Operation: Night Owl
Date 9/20/2010
Location United English, Irb Atya

The Nation of Irb Atya attacks United English of the Unity Alliance.

Status Ongoing
Philippines Philippine Republic
Australia United English
Placeholder Flag Irb Atya
22,424.622 NS (Combined) 10,498.920 NS

Events leading to the warEdit

On September 19, 2010 the nation of Irb Atya attacked the nation of United English, a member of the Unity Alliance, under the protectorate of The Order of Light, and also an ally of the FnKa. A pair of ground attacks, and Cruise Missile attacks where launched from Irb Atya during the first day of battle, with unknown casualties from both sides.

Philippine Republic entry in the warEdit

The following day on September 20, 2010. President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino ordered Operation: Night Owl to commence, for the reasons of protecting its ally and its assets. After several hours, fighters and bombers started "shock and awe" airstrikes against Irb Atya along with Cruise Missile strikes. A major operation also followed when Philippine Army, and Marine personnel began a ground operation in which it won on the first day.