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Peace for the Jews or PfJ was a small alliance peaking around a member total of 20 nations before their destruction. They were dedicated to building a defense network against Anti-semitic aggression. Radical Zionists were not allowed to join the PfJ as they were a peaceful non-expansionist alliance.

Absorption into the Sons of LibertyEdit

In September 2006 PfJ came under attack by Nordreich and The Trade Federation. Almost all PfJ nations were deleted due to their loss of infrastructure. The few that survived joined the Sons of Liberty. However their peace was not to last long. The Nordreich alliance and The Trade Federation soon hunted the remaining members to their new alliance. The October Massacre ensued.

Destruction at the hands of NordreichEdit

The final members of PfJ were destroyed in mid October 2006 by the Nationalist alliance Nordreich and The Trade Federation in their allied assault of the Sons of Liberty. One valiant member of SoL switched his alliance affiliation back to PfJ, only to be attacked further by Nordreich even after the dissolution of the SoL. Several rejoined cybernations recently as independent unaligned nations with non-jewish names to avoid future action.

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