The Federation of North Platoria
North platoria
Capital Moskau Stadt
Goverment type: Democratic Leninist
President Tlacatecatle
State Religion: Christianity
National anthem: Du Hast
Motto: "One People, One Struggle"
Alliance: SKA
Official Language: Serbian (cyrilic writing)
Other Languages: Minority languages, English

the Federation of North Platoria. Edit

A Small modest yet strong nation east of Africa on the Indian Ocean.

Russia moscow red square 09072003

The Capital of Moskau Stadt

Political Edit

North Platoria is a Democratic Socialist society. Every citizen has a voice, and every person is equal. There is a sytem of Election to all positions of government by the people. This is able to work becuase NP is such a small country. In addition to voting for political officers, the people vote for their ecnomical rulers too. For example the positions of upper management and CEO's.

Economical Edit

Workers Unions control every industry save one, family restarunts. Within the Union every 6 years you elect a new Board member for that industry, and a new CEO every 8 years, who has to be chosen from the Board so he/she knows what they're doing. Adn these Unions also work in harmony with the Government to makes good wages, and set the quota for the factory, if its a factory. Therefor, no reasorces go to waste, and NP's Economy is very efficient.

History Edit

The Federation of North Platoria was formed 75 years ago after a civil war in the corrupt capitalist fascist nation of Platoria. After a bloody 6 year civil war, the Socialist rebels formed the Nation Of North Platoria, and the original government remains in control of the rest of the territory to the south.


Platoria, pre-civil war.

IRA man with HMG

Socalist rebels.

Military Edit

North Platoria has not engaged in full scale wars since the civil war, But it employs a sizable, near modern Army to protect it's boarders against the frequent skirmishes along the boader with its unstable neighbors.

The Most recent War being the War with the small nationof Abyssinia. Which on 5/20/2006 1:19:41 AM, declared War based on "Government Differences." North Platorian troops were quickely deployed to protect their nation, and peace was soon offered by Abyssunia. 75 18 m 1935 002

North Platorian Artillery firing on enemy positions.

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