Operation Aid Gone Wrong
Conflict: FAN-WUT War
Date: June 25, 2007
Result: Immediate capitulation to surrender terms by Phoblacht Cumannaí, Great Pwnage victory.
Casus Belli: Illegal aid given to a Federation of Armed Nations combatant by Phoblacht Cumannaí.
Great Pwnage
Phoblacht Cumannaí
0 Dead 0 Dead

Events Leading to War Edit

As the FAN-WUT War began, it was made clear that all who aided Federation of Armed Nations combatants would be made enemies of the World Unity Treaty nations. Phoblacht Cumannaí aided a FAN nation, which was considered an Act of War against the Initiative. On 6/25/07, Great Pwnage declared a war against Phoblacht Cumannaí.

War Overview Edit

6/25/07 Edit

Great Pwnage forward strike forces moved to allied bases on the Isle of Man, and the Emperor of Great Pwnage decreed that armed hostilities will commence at the "time of his choosing."

Only hours later, Phoblacht Cumannaí announced an unconditional surrender to Goon terms, avoiding any bloodshed.

The Emperor praised the decision, hailing it as a lifeline for the people of Phoblacht Cumannaí. The Emperor also congratulated his generals for achieving a bloodless victory.

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