Pennglock is a founding member of FAN and has served as her Secretary of Treasury since the beginning. Penn has a reputation among his peers as a true man's man, the kind you read about in the bible. To talk to Pennglock is to gain a rare glimpse into a bygone era where beating one's wife was not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Significant events in the history of Pennglock's nation: Aug. 06 - Elected FAN's 1st Sec. of Treasury Sept. 06 - Charges of violating FAN charter are dropped, and actions ruled self-defense after attacking GATO nation Eye-of-Terror for failure to pay reps. Oct. 06 - Uncovers bizzare love between Legion member Lord Alexander and LotR character Legolas, and records it for posterity. Nov. 06 - Is banned from the CN forums after exposing the true gender of the game Admin's girlfriend, Silent_01. Jan. 07 - Fought in GW2, destroying over 1500 infra in 3 targets over 4 day, while losing 750 infra himself. Feb 2007 - Expresses sadness at the injustice done to the FAN member he mentored, Bloodninja666, whose nation was deleted after Bloodninja's alcoholic father failed to pay his ISP bill.

In more recent events, Feb. 07, Pennglock attacked an unaligned nation demanding technology and money.

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