The RIA=O_o Protectorate

Random Insanity Alliance

Maroon Confederacy of Armed Nations
(formerly O_o)
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The O_o ProtectoRIte Agreement was a ProtectoRIte between the Random Insanity Alliance and O_o (later the Maroon Confederation of Allied Nations). It was announced on September 25, 2008 and the treaty remained in effect until the end of March/beginning of April when MCAN collapsed and became defunct.

The following is an agreement between the two alliances, O_o and RIA, to ensure that O_o can grow and prosper.

Article I: PreambleEdit

Upon signing this document, both parties agree to all articles below. Both parties agree that the O_o will become a protectorate of the Random Insanity Alliance.

Article II: ProtectorateEdit

O_o agrees that they will become a protectorate of the RIA. RIA will come to the aid of the O_o in all defensive wars the O_o is involved in.

Internally, O_o are free to do as they wish.

Article III: In returnEdit

O_o will require all Maroon Team Members of their alliance to vote for RIA’s Maroon senator.

Article IV: WarEdit

RIA agrees to help O_o in any defensive wars that they get involved in, providing O_o have a legitimate reason for fighting. RIA will give aid, financially and military to O_o should they require it

Article V: Pacts.Edit

O_o may coordinate it's own foreign affairs, however, if O_o wish to sign any sort of a pact with any other alliance, they will need to discuss the matter with RIA.

Article VII: VoidEdit

This Pact may be declared void, should either O_o or RIA wish for it to be so. However, for it to be declared void, one or both alliances must state that they wish for it to be void, and no sooner than a month (30 days) after the signing of this pact.

Signed for O_o:Edit

PeterRabbit, Founder And Emperor
Teddy1, Emperor
Jester69, Emperor

Signed for the Random Insanity Alliance:Edit

Azural, Leader
Vintus, Co-Leader
EnragedLobster, Head of Foreign Affairs
zombie2000, War Advisor
Moth, Economic Advisor

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