Orange Sphere
Sanctioned Alliances

Independent Republic of Orange Nations

Orange Defense Network
Flag of ODN


Unsanctioned Alliances

The Grand Lodge of Freemasons
Flag of GLOF

Orange Protection Alliance


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The events, alliances, senators, and other notable nations of the orange team are listed below.

Alliances Edit

Current alliances of the Orange team

Notable rulers Edit

Some rulers had a major impact on the events on the Orange team:

  • Akasha (Orange Defense Network)

Senators Edit

Those who have served on the Orange team senate are listed below

Current Senators:
As of June 20th, 2013:

Former Senators:

Notable Blocs Edit

Significant Orange Team Alliances
Under 20OPA
See alsoCitrus ExchangeCitrus Trade InitiativeOrange Unity Senate TreatyOrange Unity Treaty(1)Orange Unity Treaty(2)League of Extraordinary Oranges
Currently sanctioned alliances are denoted by Bold Italicized Font. Formerly sanctioned alliances are denoted by Bold Font.
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