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The official flag of the Organization of Imperial Nations

Charter Edit

I. PreambleEdit

This Document is meant to set out the rights, rules, and regulations of the Organization of Imperial Nations. All member nations of The Organisation of Imperial Nations agree to the set rules and regulations presented by this charter.

II. Major PositionsEdit

At this time (24/08/06) there are eight (8) major positions available in the Organization of Imperial Nations, and all, including the position of Chancellor, are open for election. Elections take place on the first of each month:


1.The Chancellor is the supreme head of OIN.

2.The Chancellor is the head of the Chancellor's Council and can veto any decision passed with less than a 75% majority. He has one vote.

3.The Chancellor has the power to suspend or expel a nation from the OIN.


1. Should the Chancellor fall ill or go away for a period of time the Vice-Chancellor will take his place as Chancellor until the Chancellor returns.

2. The Vice-Chancellor is involved in all council decisions and has one vote.

3. The Vice-Chancellor is a powerful member in his own right, and all members of OIN bar the Chancellor are answerable to him.

4. The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for internal OIN discipline - if a member breaks the rules, he decides the punishment. All members then have the right of appeal to the Chancellor.

Secretary of Foreign RelationsEdit

1.The Secretary of foreign relations is part of the Chancellor's council and has one vote. On matters regarding treaties and diplomacy he gains a veto similar to the Chancellors. (nb. Two vetos used in opposition cancel each other out)

2. The Secretary of Foreign Relations is in charge of the diplomatic service and may appoint diplomats and make revisals to Foreign policy with the approval of the council.

3. The Secretary of Foreign Relations may appoint a 'Grand Ambassador' to be a second in command over the Diplomatic service. This may be any OIN member officially appointed as a diplomat.

4. The Secretary of Foreign Relations automatically becomes one of the two delegates from OIN to the League of United Minor Alliances (LUMA). He appoints the other delegate.

Minister of WarEdit

1. The Minister of War is in charge of coordinating attacks on other Alliances and of general wartime strategy.

2. The Minister of War gains emergency powers during wartime, allowing him to directly order any specific OIN nation to attack another specific enemy nation. During peacetime he may not do this, although he may order a general attack.

3. The Minister of war has one vote on the Chancellor's Council. On matters regarding War he has a veto similar to the Chancellor's. (nb. Two vetos used in opposition cancel each other out)

4. The Minister of War is the proud owner of a little red button - he is the only person, bar the Chancellor if he cannot be reached, who may authorise use of a Nuclear Weapon. (See Article V)

Council membersEdit

1. Council members make up half the vote of the council, being trusted members of the alliance elected on the first of each month by the general alliance members.

2. Council members have one vote on the Chancellor's council. There are four council members.

III. Chancellor's CouncilEdit

This contains:

1. The Chancellor (1)

2. The Vice-Chancellor (1)

3. The Secretary of Foreign Relations (1)

4. The Minister of War (1)

6. Four council members

The Council will vote on whether to pass or modify a treaty, whether to take OIN as a whole into a war with another alliance, and on matters affecting the entire alliance.

IV. Member's CouncilEdit

1. This contains all members of the alliance. All members have a vote.

2. In this council all decisions regarding whether a nation may go to war with another nation (if the proposed nation is not on the hitlist or a member of a hostile alliance) are made.

V. Nuclear TechnologyEdit

A. Uses The OIN applauds the use of Nuclear weapons in order to gain for each individual country. That said, all clearances of Nuclear weapons used, has to be cleared by the Chancellor and/or Minister of War, and may only be used in inter-alliance warfare, as they are too valuable to waste on rogue nations, except in extreme circumstances. Such circumstances will be decided in each case by the Chancellor or Minister of War.

B. Regulations All OIN nations who have nuclear capability are ordered to announce their possession of these valuable assets to the Alliance in the member's war council.

VI. OINEC (OIN Economic Community)Edit

1. The OINEC is where members will make trade agreements.

2. The Chancellor will appoint a Minister of Economy to preside over the OINEC. The MoE will simply decide on whether the alliance as a whole should send aid to a particular member or even other alliance depending on circumstances. In serious circumstances he may order a nation to make a trade agreement or make either a loan or a gift of any type other than military aid.

3. All members of OIN are automatically part of the OINEC, and any member may request a loan or gift.

VII. Important RulesEdit

1. Internal WarfareEdit

No member of the Organisation of Imperial Nations may attack another member, or any member of an alliance allied to OIN.

2. General WarfareEdit

A. Before you attack a nation, you must post a topic with your reasons in the Member's Council. You must then wait for a reply from the Minister of War. If there is no reply from the said Minister or any other senior council member (Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Secretary of Foreign Relations and Minister of War) YOU MAY STILL NOT ATTACK. You must have permission. You must also state whether the said nation is in an alliance and also their strength.

B. If you attack a nation without permission, it may well result in your temporary or permanent exclusion from OIN, and you will be forced to pay compensation.

3. SpyingEdit

OIN is firmly opposed to spying, seeking either a diplomatic or military solution to disagreements, not a subversive one. You may not spy upon another alliance (i.e. go to their forums or discussion place pretending to be anything other than an OIN member with the express intention of gethering information. If you are caught spying it will mean your exclusion from OIN, temproary or permanent, depending on the circumstances)

VIII. Signatures Edit

IX. About the Organisation of Imperial Nations Edit

We are an alliance that has its roots at Middle-Earth Vault if you have any connections there. We are looking for many other nations to help make our alliance one of the strongest in Cyber nations! We are a loose group, and if you want to spam we have our own spam forum. If you would like to join or make an alliance with us post here and post in our recruitment and new alliances sections, thank you!

This is our forum address:

History of the Organisation of Imperial NationsEdit

I have not made an official declaration as of yet, about the resignation of our chancellor Dark Wizard, nor did I included a history of the Organized Imperial Nations. Today I have written one. It is quite a long read, but I think it is interesting and will tell some things about current members of MEMW, but also a story of a MEV group of people who formed their own alliance. I can not tell of the creation of the Organized Imperial Nations, as I was not yet aware of the game at that time, but I have tried to include as much as possible. This is my story of the OIN, others may tell you some other stories concerning other events or the beginning of the OIN.

Due to the latest developments I will now summarize the history of the Organized Imperial Nations under the leadership of our leader and chancellor, Dark Wizard. This story may contain sensetive information which was not known until this day, nor published, though this story was never intended to be offensive regarding alliances or persons.

Before I start with the story of the Organized Imperial Nations, I would like to thank Dark Wizard for his leadership. I have not know the creation of the Organized Imperial Nations and it was two days after my apply at that I learned of a Middle-Earth Vault alliance and Blitzsieg gave me a link of the forums. Since then, I have known five special months were Dark Wizard guided the Organized Imperial Nations through many affairs. Right from its beginning; the survival of the OIN has always known threats. The CNDI putted a member-embargo on the OIN, this embargo was removed by a large number of older alliances, such as the NAAC and NPO, as well as the Legion. In the beginning the OIN counted just a total number of around the 15 people and was a new alliance.

When the OIN started to grow, new affairs came almost instantly. The second affair of the OIN which had some influence on our policies was the leaving of a respectable member known as Lord Extelleron. The constitution, now displayed in the 'important events' forum, was about to be writing and several different versions were putted to a vote. Dark Wizard and Alatar Blue Istari, the formal Vice-Chancellor, both vetoed the voting procedure and their version was choosing as the official OIN constitution. Cripple, Horde of Doom, PippinTook and Lord Extelleron all made their own versions. Lord Extelleron wanted that Dark Wizard gave up his position of ultimate power, as he could always put his veto against a voting procedure and as his position was not electable. The discussion evolved into some kind of a flame war, and in the end Lord Extelleron searched his fortune in another alliance known as the NAAC. This flame war also came to MEV and was as of late still on-going. Though the constitution was still decided and made, the OIN began to flourish.

The third affair was the 'possible war with the CFMB'. When Dark-Wizard visited the forums of the CFMB, also known from the LOTR fan-site, he saw messages which caused him to think the CFMB might declare war upon the OIN. We were stronger, though the threat was not taken lightly. I remember quite well because it was one of my first real conflicts and I went to far with discussing these tidings with pacer7 and brian177. The propaganda war immediately began and most OIN members were alerted and voted for a war upon the CFMB. Because of the fast political appearance of brian and pacer the war threat was removed, though some kind of a flame war began between me and pacer7. We ended the conflict, though until this day I'm still banned from the CFMB forums, even when we became close allies and formed a MDP. The CFMB-threat was of a short durance and once afterwards the OIN began to recruit new members. Several recruitment videos were made and I think I might call these the high-days-of-the-MEV-members, where the OIN primarily existed out of MEV-members. Horde of Doom was always in a state of war, once he fought against 3 other nations which he quite defeated and pwnd. Several other nations were also involved in several wars, like PippinTook, Doriath and the Mouth of Sauron. Some larger alliances began to fear the OIN because of our imperialistic policy and because we declared war upon most nations. I was one of the only members who wasn't involved in a war and I was at the height of my fast growing nation, famous because of its economy and soon afterwards several other members began to share their interest in the CN economy and learned tactics to evolve faster and bigger. The forum was always active, discussions began to flourish around the whole forum and Cripple was succeeding in his first jobs as the diplomat of the OIN, his first achievement was the embassy of the NAAC and the GGA. I might call this time the days of the prosperous. The OIN began to educate itself in politics and the economies of the OIN flourished. The OIN did not knew any enemies, though we always get messages from Lord Sam alerting the OIN for possible enemies, or gave links to an off-site NPO IRC-chat-channel, were messages were present of a possible attack on the OIN, though the attack never made it in the end. A long time of peace followed and it was until Cripple was attacked by a rogue nation that the OIN had another affair. The rogue nation was aided by some other nations and these nations refused to pay reparations to Cripple. This conflict is known as the Phade-war. Phade was another player who aided the rogue nation, but refused to pay a ridiculous low amount of 2,500 CN dollars. Dark Wizard ordered him to pay the reparation in quite a diplomatic way by saying: pay the money or F*&# off!, though he used an essay to say it and some less polite words than I use in the summarize. Then a 30 page discussion followed where Phade was refusing to pay and hide himself in peace mode. He hide himself for almost 18 days until Dark Wizard saw him coming out of the peace mode. Phade thought he was save, and he quite was if he counted every member that he knew off, he was far out of reach of all of them. The only nation who was above him was I, and therefore I was ordered to wait and attack the nation of Phade asap. Horde, Mouth of Sauron, Thingol, Dark Wizard and Cripple all wanted to join the fun once I began with beating him down hard enough. However, as soon as I attacked him, he began to complain and made a topic titled OIN attacks UST member. Lord Extelleron quickly saw the topic and decided to help Phade, as he was misinformed by him. The discussion which followed was 9 pages long and was primarily a discussion between me and Phade. After the interference of Dark Wizard himself and several others Phade his stories began to snap one by one, and in the end he made a complete fool of himself. The victory was thus far that Phade decide to quit cybernations entirely. It is recorded and remembered as one of the best victories ever of a cybernations war, where the defeated nations even decided to quit cybernations with both of his nations. The OIN diplomats have done such an excellent job in the Phade-Conflict, that quickly afterwards the OIN was known as a keen diplomatic alliance, seeking for peace and a stabile world. In the end it is known that Phade was aided by some friends from a fan-oblivion forum, and several alliances including GATO, NPO and Empire of Tamriel, the alliance of the fan-forum. Though these aids were in the end impossible to be tolerated and where cancelled, as it was clear that Phade was using bad arguments. Peace returned after the conflict.

However, the CN world was far from stabile. The NAAC planted a spy in the NPO, one of the largest alliances of that time. It is still unknown if the NAAC leadership knew about the spy, but the NPO declared war nevertheless. They were aided by the GATO and Legion, and later several other alliances. The OIN joined the war at the side of the NPO and fought against the NAAC, one of the reasons was because Dark Wizard as well as a few others still had bad connections with Lord Extelleron, who was in the NAAC, another reason was because the NAAC was the largest blue team alliance and the OIN might had surpassed the NAAC in both strength and members. This war was known as the largest world war of that time and the NAAC was completely defeated, Lord Extelleron decided to begin with a new nation and a new blue team alliance was created, the New Polar Order. This immediately caused great stress between the GATO and the NPO, two former very close alliances. Many alliances saw this act as an immediately attack on the blue team, as the NPO was originally a red team alliance. These days will be known as the days of the great wars, as this was the first great war to come. Though the OIN has not played a very active roll in the conflict, some members such as the Mouth of Sauron still carry some of the damage of the conflict. Horde of Doom also attacked the nation of Lord Extelleron, but after one day the famous 'hold your fire' order was giving by the commander of the Horde. The Horde decided to immediately end the conflict and quit the OIN and join the ODN. A flame war followed and Horde of Doom was banned from the forums. It was until today, August 20, 2006, that he was unbanned.

This was also the time of the new members. Random members began to join the OIN, and the OIN flourished once more. The member count surpassed the 30 with ease, it rested a while around 35 and then immediately 40. These were also the days of the watchful peace and the days of the height of the OIN, were all members were active, the diplomatic corps under the leadership of Cripple was formed and the OIN was a power of great diplomatic strength, and was feared as we saw messages on other forums, including the oblivion fan forum, were was told by a NPO-high-ranking-officer that the EoT shouldn't attack the OIN as was feared that we had a lot of powerful allies, including alliances and just random nations.

The next remarkable point in the history of the OIN might be the successfully completion of the LUMA, or league of united minor alliances. It was meant as one large alliance where other alliances could apply for a position. If one of the member alliances was attacked it would mean all other LUMA members had to defend the attacked alliance. It was successful from the beginning, started by Cripple and formed by Dark Wizard, who made most of the constitution and PippinTook who created the forum and skin. The LUMA still exists today and several alliances are still willing to join the LUMA. The LUMA was created to protect the OIN against any larger alliance, as these were still the days of the watchful peace. More alliances began to complain about the power of the NPO and several rogues attacked the NPO with nuclear weapons. This was also the time where the ZI club was primary formed, as all rogues were defeated with ease by several alliances.

Now we are making a jump in time and it was in July 2006, where a NPO spy was found in another alliance, called LUEnited. A coalition was quickly formed and the OIN fought at the side of the coalition. Not much is known of this war by me and I'm sure others might finish the story of the Organized Imperial Nations, or add sections or correct sections. As I was away during this war, I can't tell the story well enough to continue. Things I can tell about it that this was the largest war of cybernations which ever happened. The NPO was defeated in battle and the coalition was victories, though the NPO still existed in almost the same strength. The Mouth of Sauron was attacked by a few NPO nations during the war, though the nukes of the attackers had not been fired. The only OIN nation at that time with a nuclear weapon was the nation of the US of Europe, with a number of two nuclear weapons it was the strongest OIN nations during the war. As I myself couldn't control the nation, the nukes were not fired during the war and the nukes are still preserved in some silo.

During the downfall of MEV, while Nick was fired and Joker took up his place, the downfall of the Organized Imperial Nations also began. It began when four OIN members, newer members like Nadjia, and older members like Azure, Heretic and Aryndil, left the organization for various reasons. Together, they went on to form the NADC, a new alliance with promising strength which soon grew well beyond its four founding members, formerly OIN members. Mouth of Sauron left the OIN and followed Horde of Doom his example and joined the ODN. Various other members left due to various reasons, some joined the NPO, some decided to delete their nation. It was today, 8-20-2006, where leader of the Organized Imperial Nations, henceforth known as DW, or just Dark Wizard, the imperial chancellor resigned from his office, as he had other duties to do and he needed time. He felt he was too inactive to represent the OIN as a leader. The OIN has quite an interesting history to follow, and it had it's ups and downs. All I can say it has been a remarkable time in the OIN, and I never felt uninterested. The leadership of Dark Wizard was strict when it was necessary, by using his veto, and was comic sometimes. One of DW his customs was to make grammatical errors once in a while, and most of our political announcements have been written with the occasional error in it. When Dark Wizard made a thread on the new MEMW forum and his mistake was corrected by PippinTook, I could only laugh about it, knowing that this is the DW. Cripple making a comment about his writing only made it better to laugh about. The OIN was now quite inactive, though this has been changed as all the forums are completely redone and the OIN now only exists out of active members.

Dark Wizard will be awarded a place of honour, for he has pulled the OIN to great times and from great disasters many a time, he has pulled the OIN to its glory and to its fame. I would like to thank him deeply for that, and I think we can all say, including members who felt that Dark Wizard was close to a dictator and had many flames about it, can agree that it surely was a very interesting time. Dark Wizard, thanks.

Signed by the office of the Vice Chancellor,

US of Europe, Vice Chancellor of the OIN, Grand Ambassador and diplomat

I am certainly wrong in the order of some events, but I thought it more important that every event now included was mentioned and the general history of the OIN was told in this brief story. Many great events have not been mentioned in this history, such as the conflict with the Empire of Tamriel and Phade, which was far more extended, or the diplomatic hight of Cripple, or stories about our minister of Defence PippinTook. Many other affairs have also been left out, but those events mentioned I considered to be the importanst stories of the OIN. In this history various events have also been edited, as it contained sensetive information even for today, some names are mentioned in it. In this history there are primarily wars included, though the history of the OIN was everyday exciting enough, where affairs followed each other and where the leadership and it's members where quick with a joke. Some people may even proclaim that this is the history version of the OIN written in a negative way, and on some parts I can agree with them on that, as I simply can't deny this. The history of the OIN is surely to be continued, as there have come more stories after the day of publishing the first version of the history. The re-organisation of the OIN is thus not included in the brief history, though I can mention a few things in here. Cripple and US of Europe were nominated by Dark Wizard for the position of Chancellor, though US of Europe thanked him for the honour and wanted Cripple to take up the place of chancellor. Thus became Cripple chancellor and under his leadership he began to gave orders to re-organisate the OIN. All members of the OIN were contacted and were giving a set period to respond if they wanted to be counted as active members. All inactive memberships were deleted and PippinTook began to redo the skin of the forum, while US of Europe completely re-ordered the forum. US of Europe also made two new recruitment videos, while Cripple changed the entire charter of the OIN. After this, a new recruitment campaign was unleashed with an OIN money quiz, primarily coded by PippinTook and designed by US of Europe.

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