Date June 25, 2008
Casus belli HHM theft
Result defeated/goes into hiding
Orange Defense Network
Flag of ODN
The Holy Hill Mafia
Nations: 545
NS: 6,875,284
Average NS: 12,615
Nukes: 792
Score: 28.72

360,359 land
1,445,322 infra
240,181 tech
5,625,005 soldiers
220,064 tanks
2,734 cruise missiles

Around 10 or so nations.

Casus belli Edit

Just like most alliances, we are no stranger to splinter groups and separatist movements. That being said, we recently experienced something wholly unique in our 2 year history. While we are quite familiar with alliances forming within our ranks and then leaving, we've never had an existing alliance infiltrate our ranks, infiltrate our programs, then announce their presence and leave.

HHM (the acronym appears to stand for different things at different times) Mostly stands for Holy Hill Mfia already possessed a roster, a name, and a hierarchy when they joined our alliance under false pretenses. It is evident from their posts that they came to our alliance with the intent of learning how to better their own. Rather than asking for a protectorate or the like, they hid their loyalties and joined us as regular members. We have also confirmed that they additionally infiltrated GGA and have claimed to have infiltrated NPO and a number of other unidentified alliances.

This amounts to the theft of our guides, programs, administrative constructs, systems, and protection. Doubtless they felt that by doing this that they would ensure their own prosperity and place themselves on a fast track to success.

I am here to teach them another lesson: Duplicity, Disloyalty, Theft, and Espionage will only lead you to a mass grave. Take it to heart HHM. It's probably the most valuable lesson that you could learn.

By order of the Senate, the consent of the General Assembly, and at my pleasure, the Orange Defense Network declares war on HHM.

We will not be inclined to discuss diplomatic solutions until after the first week of combat. Your conduct between now and then will determine how favorable such a solution might be.
Orange Defense Network

-Edited by Ex HHM member polishpeo12

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