the rest of the pack in mid-table.

Humanophage held strong doubts about the quality of his all-Nordic team until he played a friendly arranged versus the famed Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund, shocking the out-played Germans in pulling off a convincing 2-1 victory from a last minute goal. Although not one of the stronger talent squads, Humanophage is nevertheless expected to make life hard for their opponents and shouldn’t finish lower than mid-table range.

CristianS is opting for a more defensive-minded system, playing a W-formation midfield with two wingers in the midfield and a 4-man defensive line. Better than average speed may come in handy on a team fairly thin on offensive options.

His Excellency Vinzent Zeppelin and the Vacuum Valley national team arrived in Transvaal this afternoon with much fanfare via one of Vacuum Valley's super-sonic executive jets – a rarity in Transvaal. Vinzent Zeppelin is slated to go with a defensive 3-4-3 set-up featuring a diamond midfield formation that will utilise 2 roving wingers.

Wisen will require some luck to snag a spot in the Final-16. Strong on a tactical level with their 4-3-3 line-up, this squad simply doesn’t have enough talent depth to seriously threaten the likes of Natalie Kelly Sartin and Hooligan_NS but could prove to be a spoiler for other opponents.

Most pundits are consigning the SWF-NAAC POW squad to the cellar due to an obvious lack of cohesiveness – however the POWs are the biggest mystery team of this pool as it is unknown whether the rigors of the notoriously-brutal Transvaal penal system has fortified or demoralized the assemblage of captured SWF and NAAC prisoners from Transvaal’s numerous battle fronts in Great War III.

Unlike the 31 other competing teams who'll be relaxing post-game at Sun City, the POWs will be returning to their prison cells at the end of each day.

Opening Ceremonies Edit

In front of a capacity-packed crowd at Pretoria’s brand-new Botha Stadium, the 32 teams began their entry into the stadium led by their respective national flags.

As each new team appeared in view - some walking and waving to the crowd, some marching at a crisp goosestep - and took their assigned place on the playing field, their player’s names and team officials were announced. Cheers could be heard from the various groups of traveling fans who had made the long, arduous journey to Transvaal to witness this most-historic sporting event.

After much anticipation, Staatspresident Botha then arrived by military helicopter. Once landed, the solemn State President walked up to a podium set up at centre field and stood at attention for the two-minutes’ silence held in remembrance for all Nordreich war dead.

The silence was then broken by the playing of Sarie Marais, the Transvaal national anthem.

As the anthem played, the Transvaal national flag was raised up one of the 32 flag-poles set-up around the perimeter of the stadium - followed then by the 30 participating Nordreich teams.

One bare pole remained, which would be used to ‘represent’ the prisoner-of-war squad assembled from SWF and NAAC soldiers captured by Transvaal military forces during the war.

A jubilant Staatspresident Botha then turned to acknowledge the cheering crowds, trying to wave them down enough so he could speak. After five minutes of ovation, he was able to quiet the adoring spectators to utter over the PA system the words everyone who came far and wide, from within Transvaal and from abroad, had all been waiting patiently to hear:

"Ons is soos kamarade in oorlog almal saamgebring...

Maar nou is die oorlog oor - so nou, laat ons almal saam weer soos broers op die sokkerveld verenig... Ek sou almal ons besoekers welkom aan Transvaal en alles van die beste vir alle die spanne wil wens.

Laat die Oorwinningsbeker begin!"**

With that, Botha then proceeded up to the Presidential Viewing Box to join up with the rest of the visiting foreign rulers and to witness the opening-day matches.

** TRANSLATION: "We were all brought together as kamerade in war. But now the war is over - so now let’s unite together again as brothers on the soccer field... I would like to wish all our visitors welcome to Transvaal and good luck to all the teams. Let the Victory Cup begin!"

Preliminary Round Results Edit

APRIL 20, 2007

-POOL A: Reich Chancellor over Botha 1-0; King Christian I over Nerthus 2-1

-POOL B: Nemhauser over Wolfsnarl 3-2

-POOL C: nazaroosky over Tarusek Char 2-1; Baron Zemo over Hizzy 2-1; Kalin over Der Fuhrer 1-0; Baron Zemo over Kalin 1-0; Tarusek Char over Der Fuhrer 2-1; UnLimited over Hizzy 1-0; Tarusek Char over ebriel 1-0

-POOL D: Dorsia over CristianS 2-1; Hooligan_NS over Vinzent Zeppelin 3-2; Natalie Kelly Sartin tied CristianS 2-2; Hooligan_NS over Humanophage 1-0; Dorsia over Vinzent Zeppelin 2-0; Vinzent Zeppelin tied CristianS 0-0; SWF-NAAC POWs tied Dorsia 0-0

APRIL 21, 2007

-POOL A: Botha over Napalm Frog 3-2; Kaiser Martens over King Christian I 2-1; Reich Chancellor tied Kasier Martens 1-1; Nerthus over statesman28 1-0; King Christian I tied Reich Chancellor 2-2; statesman28 over Kasier Martens 2-1

-POOL B: Rizla over Lord Christoph 1-0; Ninja tied Nemhauser 0-0; Wolfsnarl over HF Van Rensburg 2-1; Wolfsnarl over Alfredo 3-0; Wraith over Wolfsnarl 1-0; Lord Christoph over Alfredo 1-0

-POOL C: Der Fuhrer tied nazaroosky 0-0

-POOL D: Natalie Kelly Sartin over SWF-NAAC POWs 1-0; Dorsia over Humanophage 1-0; Hooligan_NS over CristianS 2-1; Wisen over CristianS 1-0; Humanophage over Vinzent Zeppelin 3-2

APRIL 22, 2007

-POOL A: Botha tied Espusa 1-1; Reich Chancellor over Nerthus 1-0; statesman28 over Espusa 1-0

-POOL B: Rizla over HF Van Rensburg 2-1; Wraith over Ninja 3-0; HF Van Rensburg over Alfredo 1-0

-POOL C: Baron Zemo over nazaroosky 2-1; Hizzy tied Der Fuhrer 2-2

-POOL D: SWF-NAAC POWs over Humanophage 2-1; Hooligan_NS over Natalie Kelly Sartin 2-1; Wisen tied Dorsia 0-0; Humanophage tied CristianS 2-2; Vinzent Zeppelin tied Natalie Kelly Sartin 0-0; Hooligan_NS over Dorsia 2-0

APRIL 23, 2007

APRIL 24, 2007

-POOL A: Botha over Kaiser Martens 3-2; Espusa over Napalm Frog 4-3; Napalm Frog tied Reich Chancellor 2-2

-POOL B: Nemhauser tied Rizla 0-0; HF Van Rensburg over Lord Christoph 4-3

-POOL C: nazaroosky over Kalin 1-0; Baron Zemo tied Tarusek Char 1-1; ebriel over UnLimited 1-0; Hizzy tied Kalin 0-0; Tarusek Char over UnLimited 1-0

-POOL D: Vinzent Zeppelin tied SWF-NAAC POWs 0-0

APRIL 25, 2007

-POOL A: Botha over statesman28 3-2; Kaiser Martens over Napalm Frog 2-1; Nerthus over Napalm Frog 2-0; Kaiser Martens over Espusa 1-0; Napalm Frog tied statesman28 1-1





Playoff Results Edit


Botha 3, SWF-NAAC POWs 0

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: McCarthy (Botha) 27:56 off corner kick; McCarthy (Botha) 63:45 shot from edge of goal box; Fortune (Botha) 82:07

GAME STATS: Botha (8 shots; 4 shots on net; 1 corner; 63% possession); SWF-NAAC POWs (0 shots; 1 corner; 37% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 18% in Botha end, 46% in midfield, 36% in SWF-NAAC POWs end; Game Length: 90 minutes

Overall pretty dull to watch, Botha dominated throughout the game – begging the post-game question: How did the POWs make it this far?

UnLimited 2, Ninja 1 (ET)

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Rui Costa (Ninja) 12:56; Riihilahti (UnLimited) 36:33; Johansson (UnLimited) 109:30

GAME STATS: UnLimited (6 shots; 4 shots on net; 36% possession); Ninja (11 shots; 4 shots on net; 1 corner; 1 foul; 64% possession); Game Length: 109:30 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY: 36% in Ninja end, 26% in midfield, 28% in UnLimited end

Ninja got on the scoreboard first from a crisp pass to a waiting attacker parked right near on goal line. At around the 32 minute mark, UnLimited’s offense had finally warmed up and became increasingly dangerous with three decent attempts, Ninja’s goalkeeper finally getting beat on the third try after making a punching save two minutes earlier. While Ninja was content to kill time off the clock with passing the ball around in midfield, UnLimited’s persistent attack gave two more frights as the ball ricocheted off the goalposts twice in a fifteen minutes time-span during the middle of the second half. Regulation time ended with both teams at one goal apiece - going into extra time for the hunt for the golden goal. UnLimited found the mark when Ninja’s defense bungled a clearing attempt in their goal box and the ball landed right in front of an UnLimited attacker who then fired through heavy traffic in front of the net as the keeper was screened and never had a chance for the save.

Tarusek Char 2, Wolfsnarl 1

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Juninho (Tarusek Char) 23:26; Lawrence (Wolfsnarl) 41:48; Jardel (Tarusek Char) 74:48

GAME STATS: Tarusek Char (7 shots; 5 shots on net; 3 corners; 1 offside; 54% possession); Wolfsnarl (3 shots; 1 shots on net; 2 corner; 46% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 34% in Wolfsnarl end, 38% in midfield, 28% in Tarusek Char end; Game Length: 91 minutes

Tarusek Char scored first after Wolfsnarl’s goalkeeper came out much too far to challenge the attacker. In the minutes leading up to the end of the half, Wolfsnarl tied it up 1-1 - however Tarusek Char looked by far the strongest team as Wolfsnarl only saw one attempt on net in the second half which beat the keeper but deflected off the crossbar. Time and time again, Tarusek Char’s strikers would find themselves wide open in the corners and having an unhindered room to run in alone towards the Wolfsnarl keeper. The game-winner came when Wolfsnarl’s tired defense coughed up the ball deep in their own zone from relentless counter-attack pressure from their opponent’s strikers, unable to find an open pass up ahead to their midfield.

Kaiser Martens 3, Hooligan_NS 2 (ET)

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Totti (Hooligan_NS) 11:26 close shot after scramble in front of net; Totti (Hooligan_NS) 56:48; Jeremies (Kaiser Martens) 83:26 from corner kick; Asamoah (Kaiser Martens) 90:00 from corner kick; Bierhoff (Kaiser Martens) 94:41 in extra time

GAME STATS: Kaiser Martens (12 shots; 7 shots on net; 4 corners; 47% possession); Hooligan_NS (16 shots; 6 shots on net; 1 corner; 53% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 27% in Hooligan_NS end, 41% in midfield, 32% Kaiser Martens end; Game Length: 94:41 minutes

A real barn-burner, Hooligan_NS looked by far the stronger team as Kaiser Martens’ midfield game was non-existent. That said but the Kaiser had 3 shots go off the crossbar in the first-half. With Hooligan_NS looking good for the win despite throwing away almost a dozen wide shots, it was two late corner kicks in the final minutes which saved the day for Kaiser Martens and pushed the game into extra time. Four minutes into overtime, and on his team’s first attacking foray, the Kaiser scored from an easy 2 on 1 breakaway. While both defenses were walls, they coughed up a lot of corners, which ultimate proved critical for the outcome.


Reich Chancellor 8, Wisen 0

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Elber (Reich Chancellor) 6:33; Scholl (Reich Chancellor) 37:52; Scholl (Reich Chancellor) 45:00; Scholl (Reich Chancellor) 48:33; Elber (Reich Chancellor) 61:18; Elber (Reich Chancellor) 74:37; Scholl (Reich Chancellor) 81:11; Elber (Reich Chancellor) 89:15

GAME STATS: Reich Chancellor (13 shots; 10 shots on net; 1 corner; 1 offside; 55% possession); Wisen (3 shots, 2 shots on net, 1 corner; 43% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 25% in Reich Chancellor end, 43% in midfield, 32% in Wisen end; Game Length: 90 minutes

Reich Chancellor completely dissected the Wisen defense. The first goal came from a throw-in into the goal box and the ball was worked through traffic for a close shot on net. Thirty minutes later, the 2nd goal came off a long pass from the face-off circle to the edge of the goal box, with the shooter barely beating the offside. A breakaway run from the far right side set up the 3rd goal just before the halftime whistle. The 4th goal was hammered home on a long shot which hit the cross bar and bounced down and in behind the goalkeeper. The 5th goal from a tackle deep inside the penalty box to regain possession. The 6th goal saw a daring pass into heavy traffic where the attack connected and launched on a breakaway run. The 7th goal came from a breakaway after the attack beat the two defenders covering him. The 8th and final goal was scored with a shot across the front of the net to send the keeper airborne but unable to get the save.

Baron Zemo 2, Rizla 1 (ET)

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Crespo (Baron Zemo) 49:52; Okkas (Rizla) 54:45; Lopez (Baron Zemo) 115:30

GAME STATS: Baron Zemo (15 shots; 7 shots of net; 1 corner; 1 offside 70% possession); Rizla (1 shot, 1 shot on net; 30% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 16% in Baron Zemo end, 49% in midfield, 35% in Rizla end; Game Length: 115:30 minutes

With all pre-game chatter expecting another lopsided rout, Rizla captivated and won over the crowd for 115 minutes as the little team that could. The Rizla squad definitely had serious luck on its side as shot upon shot bombarded from Baron Zemo sailed wide or was scooped up by the heroics of keeper Panayiotou. At least five Baron Zemo attempts hit posts or crossbars, including two open nets after Panayiotou had been beaten by the challenger. Rizla could have built a barn in centre-field and Baron Zemo’s attackers probably wouldn’t have been able to hit it. The game winner by Lopez came from the rebound of yet another goal-post deflection, but with Panayiotou on the ground after attempting to punch the ball away, the net was wide open for Lopez’s second shot.

Wraith 5, nazaroosky 1

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Vieira (Wraith) 23:29; Vieira (Wraith) 25:51; Zidane (Wraith) 48:06; Carrière (Wraith) 70:01; Petit (Wraith) 81:37; Mboma (nazaroosky) 88:20

GAME STATS: Wraith (13 shots; 6 shots on net; 1 corner; 1 foul; 58% possession); nazaroosky (5 shots; 3 shots on net; 1 corner; 42% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 15% in Wraith end, 37% in midfield, 48% in nazaroosky end; Game Length: 91 minutes

Playing a torrential downpour which hit Pretoria, Wraith bagged their first goal from a shot just out past the penalty box, set up from a beautiful pass from the sideline wing. A few minutes later nazaroosky won a free kick just outside the penalty box corner, but Wraith quickly counter-attacked as their goalkeeper made the save and booted the ball down the field, setting up for a 3 on 2 breakaway to bag their second goal of the match. The third goal for Wraith came just before halftime on a weird curved shot which originated to the right of the net but curved in leftwards between goalkeeper and post. In the middle of the second half, Wrath scored their fourth goal after regaining possession in enemy territory near their left corner of the field, and then snaking past two defenders to fire the ball, bouncing it off the keeper and in. The fifth goal for Wraith was bagged from a perfectly timed corner-kick set-play. In the last five or so minutes, nazaroosky started to pressure with two decent attempts but it was by now too late, although the goal deficit was pulled back by one from a late, errant shot on net.

King Christian I 5, Dorsia 0

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Möller (King Christian I) 5:03; Sand (King Christian I) 24:11; Sand (King Christian I) 51:56; Asamoah (King Christian I) 61:52; Van Hoogdalem (King Christian I) 75:33

GAME STATS: King Christian I (16 shots; 7 shots on net; 1 corner; 1 offside; 56% possession); Dorsia (2 shots; 44% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 18% in King Christian I end, 54% in midfield, 28% in Dorsia end; Game Length: 92 minutes

The weather cleared up just before kick-off and King Christian played a thorough game in which Dorsia didn’t get its first shot on net until the 60-minute mark when the ball rebounded off the crossbar. King Christian’s first goal came from a long breakaway starting from almost the half-line. The second goal came from beating the Dorsia defense while being outsnumbred on the attack. The third goal came off a long shot into top-left corner. The fourth goal came 1 minute after the ball was recovered from Dorsia’s first shot, the keeper booting the ball up the field with the King Christian striker scoring off a rebound from the goal post. The fifth and final goal came from a corner-kick.

Quarter-Finals Edit


Reich Chancellor 5, Botha 1

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Jeremies (Reich Chancellor) 17:37; McCarthy (Botha) 28:41; Scholl (Reich Chancellor) 37:41; Elber (Reich Chancellor) 57:33; Scholl (Reich Chancellor) 66:33; Scholl (Reich Chancellor) 76:07

GAME STATS: Reich Chancellor (9 shots; 6 shots on net; 2 corners; 50% possession); Botha (3 shots; 2 shots on net; 1 corner; 50% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 41% in Botha end, 36% in midfield, 23% in Reich Chancellor end; Game Length: 92 minutes

The downpours returned for this semi-final match involving the host team. Both teams exhibited strong passing play in the midfield during the opening twenty or so minutes. Reich Chancellor got his team on the scoreboard first from a play originating from a corner kick. Botha’s defenders were unable to challenge the attack as the ball was deftly passed around to draw the keeper open wide and out of position for an easy, successful shot on net. Botha then equalized eleven minutes later on his first shot of the game, from a long attempt off a short lob to clear from the midfield. Reich Chancellor’s second goal came from a beautiful long pass from Tarnat who set up Scholl for a one-timer airborne kick past the dozing Botha keeper. Reich Chancellor would pressure again twice with two shots deflecting off the goal uprights in the remaining eight minutes before the half-time whistle. Reich Chancellor set up a three-man clear on the wings to channel the ball down and then straight over to a waiting, unchecked Elber to score goal number-three versus Botha. Reich Chancellor’s offense was now seamless in its passing game and constantly finding open attackers deep in the enemy zone to maintain consistent threats against the Botha net. At the opposite end of the field, Botha’s attackers were having problems connecting on their cross passes as the ball was repeated picked off in front of Reich Chancellor’s goal zone and then effortless booted back down the field. Reich Chancellor would collect two more goals before the final whistle, the later coming off a rebound off a fumbling Botha goalkeeper.

UnLimited 2, Wraith 1

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Forssell (UnLimited) 11:20; Forssell (UnLimited) 40:28; Henry (Wraith) 85:59

GAME STATS: UnLimited (3 shots; 2 shots on net; 39% possession); Wraith (7 shots; 2 shots on net; 1 corner; 61% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 25% in UnLimited end, 50% in midfield, 25% in Wraith end; Game Length: 90 minutes

Coming off a convincing, decisive victory against nazaroosky, Wraith’s squad looked decidedly flat-footed as UnLimited made ample use exploiting his very limited chances to steal an upset win to advance to the semi-final round. UnLimited only had two shots trouble the opposing goalkeeper and both times he capitalised from those to take a 2-0 just before half-time. UnLimited’s first goal came on a sliding kick from a short pass near the left corner. Wraith countered with some strong attempts during a six minutes stretch with three attempts by Henry, two of them deflecting off posts and the third sailing only 2 feet or so wide from an exposed UnLimited net. UnLimited’s second goal came from a chance breakaway after a Wraith defender lost possession trying to boot the ball down the field. The second half was all Wraith as UnLimited’s team began to slow down, but Wraith ball possession did not translate into many opportunities. A corner kick was wasted at the 62 minute mark but the attack soon made up for it with Wraith’s rebound recovery almost, but not quite, finding the mark. Finally in the last 5 minutes, Henry potted the ball from about twelve feet out on a fast cross pass, but wasn’t able to find the equalizer as UnLimited chewed up much of the remaining time passing the ball around to play denial for the dying minutes.


Baron Zemo 4, Tarusek Char 1

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Aimar (Baron Zemo) 22 min; Veron (Baron Zemo) 41 min; Lopez (Baron Zemo) 53 min; Juninho (Tarusek Char) 63 min; Crespo (Baron Zemo) 91 min

GAME STATS: Baron Zemo (12 shots; 6 shots on net; 2 corners; 63% possession); Tarusek Char (1 shot; 1 shots on net; 37% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 36% in Tarusek Char end, 50% in midfield, 14% in Baron Zemo end; Game Length: 93 minutes


King Christian I 2, Kaiser Martens 1 (ET)

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Asamoah (King Christian I) 47:37; Möller (Kaiser Martens) 75:45; Asamoah (King Christian I) 119:37

GAME STATS: King Christian I (11 shots; 4 shots on net; 43% possession); Kaiser Martens (3 shots; 2 shots on net; 57% possession); Game Length: 119 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY: 21% in Kaiser Martens end, 50% in midfield, 29% in King Christian I end

Consolation Round Edit


Wraith 4, Kaiser Martens 2

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Henry (Wraith) 4:41; Bierhoff (Kaiser Martens) 14:15; Rehmer own goal (Wraith) 38:48; Vieira (Wraith) 59:37; Scholl (Kaiser Martens) 71:37; Carrière (Wraith) 78:45

GAME STATS: Wraith (8 shots; 4 shots on net; 55% possession); Kaiser Martens (6 shots; 3 shots on net; 45% possession); Game length: 91 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY: 23% in Wraith end, 43% in midfield, 34% in Kaiser Martens end

Botha 2, Tarusek Char 1

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: McCarthy (Botha) 4:30; McCarthy (Botha) 61:41; Jardel (Tarusek Char) 89:15

GAME STATS: Botha (4 shots; 4 shots on net; 3 corners; 47% possession); Tarusek Char (3 shots; 2 shots on net; 53% possession); Game length: 90 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY: 27% in Botha end, 41% in midfield, 32% in Tarusek Char end


Wraith 4, Botha 0

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Vieira (Wraith) 16:41; Vieira (Wraith) 29:26; Zidane (Wraith) 41:48; Henry (Wraith) 51:45

GAME STATS: Wraith (8 shots; 4 shots on net; 57% possession); Botha (1 shot; 43% possession); Game length: 90 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY 32% in Botha end, 45% in midfield, 23% in Wraith end

Kaiser Martens 3, Tarusek Char 0

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Diesler (Kaiser Martens) 41:26; Scholl (Kaiser Martens) 80:48; Bierhoff (Kaiser Martens 89:15

GAME STATS: Kaiser Martens (10 shots; 6 shots on net; 3 corners; 52% possession); Tarusek Char (3 shots; 1 shot on net; 48% possession); Game length: 90 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY: 32% in Tarusek Char end, 49% in midfield, 19% in Kaiser Martens end

Wraith finishes in 5th place

Botha finishes in 6th place

Kaiser Martens finishes in 7th place

Tarusek Char finishes in 8th place

Semi-Finals Edit


Reich Chancellor 2, Baron Zemo 0

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Scholl (Reich Chancellor) 57:45; Elber (Reich Chancellor) 80:37

GAME STATS: Reich Chancellor (7 shots; 3 shots on net; 1 corner; 48% possession); Baron Zemo (8 shots; 3 shots on net; 2 corners; 52% possession)Game length: 90 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY: 27% in Reich Chancellor end, 48% in midfield; 25% in Baron Zemo end

King Christian I 2, UnLimited 1

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Asamoah (King Christian I) 7:30; Asamoah (King Christian I) 21:22; Forssell (UnLimited) 51:33

GAME STATS: King Christian I (7 shots; 6 shots on net; 2 corners; 42% possession); UnLimited (7 shots; 3 shots on net; 1 corner; 58% possession); Game length: 90 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY: 30% in UnLimited end, 42% in midfield, 28% in King Christian I end

Bronze Medal Match Edit


UnLimited 2, Baron Zemo 1 (ET)

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Forssell (UnLimited) 2:26; Lopez (Baron Zemo) 43:18; Litmanen (UnLimited) 102:22

GAME STATS: UnLimited (9 shots; 6 shots on net; 2 corners; 37% possession); Baron Zemo (12 shots; 3 shots on net; 1 corner; 63% possession); Game length: 102 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY: 25% in UnLimited end, 44% in midfield; 31% in Baron Zemo end

Championship Match Edit


Reich Chancellor 2, King Christian I 0

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Elber (Reich Chancellor) 31:30; Scholl (Reich Chancellor) 82:30

GAME STATS: Reich Chancellor (6 shots; 4 shots on net; 1 corner; 50% possession); King Christian I (1 shot; 1 shots on net; 1 corner; 50% possession); Game length: 90 minutes

FLOW OF PLAY: 32% in Reich Chancellor end, 45% in midfield; 23% in King Christian I end

Worst of the Victory CupEdit


Vinzent Zeppelin 3, Napalm Frog 1

Venue: Botha Stadium, Pretoria

SCORING: Smith 18:56 (Napalm Frog); But 66:33 (Vinzent Zeppelin); But 72:56 (Vinzent Zeppelin); But 82:30 (Vinzent Zeppelin)

GAME STATS: Vinzent Zeppelin (shots: 12; shots on net: 9; corners 2; offsides: 2; 49% possession); Napalm Frog (3 shots; 1 shot on net; 1 foul; 51% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 37% in Napalm Frog end, 46% in midfield, 17% in Vinzent Zeppelin end; Game Length: 93 minutes

REPORT: Interesting game... Napalm Frog's goaltender was phenominal until around the 70 minute mark; he made at least 3 key saves - including one that rebounded twice off the posts - to keep his team in the game. But then Vinzent Zeppelin's passing game and long crosses started to connect and he struck back with two quick goals and then buried his tired opponents with the third off a free kick just outside the penalty area. A short pass to the striker But who was parked on the 6-yard box to seal and deliver the win. Naplam Frog's lone goal was on a breakaway, but otherwise had problems getting the ball up to his strikers.


Alfredo 2, Hizzy 0

Venue: Jake Felan-Klingen Stadium, Johannesburg

SCORING: Karpin 12:33 (Alfredo); Alenchinev 90:00 (Alfredo)

GAME STATS: Alfredo (shots: 18; shots on net: 8; corners 2; offsides: 2; 56% possession); Hizzy (4 shots; 1 shot on net; 44% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 11% in Alfredo end, 54% in midfield, 35% in Hizzy end; Game Length: 90 minutes

REPORT: Hizzy was lucky to walk away losing by just 2, at least 5 Alfredo shots went off the woodwork. Otherwise Alfredo put on a clinic; Hizzy never seriously threatened.



Hizzy 1, Napalm Frog 0

Venue: somewhere near Gaborone, in occupied-Botswana

In appropriate manner, the two worst soccer nations of the former Nordreich Alliance met for their much-anticipated match of infamy at Transvaal’s worst sports “facility”, an abandoned overgrown pitch located some 3 or 4 kilometers outside of Gaborone in occupied-Botswana.

Televised nationwide across Transvaal and across the globe, the games only observers ended up being some two-dozen Tswana tribesmen who showed up just after half time, investigating the source of the ruckus which had chased away all the local game herds. The attendance numbers would plummet before the termination of the match when some elephants ambled on to the field and the Tswana were called upon to chase them away.

Switching our attention back to the game at hand, Napalm Frog would get 2 shots off in the first five-minutes, both going wide but it would be Hizzy who scored the lone goal of the entire game when Dasovic launched on a breakaway at the 20-minute mark and saw his shot deflected in off the boot of the Napalm Frog keeper.

Napalm Frog’s goalkeeper came up for an impressive block at 24 minutes but the remainder of the half was bland. At the half, both teams would have 3 shots tallied but all 3 of Hizzy’s had been on target. Hizzy’s defense was also doing a fine job to limit Napalm Frog’s attackers of the ball, with only 20% of the action seen in Hizzy’s defensive zone.

The second half would witness continued pressure from Hizzy’s offense as Napalm Frog’s keeper was the only real line of defense – although Napalm Frog did have two dangerous shots at around 70 minutes, one just going wide of the open net and another off the crossbar.

SCORING: Dasovic (Hizzy) 20:04

GAME STATS: Hizzy (7 shots; 6 shots on net; 1 corner; 55% possession); Napalm Frog (8 shots; 0 shots on net; 45% possession)

FLOW OF PLAY: 20% in Hizzy end, 43% in midfield, 37% in Napalm Frog end; Game Length: 90 minutes

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