Norouz War
Conflict: Norouz War
Date: March 20–27, 2007
Result: Crazeldonian victory; Bexadonia, Lander dissolved
A. S. Ruidoso

The Norouz War is a term that is used to describe three separate conflicts that the Democratic Republic of Crazeldonia fought beginning on March 20, 2007. The name comes from the Persian holiday Norouz, marking the beginning of the new year, on which date the war began.

History Edit

The war began on the afternoon of the 20th when Crazeldonia preemptively attacked A. S. Ruidoso, a nation that had shown strong indications of belligerence through its private messages with the Crazeldonian leadership. After launching airstrikes and successfully fighting two battles, Crazeldonia's administration decided to broaden the conflict by declaring war on two other threatening nations, Bexadonia and Lander. Following the same model of a first round of airstrikes followed by battles on the ground, Crazeldonia's forces scored four more victories before the end of the day.

The second day of the war, March 21, began with Lander suing for peace by sending a tersely worded telegram to Levi Levy, President of Crazeldonia. While the offer was taken under consideration, Crazeldonia's military launched another round of attacks against the belligerent nations that ended in another round of complete victories. Bexadonia and A. S. Ruidoso had been thrown into chaos by day's end, their militaries completely destroyed, leaving only Lander with any forces to resist the pressing Crazeldonian army.

The war's third day, March 22, saw the complete destruction of what few forces remained in the belligerent nations. Crazeldonian commanders ordered another round of airstrikes, wiping out the few planes that remained in Bexadonia's air force and destroying infrastructure in all three nations. Lander was thrown into anarchy and riots as the last of its armed forces were wiped out in two successive battles; A. S. Ruidoso and Bexadonia had their armies scattered already and were unable to fight, though Crazeldonian raiding parties caused massive damage to their infrastructure and technology while collecting some meager monetary reparations.

March 23 through the afternoon of the 26th saw a continued pattern of Crazeldonian airstrikes and ground raids, with no opposition from belligerent forces. On the evening of the 26th, however, A. S. Ruidoso made one final stand against Crazeldonia, mustering a small force that won a skirmish against the Crazeldonian forces. The response from Crazeldonia was swift, however. In two successive battles, the Crazeldonians defeated the newly-raised army.

Later that evening, news was received that Bexadonia had ceased to exist as a nation. Crazeldonia declared peace with Bexadonia unilaterally, as there was no opposing leadership with which to form a treaty.

The state of war with A. S. Ruidoso and Lander expired on the 27th, and terms of reconciliation were agreed to. Lander dissolved soon afterward.

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