National Flag
Capital City Olalla
Official Language(s) English, Spanish
Established 10/14/2007
(3,812 days old)
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler mephi
Alliance Echelon
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Blue team Blue
Statistics as of 10/29/08
Total population lots
 lots civilians
 also lots soldiers
Literacy Rate 98.63%%
Currency Currency Peso Peso
Nation Strength 17000ish
Nation Rank Ranked #7,382 of 29,064 Nations (25.40%) of 5,242
Native Resources Iron and Gold

Nation Information Edit

A severely war torn nation and a member of Echelon. Originally an independent nation of the Aqua team, the leaders of Nowheristan quickly realized the importance of close international relations, and began looking for an appropriate alliance. MAD was soon chosen, as it's values of neutrality closely matched those of the people of Nowheristan. The team color was changed to Blue, and Nowheristan became an active member of the alliance. MAD soon began to dwindle, however, and was soon absorbed into Echelon. Shortly after joining Echelon, the Karma war began, and Nowheristan was attacked and very nearly wiped out.

Armed Conflicts Edit

Since joining the MAD Alliance, Nowheristan has been called on several times to defend MAD members and strike out against rogues.

The Ban War resulted in several cruise missile attacks on Nowheristan's soil, but the damage was minimal and quickly repaired.

Nowheristan was also involved in an armed conflict with The Darkness. This nation began attacking smaller, weaker nations using the name of the MAD Alliance without authorization. All diplomatic channels were exhausted, and after an expletive laced letter from The Darkness, it was determined that military action would be necessary.

The Karma war has to this date resulted in an 86% decline in power for Nowheristan and its people.

Current Events Edit

Nowheristan greatly benefited from its brief military conflicts and used its gains to finance wide spread tech trading. Now that the Karma war is in full effect, the Nowheristanis have suffered immensely however.