Northern Randomness Pact

Northern Treaty Organization
Random Insanity Alliance

Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: 05/13/2007
Treaty Terminated: 04/01/2008
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Northern Randomness Pact was a Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty between the Northern Treaty Organization and the Random Insanity Alliance announced on May 13, 2007. It later became defunct when the NTO disbanded.


Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty

Article OneEdit

We, the Northern Treaty Organization, like you guys, and you, the Random Insanity Alliance, leik us. And we both agree that we leik mudkips.

Article TwoEdit

The Random Insanity Alliance (now know as the RIA) and the Northern Treaty Organization (now known as NTO) both agree to not kick each others butts, faces, and or elbows.

Article ThreeEdit

The NTO and the RIA agree to say bad things about each other, especially on public forums. Because that would not cause 'lolz', and that's what both of our alliances are based upon.

Article DEdit


Article FiveEdit

If the RIA hears things about the NTO that are bad, they need to inform the leaders of the NTO. And vice-versa

Article SixEdit

Neither alliance should start drama with each other. And if one members decides to attack another member, he will be asked to offer peace and offer war reparations immediately. If he refuses, he will be declared a rouge by both alliances. And will be raped.

Article SevenEdit

Should either signatory find themselves in a defensive war, members of the other signatory are encouraged to provide aid where possible. This aid is completely voluntary.

Article EightEdit

If one of the alliance wishes to cancel the pact, they must give 48 hours worth of notice.

Article NineEdit


Article TenEdit


Signed byEdit


Azural, Leader
EnragedLobster, Co-Leader
Moth, Head of Foreign Affairs
Vector, Economic Advisor
Shyox, Minister of Propaganda


  • Mayuri-sama, NTO Prime Minister
  • Bacon_God, NTO Minister of Economics
  • Suiseiseki Desu, NTO Minister of Internal Affairs
  • /b/rother in arms, NTO Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Flux, Judge Advocate General.

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