This alliance has disbanded as of 9th Febuary, 2008.

The Organization of Confederated States, or OCS for short, is an alliance founded by former members of IRON, which banded together with Wombat Protectorate survivors after they were harassed by Wolfpack. OCS saved them due to their unorganized state, through diplomacy and reparations, as at the time Wombat Protectorate had no IRC channel or forums. Though it has currently expanded greatly and only a small fraction of its members have Protectorate histories.

The alliance was founded on the principles of mutual protection and assistance, and has laid down rules governing alliance aid (involving ZI'ing in case of stealing), wars, etc. designed to bring and keep its members close together. It has monthly Alliance Aid Chains, in which alliance members may apply for a set amount of aid (usually 1 million), and more frequent New Member Aid Chains, where new members and those that have recruited them can get 500k.

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