Nouvelle Rochelle is a city in the Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists.


City Flag of Nouvelle Rochelle


The city of Nouvelle Rochelle is the Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists' fifth largest city, and second largest sea port. It is located in West Africa along the Gold Coast in the southwest corner of Displaced Calvinists. It is located just west of the geographic feature, Cape Three Points. Nouvelle Rochelle is part of the territory known as the Saint-Paul Coastal District, an administrative region that stretches along most of the RRDC's southern coastal boundaries.


Nouvelle Rochelle is a French colonial city in West Africa, and is named after La Rochelle, a city in France that was once noted for its thriving Huguenot population. It was founded and settled by French Protestant refugees as part of the group of Huguenots who were forced to leave France at the same time that the RRDC's capital city of New Batavia Colony was founded. The colony of Nouvelle Rochelle voted to break its ties with France and join the Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists in January of 2007.


Nouvelle Rochelle, Displaced Calvinists

Economy & IndustryEdit

The city of Nouvelle Rochelle is noted for being the headquarters for Displaced Calvinists' Second Atlantic Fleet (formerly the Gold Coast Fleet) of La Gendarmerie Nationale's Naval Arm, La Marine Nationale. It is a major departure point for Calvinist Gendarme Units being shipped overseas for Deployment and Foreign Aid Relief Duties.

Calvinist Marines

Calvinist Gendarme Marines Poster (English Language Version)

As a naval center, Nouvelle Rochelle is the location for La Marine Natinonale's Admiral Coligny Naval Academy, a Marine Barracks, several Drydocks, Shipyards, and a Naval Construction Yard. It is also home to a thriving industrial Factory complex, l'Academie primary and secondary School, St Luke's Memorial Medical Clinic, La Rochelle Dome Stadium, St Bartholomew's Reformed Church, and a branch office of the Huguenot National Bank.

Notable EventsEdit

In recent years, Nouvelle Rochelle has seen at least three shipwrecks at nearby Cape Three Points. While the cargo from each shipwreck has been returned to their prospective nations, La Marine Nationale and the civil authorities of the St Paul Coastal District are discussing plans for a lighthouse at Cape Three Points to prevent further maritime accidents.

During Great War V, Nouvelle Rochelle endured a series of bombing raids, cruise missile attacks, and commando assaults directed against its naval facilities. In the initial stages of the war, a major naval battle took place six miles out to sea, fully visible from the city beach. The Battle of Cape Three Points ended with the repulsing of an attempted amphibious assault, saving the city from becoming a battlefield. Damages from the war have since been repaired, and the city has fully recovered.

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