This alliance has disbanded as of 27th November, 2008.
Oceanic 815

Banner of Oceanic 815
815 Motto: Live together, Die Alone
Team Color Multicolored team Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Anto the Cheese
Founded 31.10.2006. Refounded 18.11.2008
Other Officials


AllianceStats Statistics as of 23.11.2008

Total Nations 1
Strength 3,743
Avg. Strength 3,743
Nukes 0
Score .02
Important Links

Oceanic 815 is a small alliance based on equality and peace. Founded by Anto the Cheese of DZfA on 31.10.2006, it lasted for nearly two years. It was disbanded on, as every member left. But on 18.11.2008, it was restarted. Given a fresh new look and more experience, it hopes to grow more now than it did before.


  • The flag of Oceanic 815 is the official banner. When displayed on its own, it is to be supported between two flagpoles, or if being in a parade, or flying, it should be flown on one pole. When displayed with member state's flag, it should be wrapped around the flagpole of the member flag, in a serpentine fashion. If displayed with more than one member flag, it should be wrapped around all the member flags. When displayed with any other flag, it should be in front of the other flag.

The Obverse of the Flag of Oceanic 815.


The Reverse of the Flag of Oceanic 815

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