The Orange Unity Senate Treaty

The Order of the Paradox
Flag of The Order of the Paradox

Independent Republic of Orange Nations

Orange Defense Network Flag of ODN

Treaty Type: Senate Agreement
Treaty Terminated: October 23rd, 2009

It is with great honor and pride that we at the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, along with our brothers and sisters at The Order of the Paradox and the Orange Defense Network agree to strive to further the cause of establishing peace and mutual respect within the Orange sphere and hereby mutually announce the following agreement and agree to abide by its terms:

Article I. Senate AgreementEdit

Each signatory alliance agrees to pursue one senate seat in any given election, and recognizes the right of the other signatories to their respective seats.

Article II. Sanctions AgreementEdit

No signatory alliance may sanction any member nation of any other signatory without explicit permission from the signatory of which the nation in question is a member.

Article III. ViolationsEdit

If any signatory alliance violates this treaty, it shall be deemed an act of hostility against all other signatory alliances, and the violating signatory will be expelled from this treaty.

Article IV. CancellationEdit

If any signatory alliance wishes to cancel this treaty, a seven day public notice will be required.


Signed on this day in trust, honor and friendship for the Independent Republic of Orange nations

Sister Midnight - Founder and President
Furytear - Secretary of State

Signed on this day in trust, honor and friendship for The Order of the Paradox

Ski11585 - Grand Hospitaller, Acting Grand Master
Saber - Grand Chancellor

Signed on this day in trust, honor and friendship for the Orange Defense Network

Secretary-General: Salka Palmir
Deputy Secretary-General: soccerbum
Secretary of State: Gen. Dan Langowski
Senate XIII: empirica, Lego2Build, posta0, Templar, The Eric, Yawoo

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